Justen Beaver

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Justen Beaver

Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Justen Bever
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Personal information
Occupation Singer
Allies No one
Enemies Everyone
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 11 (mentioned)
Last appearance Chapter 10, Page 3 (mentioned)
Captured by The Trolls, penis cut off (according to Troll King)
In real life
Actual name Justin Bieber
First appearance 1 March 1994
Franchise Based on a real person

Justen Beaver is an infamous musician known for being hated even by non-trolls, let alone The Trolls themselves. Though he never physically appears in the story outside of a picture on a poster, he has a great influence on the plot.


The Troll King threatens Fudd with genital mutilation.

Justen Beaver was first mentioned in the story of Tails Gets Trolled in Chapter 2: trolls attack when The Troll Slaiyers were coming up with a plan to stop The Trolls once and for all. Teemo and Bugs suggest a big event to draw the trolls in so the Slaiyers can kill them all in one fell swoop, and Luigi proposes that event should be a fake Justen Beaver concert. This becomes known as the Awesome Fucking Plan (see The Troll Slaiyers article for more details).

Beaver is not mentioned again until Chapter 10: silver's plan and tails training when the Troll King tells Fudd he was captured by The Trolls and had his penis cut off, and states that if Fudd doesn't follow his orders, Troll King will do the same to him. However, whether Beaver was actually captured or the Troll King was lying to intimidate Fudd is not known.

Real Life Origins

Justen Beaver is based on Justin Bieber, a real life singer-songwriter and actor. The hatred of The Trolls towards Beaver is based on the backlash to Bieber's popularity that occurred online in the early 2010s, when Tails Gets Trolled was initially created. An example of this is when the music video for his song Baby was at one point the most downvoted video in YouTube history, only being beaten out by three other videos until dislikes were no longer publicly viewable.[1] The trolls preparing to throw water bottles at Beaver at the fake concert is also based on an event that actually happened to Bieber.[2]

The actual Justin Bieber is also mentioned in The Adventures of Underbite Troll, but whether this is intended to be the same character as Beaver or not is unknown.