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Biographical info
Relatives Bugs (boyfriend)
Physical description
Species Rabbit
Gender Female
Fur color Light brown/tan
Eye color Black
Personal information
Allies Bugs
Weapons/powers None
First appearance Bugs & Daffys Story., Cover
Last appearance Bugs & Daffys Story. Chapter 1, Page 4
Alive (as of Bugs and Daffys Story)
Unknown (present times)
In real life
Actual name Lola Bunny
First appearance Space Jam (1996)
Franchise Looney Tunes

Lola is a character appearing in the Tails Gets Trolled series, first debuting in Tails Gets Gay: Bugs & Daffys Story.. She is Bugs' girlfriend.


Similar to Bugs, Lola appears as an anthropomorphic rabbit with light brown/tan fur. Compared to him, however, Lola appears to have breasts and is seen wearing clothes on the cover of Bugs & Daffys Story., unlike Bugs who does not typically wear anything.


Lola is first mentioned on Tails Gets Gay - Bugs & Daffys Story. Chapter 1, Page 2 where she appears as one of Bugs' contacts on his phone. She is shown wishing Bugs a good time at the bar in prior messages before Bugs sends another text asking for sex. Lola agrees and she is then seen in bed with Bugs, having sex. After the couple finishes, she appears mildly distressed as she lays in bed with Bugs before comforting him regarding his performance anxiety. Lola assures him that they can always have sex again when he is feeling better and the two kiss as they re-affirm their love for each other.

It is unknown what became of Lola by the time of the main Tails Gets Trolled series or if she is still affiliated with Bugs. It is mentioned by Bugs, however, on chapter 2: trolls attack, Page 20 that while he was trolled, Daffy was the "only one" there for Bugs so it is unknown if Lola had eventually left Bugs or if he is simply misremembering the past.


Lola appears to be very supportive of her boyfriend, Bugs, as she does not appear to be bothered by his sexual inadequacy on Tails Gets Gay - Bugs & Daffys Story. Chapter 1, Page 3.

Real Life Origins

Lola Bunny is Bugs Bunny's girlfriend/love interest, first appearing in the movie Space Jam.


Thus far, it is unknown if there are any notable differences between her actual counterpart and her Tails Gets Trolled incarnation.