Tayel's Realm

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Tayel's Realm and The Troll Slaiyers were planned versions of Tails Gets Trolled that was ultimately never released.


Both projects were first mentioned in a DeviantArt post made on the lltailsgetstrolledll account.[1] Tayel's Realm was intended to be a more serious take on Tails Gets Trolled that removed the "comedic aspects" from the main series. Lazerbot would never get around to releasing this version, but according to him on his guest appearance on the Pro Crastinators Podcast, concept art/sketches of the original character replacements for the copyright characters exist and were made on paper.[2]

The Troll Slaiyers would be the original series remade while keeping the "comedic aspects", comparing the planned story to that of the Justen Bever concert. Like Tayel's Realm, not many details are known about it.