chapter 5: tails kid napped/Script

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  • Character count: ~11000
  • No spaces: ~9300
  • Character with most lines: Pacman (47)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Yoshi, Trix Rabbit, Arthur (1)

Page 1

ShadowScript.pngShadowwhy did you tell us so easily?

MarioScript.pngMario because i dont need you anymore. the only reason i joined your team is because you had resorces i didn't

ShadowScript.pngShadowim gonna to be the one who kills you

BowserScript.pngBowserno i am!!!

MarioScript.pngMario ahahaha bowser i was waiting for you to show up but your to late. you are no match for me lol you dumb fucking morons

MarioScript.pngMario whistle whistle whistle whistle

BowserScript.pngBowseroh not this time. your act of being the goodguy is over

(Bowser and Mario launch fire at each other.)

MarioScript.pngMario hahahaha you can't stop me. the trolls will die and so will you

Page 2

MarioScript.pngMario ahahaha!!

HulkScript.pngHulk fuck this im done standing here doing nothing

(Hulk lifts a rock out of the ground and throws it at Mario.)


MarioScript.pngMario oh shit thats a rock. he better hurry up

(The rock seemingly hits Mario's position.)

ShadowScript.pngShadowwhat the hell. how did that thing save him so fast

HulkScript.pngHulk what the fuck is that thing?

TeemoScript.pngTeemo i dont know? its hard to see with my eyes closed


Page 3

(Bowser and Shadow glare.)

YoshiScript.pngYoshi yoshi!!!

MarioScript.pngMario hahaha

BowserScript.pngBowserdont let him feed that to yoshi

ShadowScript.pngShadowfeed what to him?

(Mario reaches into his satchel and pulls out a blue shell.)

MarioScript.pngMario ahahah bowser you can try all you want but your nothing but a fail!!

(Bowser breathes fire at Mario, but Mario feeds the shell to Yoshi, allowing Yoshi to fly and evade.)

ShadowScript.pngShadow come back down here you coward or ill shoot you down

Page 4

MarioScript.pngMario this was fun but i got places to be

MarioScript.pngMario hey you mad bro?

ShadowScript.pngShadowDONT FUCK WITH ME ASS whole

(Shadow pulls out his gun.)

ShadowScript.pngShadowahhhhhh hhhh!!! DIE!!!!!

(Shadow shoots at Mario, but Mario dodges.)

MarioScript.pngMario right here buddy

ShadowScript.pngShadowYOU WILL NOT RUN FROM ME!!!!

(Hulk is holding onto Vector.)

HulkScript.pngHulk damnit hes flying away

TeemoScript.pngTeemo this might be off the subject but what the hells with your arm hulk

BowserScript.pngBowserwe need to get him back

ShadowScript.pngShadow no getting him back isn't good enough

ShadowScript.pngShadowME MUST DESTROY HIM!!!

BowserScript.pngBowserwe need a flawless plan. unllike our last plans

NarroratorScript.pngNarrorator mean while

Page 5

TKScript.pngTroll King what is it luigi? do you got everything for the trip?

LuigiScript.pngLuigi yea but there's somethin g?im confused about. when i was fighting mario he was holding back on me

TKScript.pngTroll King hmmm m that is odd. why would he do that?

(Luigi readies his hammer.)

LuigiScript.pngLuigi im not sure

TKScript.pngTroll King huh!!!!

(Luigi swings his hammer down, striking Troll King's arm and severing it off.)

TKScript.pngTroll King AHHHHHH!!!

Page 6

TKScript.pngTroll King damnit i should of saw this coming. dam you luigi and your sneak attacks

LuigiScript.pngLuigi no hard feelings but me and my brother wanted you for sometime way before the time you r people trolled toad

(Luigi swings again, but Troll King blocks the hammer with his hand.)

TKScript.pngTroll King im not dead yet LUIGI!!!!

LuigiScript.pngLuigi this is for toad kingdom

(Luigi is pushed back.)

TKScript.pngTroll King fuck you

(Troll King fires his muscle weakening shockwave, but Luigi is unaffected.)

Page 7

LuigiScript.pngLuigi are you supriced?

TKScript.pngTroll King what the fuck? Why didn't that work on you luigi?

LuigiScript.pngLuigi ill show you!!

LuigiScript.pngLuigi sonic and the robot's death will lead to my victory

TKScript.pngTroll King that's the robots check plate?

(Flashback to Emerl.)

LuigiScript.pngLuigi yes i grabed it after he died

TKScript.pngTroll King damnit i might have to resort to my most powerful move..

(Luigi fires his fire wave at Troll King.)

LuigiScript.pngLuigi no this fire will burn you before you have the chance to use the word of death

TKScript.pngTroll King how did you know that?

Page 8

LuigiScript.pngLuigi who the fuck is that?

(A white blur manages to deflect Luigi's fire.)

TKScript.pngTroll King i was wondering when you would return. so what did you find out from watching shadow?

HindoScript.pngHindo ill tell you after we fuck this badie up

(Alex and Garry appear.)

LuigiScript.pngLuigi i will not fail god damnit!!

AlexScript.pngAlex dont mistake us and think we can be fulled like shadows stupid fucking group

GarryScript.pngGarry and your fire move burned my face

TKScript.pngTroll King KILL HIM!!!

Page 9

(Luigi pulls out a star.)

LuigiScript.pngLuigi NOOO!! im gonna kill you, i will kill all of you with this star!!!!

HindoScript.pngHindo everyone covor your ears

AlexScript.pngAlex yes yes!! i finally get to see it

GarryScript.pngGarry i wander witch word hes gonna use?

TKScript.pngTroll King fine luigi you gave me no choice

TKScript.pngTroll King cu*****nt

(Luigi is shocked at hearing the word of death. He freezes in place and flops onto the floor.)

Page 10

AlexScript.pngAlex omg it killed him ahahaha

HindoScript.pngHindo sir should we take luigi's arm to replace you r arm?

TKScript.pngTroll King no i have a better idea

TKScript.pngTroll King bring me the robots arm! hahaa luigi your death and the robot's death will lead to my victory

MarioScript.pngMario drink up yoshi. whats that toad?

ToadScript.pngToad luigi gave me it just in case he would fail and he told me to give it to you

(Toad unloads his bag, revealing a torn shirt and a scroll.)

MarioScript.pngMario i see

ript shirt scroll

ToadScript.pngToad whats it say?

MarioScript.pngMario it says the shirt peace is for the sint so i can find there base and the scroll is blue prints so i can make more of the robots chest plates

MarioScript.pngMario first i must return to mushroom kingdom and tell peach what has happened then i will track down the the sint and see if the leader is dead and kill him if hes not

NarroratorScript.pngNarrorator mean while

Page 11

TailsScript.pngTailsman that water park was fun. knuckles was right

TailsScript.pngTails hmmm i wonder how everyone is doing? oh yea i almost forgot. i should probably see why sonic isn't returning amy's calls?

(Shadowy figures Naruto-run around Tails.)

TailsScript.pngTailswhat was that?


TailsScript.pngTailsi guess it was nothing

(One figure places a bag other Tails' face.)

UnknownScript.png???take the bag off his face

(Tails is chained to a interrogation board.)

DougScript.pngDoug hey wake the fuck up

DougScript.pngDoug hey wake up you fucking troll

UnknownScript.png???maybe hes retarded?

TailsScript.pngTailswhere am i?

DougScript.pngDoug you dont get to ask the questi➞
➞ons you dam troll.

Page 12

TailsScript.pngTailswait ive seen you on tv your doug

DougScript.pngDoug no shit shurlock you dam troll's if it wasn't for the bosses orders i would kick the shit out of you for answers

SkeeterScript.pngSkeeter doug calm down even if he is a troll he probably has no idea about what the trolls did to your dog

TailsScript.pngTailsim not a troll im telling the truth

DougScript.pngDoug we will see about that. we have a spy on you trolls and he is returning soon and he will give us the answers ive been looking for

SkeeterScript.pngSkeeter yea but he could not show up again like last time

TailsScript.pngTailswho are you people?

TrixRabbitScript.pngTrix Rabbit hey can i help you guys make him talk?

DougScript.pngDoug no get out of here trix rabbit

TailsScript.pngTailsive hard of you too

UnknownScript.png???he's here

UnknownScript.png???welcome back

(A figure in a white robe appears.)

PoriScript.pngPori i cant stay for to long they might start wandering where i am but i do have lots to report


PoriScript.pngPori hes not a troll

Page 13

ArthurScript.pngArthur what!! hes not a troll but doug acted pretty sure

PoriScript.pngPori arthur dont let doug bring anyone in here. hes a parinoid dumbass

DougScript.pngDoug a you was wrong would of be enough

PoriScript.pngPori let him go. ill explain everything to him

TailsScript.pngTailsso who are you people?

PoriScript.pngPori we are a secret group thats fighting the trolls. even the trolls dont know of us. we stay in the shadow we make sure we are never seen and we are called the defenders

PoriScript.pngPori but even the sneakest team cant make someones life disapear with out someone knowing someones missing and thats how it started the trolls thought that shadow was the who caused all there trouble's so i warned him but he didn't listen and started a all out battle with the trolls. but before that we would take down there camps with out no problem

PoriScript.pngPori this group years back started.if you want to know how you must speak with the boss its not my story to share but this group is filled with some of the most well known people ever .

TailsScript.pngTailshey whats that number on your back?

PoriScript.pngPori im the 7th person to join this group

PoriScript.pngPori back to what i was saying. the only reason they let me join was because i wasn't known they dont know my face because i have never been trolled so i was the perfect fit

PoriScript.pngPori and i join because i was always friends with people who got trolled so i took there offer and thats how i would hacve to ask everyone else to know there stories

PoriScript.pngPori im only gonna ask you this once. do you want to join us?

TailsScript.pngTails yea im done with these trolls its about time they have been taken down for good

PoriScript.pngPori the rest of the members are in there there

Page 14

PoriScript.pngPori here's all the members becides our bosses

(The characters Batman, Chester Cheetah, noted as Cheeto Man, Dexter, Hello Kitty, Kermit the Frog, Ronald McDonald, Spyro, Vivian, and Woodstock appear.)

TailsScript.pngTailswhat happen to porkchop?

PoriScript.pngPori we dont like talking about it but ill tell you. doug's dog was gang banged to death by the trolls


PoriScript.pngPori now the two bosses are in there and they will decide if you can talk to the main boss

PoriScript.pngPori go inside

Page 15

TailsScript.pngTailsso your the two bosses

(Enter Frogger and Leap Frog.)

FroggerScript.pngFrogger yes we are

LeapFrogScript.pngLeap Frog he made us bosses of everyone else because we helped him start this group he may of came up with the idea but we made it start

PoriScript.pngPori tails listen to them. im gonna report what ive learned to the main boss

FroggerScript.pngFrogger this group has been alive longer then you would think

LeapFrogScript.pngLeap Frog all of us here have one goal and thats to end the trolls for good but we cant just attack them head to head because we are out numbered

TailsScript.pngTailsi was trolled and then i tried to fight back and i was beaten up

FroggerScript.pngFrogger you are just like the rest of us. we all have our reason's to hate the trolls for there actions

LeapFrogScript.pngLeap Frog the only problem thats in our way from destroying the trolls for good is there boss

FroggerScript.pngFrogger so we must fight in the shadows we must take them down slowly. a up front conflict with them is not a option. tails you seem to be true and filled with heart the boss is waiting in the other room. go ahead he will tell you all you need to know


(Tails walks down a long hallway. A figure sitting on a throne slowly comes into view from the shadows, revealing it to be Pacman.)

Page 16

TailsScript.pngTailsyour the boss

PacmanScript.pngPacman it is was not a Quintessen➞
➞ce us meating today

PoriScript.pngPori sir i got to be going. they must not know something is up

PacmanScript.pngPacmanmany year's back when i was younger i had a vision of this moment' i believe you might be the key to defeating the trolls wakka wakka

PacmanScript.pngPacmanthere's lots we must discuss.wakka

TailsScript.pngTailsare you sure im the key. i can't be?

PacmanScript.pngPacman it may seem Impossible now but time will only tell wakka wakka

PacmanScript.pngPacmanthe battle between humans and trolls go back to the The Medieval Era

PacmanScript.pngPacman for you to understand the reason i started this group. i must tell you my story wakka

PacmanScript.pngPacman way back wakka wakka

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)where should i begin? ok i know where wakka wakka.. itstarted when the trolls took over the city of alferd.. where they only kicked out who didn't want to follow the troll king

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)the ones that left started a small village

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)witch is where i lived when i was a child but i was the only none human . i dont know where i came from but it didn't matter they treated me like i was there own

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)the leader was me and my friends master he taught us how to defend our self's

Page 17

(Pacman and William are seen training with wooden swords.)

WilliamScript.pngWilliam sigh....

OxsistScript.pngOxsist you guys are getting alot better

SillousScript.pngSillous i say they will end up stronger then you in no time

OxsistScript.pngOxsist hahahahah hey i dont want to turn them into cocky sons of bitches

WilliamScript.pngWilliam hey dad

SillousScript.pngSillous oxsist we need to talk to you about our troll problem

OxsistScript.pngOxsist i know sillous what do you have in mind?


WilliamFatherScript.pngWilliam's fatheri think we have enough people to take the city back

OxsistScript.pngOxsist hey lets talk about this another time. with out these children around

SillousScript.pngSillous alright

PacmanScript.pngPacmanhey i want to help you guys take the city back

OxsistScript.pngOxsist no your staying here and thats that!!

OxsistScript.pngOxsist now whos hungr
➞y? lets get some food

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)that night is when i had my first vision

Page 18

(In his vision, Pacman sees a shocked Oxsist and Troll King's eyes. He also sees a figure bleeding, followed by many buildings on fire as Troll King smiles.)


PacmanScript.pngPacmansigh..... it was just a dream

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)at first i thought it was a dream but after that vision something didn't feel right. i knew something bad was gonna happen

WilliamScript.pngWilliam pacman it was just a nightmare there's nothing to worry about

PacmanScript.pngPacmanbut william it felt so real. this was more then just a dream

WilliamScript.pngWilliam even so its not like we can do anythi➞
ng about it

(Pacman appears disappointed.)

PacmanScript.pngPacmani guess your right

WilliamFatherScript.pngWilliam's fatherson time to go

PacmanScript.pngPacmanmaybe he's right and it was nothing

WilliamScript.pngWilliam see you later!!

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)but i couldn't pass the feeling something bad would come from them trying to take the city back so i told my master

PacmanScript.pngPacmanand i have a feeling if you leave something bad is gonna happen

OxsistScript.pngOxsist i underst➞
➞and your consern and even if you are right. we must go

OxsistScript.pngOxsist for our people we are running out of reasorces as it is. and this is my fault this strated in the first place. our people started this because we was less then fair to the troll because he was different witch was a mistake i shouldn't of made

PacmanScript.pngPacman so because you failed to understand and treat the troll right. is why your trying to not treat me like a out cast

OxsistScript.pngOxsist listen we all have to deal with our wrong choices in life. and i will make up for mine by getting the city back

Page 19

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)so later that day they left to take the city back from the troll's. what i have feared was only a matter of time from happening

PacmanScript.pngPacmanthere gone

➞hing is gonna be ok

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating) i was hoping i was wrong trying to not think about it. so i went and got some sleep to try to forget about though's dreams

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)the next thing i remember is waking up to a fire

WilliamScript.pngWilliam WAKE UP!!

WilliamScript.pngWilliam wake the fuck up we got to get out of here the house is onfire

PacmanScript.pngPacmanwhat happen?

WilliamScript.pngWilliam the trolls are attacking now lets hurry

(Pacman kicks down the door.)

WilliamScript.pngWilliam RUN!!!

PacmanScript.pngPacmanoh my god!!!

(All the buildings in the village are ablaze.)

PacmanScript.pngPacmanno no this cant be happening

WilliamScript.pngWilliam we got to hurry they might still be here


ManintheIceScript.pngMan in the Iceive found Survivors


WilliamScript.pngWilliam pacman run!!!

Page 20

TKScript.pngTroll King kill them

PacmanScript.pngPacmanthoughs eyes

(Pacman stares at Troll King. The Man in the Ice swings at Pacman using his sword, but William places himself in between, and is slashed.)


WilliamScript.pngWilliam run!!!!!

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)so i ran out of there as fast as i could

ManintheIceScript.pngMan in the Icedamnit boss is gonna kill me if he finds out i let him get away

ManintheIceScript.pngMan in the Icefuck it. its not like we will ever see him again

ManintheIceScript.pngMan in the Icesir i killed him

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)after that day i couldn't stop myself from saying wakka everytime i talked

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)later i heard these rumors about these magic balls that could bring people back from the dead

(Pacman appears in a desert.)

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)so i searched everywhere for the dragon balls but never found them

(Pacman appears in a cave.)

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)i looked every where i could and nothing

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)i even checked the sea's and found nothing

(A boat is seen sailing across the seas.)

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)it took me 15 years to search across the globe and i never found one dragon ball in thoughs years

(A picture of the globe.)

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)then i realized that the dragonballs was a myth. they wasn't real. they didn't exist so i stoped looking for them

(Pacman appears jaded.)

Page 21

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)after that my mind was on one goal killing the trolls

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating) so i trained my self none stop. to become strong enough

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)day after day i would train

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)but then i realized i couldn't beat him alone

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating) so i knew i had to start a group to defeat the trolls

PacmanScript.pngPacman (narrating)and the night before i started the group i had the vision with you in it tails

(Many shadowy figures are seen, the first resembling Pacman. He is approached by a hooded figure. A fox is then seen, followed by Pacman wearing a crown and a caped figure. A hedgehog is then seen in the rain, followed by Troll King's eyes once more. The last vision shows Tails, colored, empowered by an outline resembling Sonic's.)