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"ok everyone! do you guys see this paper? well theres nothing on it yet but there will be"

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Spoiler warning! Read with caution.

This is a list containing the original versions of certain pages before they were edited. Due to the large sizes of some pages, a link to the direct image may be provided instead. Dates are in a MM/DD/YYYY format.

Chapter 2

  • Page 9 (edited ??/??/???? to change "neverbe" to "never be")

Chapter 6

  • Page 19 (edited ??/??/???? to change one instance of canan to cannon)
  • Page 20 (edited ??/??/???? to change canan to cannon)

Chapter 20

  • Page 16 (edited ??/??/???? to change "Please tell me you didn't fucker her..." to "Please tell me you didn't fuck her..."

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

  • Page 10 (edited on the same day to change Machick's color scheme and Luigi's hair color)
  • Page 17/21 (edited 1/14/2022 to change Hindo's color scheme)
  • Page 18/20 (edited 1/14/2022 to change Hindo's color scheme and add his earring)

Chapter 25

  • Page 7 (edited 12/1/2022 to change the faces to better resemble how they are drawn on the previous pages)
  • Page 21 (edited 11/19/2022 to include a panel of Troll King watching Coyote fly away, and change the color of the flames)
  • Page 22 (edited 1/24/2022)
  • Page 28.1 (edited 2/15/2023 to show more images)
  • Page 29 (edited 2/12/2022 to remove "Back to Troll King" and "Then you showed up..")

Chapter 25.5

  • Page 1 (edited 12/7/2022 to include some flashback panels of Chapter 9)
  • Page 28 (edited 6/14/2022 to include extra details)
    • Version 2 (edited 5/20/2023 to change artist)

Chapter 26

  • Cover (edited 9/3/2022 to change Mario's arms from blue to red)
  • Page 0.2 (dialogue edited 2/20/2023 by Shimshomo)
  • Page 1 (edited 9/3/2022 to make Hogwart's mom's speech bubble left-aligned rather than center)
  • Page 15 (edited 10/9/2022 to change Toad's eyes)
  • Page 19 (edited 10/26/2022 to include a "Meanwhile")
  • Page 22 (edited 11/6/2022 to make it clearer as to who is calling who)
  • Page 28 (edited 11/21/2022 to include Tails' necklace)
  • Page 29 (Original) (edited on the same day to include the rocket launcher and change Tails' face expression in the final panel)

Chapter 27

  • Page 1 (edited 3/16/2023 to add arrows to better show the flow)
  • Page 4 (edited the same day to add the first Narrateur panel)

Tails Gets Trolled Christmas Special

  • Cover (edited 12/26/2022 to add the text)
  • Page 1 (edited 18/1/2023 to change Underbite's outfit)

UAR chapter 2: trolls get attacked