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Tails Gets Trolled Polished
Release dates
Cover date August 29, 2017
Page date September 1, 2017 -
December 17, 2017
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Tails Gets Trolled Polished was an attempted reboot of the series, intended to remove the "unintentional comedy" and expand on the pre-existing lore. The first page was released on September 1st, 2017, and continued on for 32 pages until December 17th, 2017 when the project was cancelled.


On February 11th, 2017, Lazerbot announced on his personal DeviantArt account that a redraw of the series titled Tails Gets Trolled Polished was in the works. The intention of the reboot would be to go over the comic, fixing errors and adding in new scenes.[1]

Updates to the comic would be posted on the TGT Facebook, Patreon, and TGT DeviantArt. More details would be posted on the TGT Facebook page on July 31st, 2017. Polished was intended to replace the main series after the end of Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2, and eventually continue on from there. The new series would aim to remove the "unintended comedy" of the original, and replace it with "intended comedy", using Espio as an example, stating that he would be a comedy based character who would be fleshed out.[2]

Two previews were released for the reboot featuring the Troll King speaking to Mr. Clair, and a scene featuring Eggman and Nack the Weasel. The previews were chosen based on a DeviantArt poll asking for what type of content would the fans like to see, with "plot based" winning the poll.[3] Pages for the reboot would release steadily alongside the scripts for future events, with the first page releasing on September 1st, 2017. The comic released 32 pages before it was announced on the TGT's DeviantArt page that the project's comic form would be cancelled, stating that it would take years to finish without a team.[4]

Plot Summary

Comic Scenes

The plot mostly follows the original Chapter 1 up to Shadow and friends burying Butter Tits and The Dick Taker, but with added scenes.

After trolling Tails, Butter Tits and the Dick Taker are seen trolling a new original character known as Koopa Mang. The two feel some remorse after trolling him and watching him run off. Tails goes to Sonic and Shadow, with the former offering to show Tails the proper, peaceful way of dealing with trolls. After they leave, Amy is introduced after Sonic and Tails go off to confront Butter Tits and the Dick Taker. Shadow insinuates that she is cheating on Sonic with Knuckles. After some minor bickering, Vector appears to chat and ask about what is going on before leaving.

Vector goes to meet up with Espio, Cream, and Emerald (currently in the process of being fixed by Espio), where they gossip over Sonic and Amy's relationship. Epsio also believes that Amy is having an affair with Knuckles, causing Vector to leave once more to talk to Shadow in hopes of getting an answer. While Espio and Cream are alone, Espio insists that Cream should open up to Vector about her hidden feelings for him. Cream appears unwilling, stating that she can't compare to Amy who's vagina "has a gravitational pull for penises". Espio attempts to ask Cream out but is denied.

As the scene shifts back to Shadow and Knuckles, additional details of their conversation before Sonic returns are shown, with Knuckles being aware of the rumors of his relationship with Amy and being conflicted over involving Shadow. Sonic and Tails return briefly from their attempt at peace. Sonic leaves to angrily have sex with Amy while Shadow offers to show Tails his way of dealing with trolls. The scene of Sonic and Amy having sex is shown (very similar in format to the flashback in Chapter 19: THE Storm part 1). Vector also witnesses the pair having sex before awkwardly walking away.

Butter Tits and the Dick Taker are shown trolling another new character, Ant Lion. After some banter, Shadow proceeds to kill the two trolls, shocking Tails and Knuckles. Ant Lion also joins up by riding Knuckles.

Troll King is then shown in the shadows, talking to a new character known as Mr. Clair alongside his bird minions, Travous and Lord Thunder Claw. Mr. Clair talks about a legendary book known as "The Book of Ryzel" and asks Troll King to find it. In exchange for his cooperation, Troll King asks to take one of Mr. Clairs birds, Travous, to assist with his search for the tribe that created the Words of Death. Mr. Clair then gives the location of the book, revealing it to be in the Mushroom Kingdom in possession of a Toad named Toadrake.

Meanwhile, Knuckles and Shadow are having difficulty carrying Butter Tits. Knuckles leaves (with Ant Lion) to get shovels to create a hole to bury him. While looking for Sonic's toolshed, he runs into Vector. When asked about his actions, Knuckles states that he is simply looking for a bug net to catch Lightning Bugs with Tails before asking Vector about the whereabouts of the shed. The scene briefly shifts over to Espio fixing Sonic's plane. He then fantasizes about cumming over an exaggerated version of Amy with large anime breasts before being found by Cream.

While in the shed, Knuckles stumbles upon a ring and realizes that Sonic is planning to propose to Amy. Conflicted over his own feelings, he tearfully leaves. Meanwhile, Sonic and Amy are lying on the ground together. Amy breaks up with Sonic, angry over the fact that Sonic only chose to make love to her to relieve himself as well as alluding to her past, stating that "she can't be fixed" and that she is tired of trying to be the person Sonic wants her to be. Depressed, Sonic decides to look for his friends and runs into Espio, who gives him the keys to his plane. He also asks Sonic to deliver Shadow's gun, which he also repaired on request. Sonic wonders as to why Shadow would need a gun before leaving. Vector leaves, smelling the scent of blood and eventually stumbles upon Knuckles and friends burying Butter Tits.


Scripts (Pages 1-20, Pages 21-30, Pages 31-40), for pages going up to 40 would periodically be released (September 11th, 2017, September 22nd 2017, and November 27th 2017 for parts 1, 2, and 3 respectively). The third script released reveals details for what would happen beyond the published pages.

Vector angrily yells at Knuckles and Shadow for allowing Tails to witness the killings of the pair of trolls. In their argument, Shadow also reveals that they have been on the run from Eggman for years and that he intends on killing Eggman for good because Sonic does not have the will in him to kill. Vector is conflicted, and suggests that they should try to convince Sonic because he feels that it is wrong to act "behind his back". Elsewhere, Sonic goes back to Amy and tells her that he can't find Tails, and heads off to Grave Town to search for him.

Vector also asks Shadow about Amy and Knuckles. Shadow confirms that the two are indeed fucking and calls out Vector for wanting Amy for himself when he had previously stated that he does not want to betray Sonic. Shadow reveals the actual reason for Amy cheating on Sonic - she wants to be left alone to commit suicide but Sonic will not leave her, so that by cheating on him, she hopes to push Sonic away. Shadow goes on to describe Amy as a curse to others, causing people to attach themselves to her as seen with Sonic and Knuckles, and that he is immune due to severing his feelings long ago. Before leaving, Shadow also explains Amy's backstory to Vector.

Shadow returns to Tails and Knuckles to smoke weed together. While smoking, Shadow grabs Tails by the chest and threatens him into not telling Sonic about what happened. Knuckles breaks the two up and punches Shadow, causing him to spit out blood. Shadow apologizes for what he did, and he and Knuckles high shovel and wait out the night. Later, the pair get a feeling that they are being watched, and Shadow comes up with a plan.

Sonic's search for Tails leads him to the Branch Cranch, a restaurant/bar where he speaks to Rudy. In the restaurant, he meets up with an old friend, Sally. The two talk about old times before it is revealed that they are being spied on by Nack the Weasel.



  • It is stated in the comments section for Page 12 of Polished that the Sonic characters in general are aged up in the universe of Tails Gets Trolled.[5]


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