Tails Gets Gay

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This article is about the whole spin-off. For the first story, go here. For other uses, see Tails Gets Trolled (disambiguation).

Tails Gets Gay is a collection of short non-canon stories based on Tails Gets Trolled.


tails gets gay was originally published on 13 February 2013. It was created in response to a discussion spanning between his old Facebook and Something Awful. Originally, one of his brothers had posted an image of Tails and Hello Kitty together[1], which would lead into a post[2] made by Lazerbot on his old Facebook regarding homosexuality.

He would later create tails gets gay to mock those who complained over the use of slurs or his comic and in general, addressing the third page directly to Something Awful in particular[3]. The incident would soon die down as the SA users would find the response to be more humorous than insulting.

tails gets gay: The dickfenders, in contrast to tails gets gay was made not to spite a certain group but simply because, according to Lazerbot, he was asked to by fans and delivered.[4]