The Adventures of Underbite Troll

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"yea theres even trolls talking about it on myspace"

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The Adventures of
Underbite Troll

The poster submitted by the protagonists for the contest.
Release dates
Cover date None
Page date March 28, 2013 -
May 10, 2015;
February 20, 2022-
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Script Script
Character debuts PandaUtters, The Fantasy Starwars Crue, Lowtax, Henry, the Reporter Troll, Marley
Other chapters

The Adventures of Underbite Troll is a spin-off of Tails Gets Trolled centering around the titular Underbite Troll and his questionably platonic companion Markus. Unlike its source comic, Adventures of Underbite Troll featured mostly original characters. It not only elaborated on the life of the BiteUnder League, but also the lives and culture of the Trolls. The short series also provides some light onto the names of certain re-occurring trolls within the series such as the Retard Double Threat (the pair of trolls who had trolled Tails in the beginning) or ones such as fish and pork (the pair who are frozen by Fudd during Silver's escape). The first page of the comic was released on March 28, 2013 and would see constant releases until May 10, 2015. However, the series continues to this day, returning after a seven year long hiatus on February 20, 2022.


After having some breakfast, the Underbite Troll and Markus challenge Butter Tits and the Dick Taker to a Troll-off in response to them spreading rumors that the two were in a homosexual relationship. Upon finding them, Underbite Troll and Markus easily destroy the two before leaving to do other business.

Soon after, they learn from Jayce, the troll selling Troll Face related merchandise, that Troll Face will be hosting a large Troll Off in only two days, and the two leave to prepare. When registering, they are surprised to see that the name "Underbite Squad" is taken but register nonetheless as the BiteUnder League. They then go to their dorms assigned to them as part of the competition. Not long after, Markus brings in a pair of female trolls known as PandaUtters, much to Underbite Troll's chagrin. The girls reveal to Underbite the names of the other competitors in the Troll Off. Afterwards, Underbite and Markus leave to confirm who they will be facing in the first round and learn that it is Fist in Poo Clan. The tournament worker then kills himself immediately after (and gets teabagged), shocking the pair and causing them to question the value of trolling before coming to the conclusion that trolling is not the cause but rather, cats. While leaving for home, Underbite and Markus encounter the Fist in Poo Clan bullying a rabbit by urinating on it. Underbite Troll is disgusted when some urine goes straight into his eye, and swears to destroy the clan.

The next day, the two arrive at the stadium for the Troll Off. Lowtax, Henry, the Reporter Troll, Troll Face, Marley give some words before the first round begins. During the first round, Underbite unleashes a savage rant on the Fist in Poo Clan silencing them near instantly, impressing even Troll Face in the process. Victorious, Underbite and Markus leave as the next round between PandaUtters the Brothers from another Mother gang appear for the next round. On the way home, the BiteUnder League encounters The Fantasy Starwars Crue who make some comments at the two before leaving. At home, Underbite is surprised to see that Fish and Pork have made their way into their house. After some disturbing talk about tentacles, cumming, and hentai, Underbite decides to join up with these two to raid the houses of PandaUtters to try and gather intel on them.

Underbite screams in horror after Bill attempts to kiss him.

The BiteUnder League and Fish and Pork make their way the house of PandaUtters and break into it. They discover very little (aside from dildos and a picture of Johnny Depp and Zac Efron) and decide to move on to another house. After breaking into the next home, Underbite Troll is horrified to see a collection of photos with pictures of himself on it covered in semen. As they search this home, they also find Star Wars merchandise and come to the horrifying conclusion that this house belongs to none other than the Fantasy Starwars Crue, who walk in immediately after. Underbite pukes in disgust (as Mysushi and Sirpigsalot lap it up, causing Markus to puke in response) and the group flees before the crue moves in for a kiss with their idol, Underbite. They jump out a window and get injured and nearly teabagged in the process, but manage to escape. As the comic comes to and end, the BiteUnder League prepares themselves for the next round of the trolling tournament.


The next night, Underbite Troll is seen in his apartment, shocked over what had happened the past few days. He runs out of his room after hearing a noise, expecting The fantasy starwars crue to be invading their home before he sees Markus, traumatized as well. The two talk, mentioning that in their current mental state they would not be able to troll efficiently. Markus suggests becoming religious to ease their suffering before Underbite Troll suggests getting therapy, though sadly, Markus notes that the two are unable to afford therapy unless they win the tournament.