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Tails Gets Trolled is a fairly popular comic on the Web, and therefore has spawned many fanworks. These works span across many mediums. Unfortunately, through the sheer volume of those that encompass fan art, such works will not be contained in this page (At least by the original author, please feel free to add a section or whole new page if chronicling that strikes your fancy).


Derelict Pori

Derelict Pori is a prequel/alternate universe comic of Tails Gets Trolled, following an incident Pori has amnesia and needs to get to grips with being in the Defenders. Sadly, the creator of the comic has since left to work on other things, so this comic is unfinished as of now.

The comic originated on Tumblr, and was created by the artist, SummaBadger. The comic reached 63 finished pages, with pages 64 to 66 being posted as unfinished sketches, before being canceled and having its Tumblr page removed, due to the artist's wishes to distance herself away from her old work and turn over a new leaf. However, the comic has been archived, and can be downloaded through this link.

What if Tails Had Not Gotten Trolled?

What if Tails Had Not Gotten Trolled? is a comic that dares to answer such a question. Tails indeed does not get trolled, instead he is replaced by Dr. Who in a trench coat carrying a steel pipe. Things happen. Link.

The author of this comic, Jingai Jigokumoto, eventually joined the Tails Gets Trolled art team.

Dubs / Readings

The comic has also produced various voiceovers as well.

Aramek / Hazencruz Dub

Currently up to Chapter 9, this is perhaps the more notable dub due to being one of the first to exist. Initially recorded by Aramek before Hazencruz took over for Chapter 8, this particular dub was uploaded onto YouTube under the tailsgetstrolled channel and the ultimatetailsgetstrolled channel.

Burned At The Stake

"Burned At The Stake" refers to a lengthy rant Embergram had written in response to the hacker who had hacked Lazerbot's original deviantArt attack. It was voiced over by Aramek, JazzFlight, and a SA goon named redeadagain.


B.R.O.A.D., a mysterious organization said to be "notorious enemies of the united states and thought terrorists", also recorded a series reading through Tails Gets Trolled, currently going up to a portion of Chapter 24. At the time of this writing it is one of the few readings outside of the ultimatetailsgetstrolled series to cover a vast majority of the series.


A YouTuber who has also done a reading of the series, notable for having covered most of the series.



JazzFlight is one of the first people known to compose music centered around Tails Gets Trolled. His album is here. Also available on YouTube.

Another topic to discuss here is the music videos of JazzFlight's Tails Gets Trolled album, with the first two being made by JazzFlight himself, and the rest being made by Puke Fukem aka Ultimatetailsgetstrolled. So far, five are released: Tails Gets Trolled, The Troll Slaiyers, Name of the Trolls, Your Next, and The Word of Death.

Ladies Get Trolled

Another user known as Calico Heart on the Something Awful forums also produced a song based on Tails Gets Trolled, which can be found here.


Friday Night Funkin' mods

Many Friday Night Funkin' mods based on Tails Gets Trolled have been created since late 2021. See the Friday Night Funkin' Mods wiki for more information, as there are too many to list here.


Tails Gets Podcast

The only Tails Gets Trolled focused podcast on the internet. With the hosts Kris, (the veteran) from Expect Nothing Get Less, and André (the newbie) from Obesus. You can listen to the podcast on:

Also available on Amazon Alexa. Just say "Alexa, play Tails Gets Podcast."