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Feel free to add something new by editing this page. Ideally you should try to link to a wiki page in your fact but it's not a hard requirement.

Each section of facts is displayed randomly through (basically) selecting a number from 1-12. Add new facts under one of the existing 12 areas/sections. In other words, in the source code for this page, take this section for example:

*...[[Hulk]] is tired of standing around doing nothing?
*...the floating head on page 17 of [[Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2|Chapter 22]] is [[Lazerbot]] himself?
*...one can become a member of [[The Neutrals]] by drinking the mixed blood of the angle and the hell hound?
*...that [[Shadow|only retarded people and fat retarded people repeat insults?]]
*...insert a new fact here, before the next section. Make sure to place an * followed by an ellipsis so that it reads as "Did you know...blah blah blah".
*more facts

Try to keep things somewhat balanced if possible. Read over what's already written down to avoid dupes!

also shoutouts to CWCki for the code