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Not a lot of people understand what it's like to live in poverty. A lot of people think that people who are poor have a lot more options than they actually do. But the truth is that very few employers in our current economy standing, will hire someone without an education. Poverty has stolen our childhood and limited our chances of getting an education.
Embergram (Lazerbot's brother), in an update posted on the UltimateLazerbot dA account[1], Jan. 28, 2016

Tails Gets Trolled would experience many delays over the course of its creation. This page lists about details regarding what happened in each notable break, if details are known.

Unless otherwise specified, the first chapter listed in the header refers to the final page being released with the second referring to the cover of the next chapter. (For instance, Chapter 14 to 15 would refer to the time between the final page of Chapter 14 to the cover of Chapter 15).

Chapter 5, cover, (2012-02-12) to Chapter 5, Page 1 (2012-03-11) (18 days)

Between the cover of Chapter 5 to its first page, Lazerbot's mouse broke down, causing some difficulties in drawing the new pages. The original post was made on his old deviantArt account in a journal update titled "well im bonned", but the entry has been lost to time. A user on Something Awful would share the news with the thread instead.[2]

It should also be noted that on February 18th, the Something Awful thread was created by Nunez.

Chapter 14 (2012-12-01) to Chapter 15 (2012-12-28) (27 days)

Lazerbot's laptop charger breaks down.[3]

Chapter 16 (2013-04-29) to Chapter 17 (2013-07-08) (2 months, 9 days)

No specific reason was ever given, though Lazerbot did comment on his old Facebook account stating that "TGT is not dead just in its cocoon".[4]

Chapter 17 (2013-08-21) to Chapter 18 (2013-09-26) (1 month, 5 days)

No reason was ever given specifically for the delay between these chapters, other than Lazerbot posting a status update on his UltimateLazerbot deviantArt account[5] that he may be taking a break for a while.

Chapter 18 (2013-11-25) to Chapter 19 (2014-03-27) (4 months, 2 days)

Though not strictly a disappearance, as Tails Gets Trolled Censored and The Adventures of Underbite Troll both received updates, the main series would not see any updates for quite a while. The exact reason for this is yet unknown.

Chapter 19 (2014-06-26) to Chapter 20 (2014-10-16) (3 months, 20 days)

Lazerbot's remake of Fairy Comic happens. Tails Gets Trolled is placed on hold until the remake is completed, and then each of the original pages of Fairy Comic are released afterwards.[6]

Chapter 20, Page 12 (2014-11-21), to Chapter 20, Page 13 (2014-12-29) (1 month, 8 days)

Lazerbot experienced problems with his laptop once again.[7]

Chapter 20, Page 13 (2014-12-19), to Chapter 20, Page 14 (2015-04-20) (3 months, 22 days)

Lazerbot experiences laptop problems once more.[8] For this laptop, the usb plugs broke down, preventing Lazerbot from using flash drives to transfer files, and then the AC jack died shortly afterwards. During Christmas of that year, Lazerbot and his family had purchased a new desktop and was in the process of finding a way to transfer gigabytes worth of data from the old laptop to the desktop.

Chapter 21, Page 10 (2015-07-03), to Chapter 21, Page 11 (2015-09-18) (2 months, 15 days)

Tails Gets Trolled would be post pawned [sic] due to Lazerbot moving. In addition, before the post was made on July 13th, 2015, he had been experiencing problems with his power going on and off.[9]

Chapter 21 (2015-11-16) to Chapter 22 (2017-03-06) (1 year, 3 months, 18 days)

A long string of events occurred leading to many complications with the development of Tails Gets Trolled.

On November 18, 2015, Lazerbot posted a dA journal in which he requested help from other users in drawing Tails Gets Trolled.[10] Then, the next month, on December 8th, 2015, another one of Lazerbot's laptops would die.[11] This would halt the auditions he had requested previously, though Lazerbot stated that this would not impact Chapter 22's development as he could still draw, but would not be able to work on finding a co-artist for the project. In the meantime, Lazerbot focuses on To Abide,[12] a side project he would work on while Tails Gets Trolled is halted due to the difficulties in finding a co-artist.

On January 28, 2016, Tails Gets Trolled would officially be put on hold in a journal update posted by Lazerbot.[1] An update regarding the auditions posted was revealed, showing that they were not successful in finding a suitable co-artist due to the people "lacking dedication". More importantly, Lazerbot and his brothers expressed interest in creating a comic that could be used for profit, noting that Tails Gets Trolled is a "nonprofit" project due to the copyrighted characters. As a result, they decided to start up original projects to publish and profit off of.

They touched on the fact that some may take offense to them trying to profit off of a comic, stating: "But the fact of the matter is, people have to make a living. Whether they do it this way or not, it still needs to happen.".

An update would not be posted until April 9th, 2016 by Embergram. They announced that they were moving once more and that they would be without internet for "what could be months".[13] In the meantime, he and Lazerbot would work on To Abide. It would not be until October 31st of that year until a Tails Gets Trolled related update would be posted online,[14] where Lazerbot assured fans that "we're almost back in business."

A graph showing the earnings for the old Patreon.

Then, on November 21st, 2016, Lazerbot had stated in another journal entry that he had begun the process of drawing Tails Gets Trolled once more.[15] In the meantime, Tails Gets Trolled-related content would slowly begin moving from Lazerbot's UltimateLazerbot dA account to a new one, then-titled iiupdsidedownii on a separate updated posted on February 11th, 2017.[16]

The next day, after some discussion with his brothers, Lazerbot had decided to create a Patreon for the purpose of Tails Gets Trolled coming back. He stated that the comic would continue so long as the Patreon earnings stayed above $100 dollars a month.[17] This would not be accomplished over the duration of the Patreon's lifespan, however, only ever coming close during June 2017.

During this period of inactivity, Tails Gets Trolled Polished would also be released. Beginning on September 1st, 2017, the series would last until December 17th, 2017, where the final drawn page would be released. On the same day, it was announced that the Tails Gets Trolled series as a whole would be put on a temporary hiatus. It was then was announced on iitailsgetstrolledii (the new name for Lazerbot and his brother's iiupsidedownii account) that Tails Gets Trolled would see the end of its "comic format" for the time being.[18] They would promise, however that scripts for upcoming content would be released in its place for curious fan members, but ultimately, only the script for a portion of Chapter 23: The conclusion - Part 3 and the remainder of what was planned for Tails Gets Trolled Polished would be released in such a format.

Chapter 22 (2017-08-09) to Chapter 23 (2019-11-02) (2 years, 2 months, 14 days)

It would be 2 years before anything Tails Gets Trolled related would be relevant. That is, until a team of fans gathered to draw out the script for Chapter 23 that was released back in 2017. Lazerbot himself, (who had joined the Discord to interact with fans two months earlier, on September 18th, 2019) would oversee the project, and allowed it to be a canon continuation of Tails Gets Trolled, ironically fulfilling his request years earlier to have Tails Gets Trolled be a community effort with co-artists joining in. On November 2nd, 2019, 2 years, 2 months, and 14 days after Tails Gets Trolled was essentially put on an indefinite hiatus, the cover for Chapter 23 would be released, ending the wait.

Chapter 24, Page 16 (2021-04-12) to Chapter 24, Page 17 (2021-05-27) (1 month, 15 days)

It would not be apparent that there would be a break until April 26th, 2021, when Lazerbot announced that he would be leaving Tails Gets Trolled behind. After a day of speculation over whether or not the comic would continue, Embergram would announce the next day that he and the art team would be using Lazerbot's outline of the comic to continue the story in his absence. On May 27th, the next page of Tails Gets Trolled would be released.