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tailsgetstrolled.org is the main website that the Tails Gets Trolled series itself is hosted on.


tailsgetstrolled.org initially came to be out of a desire to see the series on one easily accessible site, as the current comic was split across different deviantArt accounts, with some pages requiring an account to see uncensored. The website was initially put together using Notepad and basic HTML in 2018 by CC, a fan of the series and hosted under its own domain, and remained that way for quite a while.

It was not until approximately September 16, 2019, when the plans for an art team to assist Lazerbot in producing the comic began to form and the website updated to note that Chapter 23 would be in production. After Chapter 23 began to air, the website would then see periodic updates, with the color scheme of the website changing on March 16th, 2020[1]. Translations of the comic also began to pop up as time went on.

On December 12th, 2020[2], tailsgetstrolled.org would see a massive overhaul thanks to the help of a fan. The current layout devised by said fan would continue to be the main structure of the website until the current day. As it did before, the site would update with new pages of Tails Gets Trolled periodically, and would also see an about page as well as a merchandise shop be added.

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