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This article is about Lazerbot, the real life person. If you’re looking for Lazerbot the character, go to Lazerbot (character).

Lazerbot is the creator of Tails Gets Trolled and its spinoffs. He is both the artist and the writer for the series, with some assistance from his brothers known online as Embergram and Shimshomo.


Before Tails Gets Trolled

Born on December 3rd, 1991, many details of Lazerbot's personal life are unknown. He is noted to be living within the United States of America and primarily lived within the state of Missouri. He has revealed that he was homeschooled in the past[1] and it has also been mentioned by him that he has struggled with homelessness before[2] but beyond that, there is not much known about his personal life.

Lazerbot published the first pages of Tails Gets Trolled on October 10th, 2011 at the age of 19. According to the interview done by the website Know Your Meme[3], the story came to be after a friend of his on DeviantArt was trolled. Lazerbot then interacted with the trolls himself, not knowing any better at the time (and even went to the point of creating accounts based on Tails and Shadow to talk to them with). The experience caused Lazerbot to think about the different ways that could be used for dealing with trolls and reactions to them, referencing the (eventual) characters of Tails (crying, anger), Sonic (attempting to make peace), and Shadow (revenge). Eventually, he would put his thoughts into comic form and soon, Tails Gets Trolled would be created.

Creation of Tails Gets Trolled

Originally intended to be a simple doodle[4][5], Tails Gets Trolled would see a spike in popularity after Something Awful user Nunez posted a thread about the comic, sharing it with other goons.

Since then the comic would see a steady release in pages, barring some issues such as his equipment and electronics breaking. Lazerbot would soon be joined by his brothers, known online as Embergram and Shimshomo, who would pitch in and help draw some panels and create the script.

On September 18th, 2019, Lazerbot would join the Tails Gets Trolled Discord sever and would then interact with the fans, sharing some plot details occasionally. He would then oversee a project to revive Tails Gets Trolled. The group of dedicated fans decided to draw out the original script for Chapter 23: The conclusion - Part 3, which Lazerbot overviewed and allowed to be a canon continuation of the comic. He eventually returned after the completion of the scripted section, and continued the story from there.

For an in-depth look into the delays and creation problems surrounding Tails Gets Trolled, see Hiatuses of Tails Gets Trolled.


On April 27th, 2021, Lazerbot announced that he will no longer be working on Tails Gets Trolled due to personal issues. Embergram then announced that he would be taking over in his absence.

On May 19th, 2021, the website Know Your Meme published an article in which Lazerbot was interviewed, revealing many details and intricacies regarding the creation of Tails Gets Trolled.

...and return!

On November 20th, 2021, it was announced on the Tails Gets Trolled Twitter and Discord that Lazerbot has returned to Tails Gets Trolled. It is stated that he will not be making as many pages as before but will still be involved. Later, on November 29th, he put out an official statement stating:

Truthfully I wanted to write down everything I had planned for tgt and draw a few scenes while I'm at it. Give my baby a proper send off. I still probably won't do to much drawing but I'm in the mindset where I'm finishing up old projects. So I've been doing s lot of writing and I'm still writing everything tgt related that I had in mind.[6]

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  • According to Lazerbot on his UltimateLazerbot account, his old password for his original DeviantArt account was donkeyballs.[7]

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