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How to do wiki stuff

Linking to pages

Linking to another page is simple, insert any text between double brackets and it should create a link to the page whether or not it exists yet.

[[Shadow]], creates a link to Shadow's page.
[[Shadow|the awesome]] creates a link to Shadow's page but displays the linked text as "the awesome".

See here: Shadow, the awesome.

Citations and references

To add citations and references, get the link to whatever it is you're linking. Put the link between single brackets followed by the text it will display as when it appears in the references section.

Then, if the article has no References section at the bottom then create it, but make sure to place it above any infoboxes or navboxes. So, for example...

Test citation<ref>[ Tails cries]</ref>


...displays as:

Test citation[1]


and creates a link to the page within the references section above, displayed as "Tails cries".