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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles the awesome
One-off names embreaded donkey, granny
Age Double Mario's age
Place of birth Eggman / Eggman's father's laboratory
Physical description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Skin color Tan
Fur color Black, red and white
Eye color Red
Personal information
Affiliation The Trolls (former), Troll Slaiyers, Troll Slayers (UAR)
Allies Sonic, Knuckles(?), Tails, Amy Rose
Enemies Mario, The Trolls, Eggman
Likes Knitting, killing trolls, villains, the taste for blood, high shoveling
Dislikes Eggman, Mario, homosexuals, being annoyed by Knuckles, trolls
Weapons/powers Fists, chaos energy, guns
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 2
Last appearance Chapter 27.5
Alive, battling Cheeto Man
In real life
Actual name Shadow the Hedgehog
First appearance Sonic Adventure 2 (2001)
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
man shut up . you need to stop thinking your everyone's boss i can do what the fuck i like and i'm glad them fuckers are dead they needed to die and if you would of been more like me.eggman would also be dead .so don't give me this no bloodshed shit . what i did was needed
Shadow, Chapter 1, Page 15

Shadow is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is a former troll and leader of the Troll Slaiyers. He kicks off the events of the story by violently murdering Butter Tits and the Dick Taker in an attempt to show Tails the real method of dealing with trolls.


Shadow with tan arms and no chest hair.

Like the other characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Shadow is an anthropomorphic hedgehog who primarily has black fur white a white patch along his chest. His quills stick out and curve upwards/downwards. He wears white gloves with red armbands which are sometimes also shown with golden rings along his wrist.

One rare occasions such as on chapter 2: trolls attack, Page 17 and in the Christmas drawing of the Troll Slaiyers, Shadow appears to have tan arms as opposed to his black arms he is usually shown with. In the former he also appears to lack his chest hair and has a brown belly not unlike Sonic's.


Tails Gets Trolled

Originally a "freak experiment", Shadow first fights Sonic during his quest to collect the Chaos Emeralds and is defeated. At the end of their battle, Sonic spares Shadow, giving him a Chaos Emerald in hopes that it will help him find peace. Presumably, sometime in between being spared by Sonic, Shadow joins the Trolls and becomes affiliated with Kario. He eventually leaves after seeing how disgusting trolls truly are, and spends most of his time with Sonic and friends. At some point in time, shadow would have sex with Hello Kitty, angering Cheeto Man. Years later, Shadow reunites with Sonic and explains that without the Emerald, he would have died. The two become close friends after this incident, though during his time with the group, Amy mentions that he would go through certain "episodes" at times.

Shadow shows Sonic his way of dealing with trolls (by giving them a powerful middle finger gesture).

Shadow is first seen with Sonic when Tails comes to them after being trolled. When Sonic agrees to help Tails stop the trolls with kindness, he speaks out and claims that peace will not work. Shadow is proven right when the two return unsuccessful. As an angry Sonic leaves to have sex with his girlfriend, Shadow agrees to help Tails learn how to defeat a troll. He, Tails, and Knuckles then leave to confront the pair that trolled Tails.

The group meets up with Butter Tits and The Dick Taker. After a brief exchange of insults, Shadow moves to physically attack the two and murders them, stating that "they cant troll you if there dead". The trio then proceed to bury the two trolls before turning in for the night.

The next day, Shadow is confronted by Pori, who warns him that the trolls are onto him. The two point weapons at each other before their standoff is interrupted by Mario and Pori escapes. Mario explains that he is looking for the one who trolled Toad. Shadow convinces Mario that he is not the one who trolled Toad, and Mario leaves. Shortly afterwards, Sonic confronts Shadow over killing the trolls who trolled Tails. The two get into an brief argument before Pori returns with a pack of trolls. Sonic attempts to reason with them before he falls to his inner darkness, and the two hedgehogs then proceed to kill the group of trolls (except for Pori, who escapes once again).

After the battle Sonic demands to know why the trolls are after them, and Shadow explains what Pori had told him before heading off to sleep once more.

Some time later, Shadow is awoken by Silver, who wants assistance after being trolled by Alex. Shadow agrees to help and calls some friends, leading to the formation of the original Troll Slaiyers.

Troll Slaiying and Plans

The Troll Slaiyers create a plan to stage a fake Justen Beaver concert in order to lure the trolls into one area to kill by blowing up the stadium. After receiving funds and supplies from Coyote as thanks for hunting the Road Runner, Shadow and friends build the fake concert stadium to put their plan into motion.

Things do not go according to plan when the trolls reveal that they have taken Daffy hostage, and that Luigi has been working as a mole to spy on the group. Mario and Luigi do battle, but only for Shadow to interrupt by shooting the hostage (as well as Bugs, who destroys the remote used to blow the stadium up) before Luigi can finish Mario off. Shadow and Alex get into a short battle before reinforcements arrive and the group is forced to retreat. (Silver and Rob leave the group off-screen).

Eventually a badly wounded Vector makes his way to the Troll Slaiyers following the battle between Sonic and the Troll King. Vector tells Shadow about Sonic's demise and warns him that he's next. Mario also reveals that both he and Luigi were merely using the Troll Slaiyers as disposable items in their quest to defeat the trolls themselves. Enraged, Shadow, joined by Bowser, attacks Mario, but they are unable to capture him. As Mario escapes, Shadow swears that he will destroy Mario.

The Troll Slaiyers as of Chapter 15.

Shadow and his now diminished band of Troll Slaiyers begin to brainstorm ways to defeat Mario. They are joined by Knuckles (who temporarily team kills Teemo using his canan plan). The group makes little progress in finding a way to kill Mario and the trolls. During some training, Shadow grows violent, injuring the Hulk and punching Knuckles in the face. His anger reaches a peak, leading to the hedgehog nuking a town of innocents to let off his anger. Shadow is left shaken over what he has done once Knuckles explains the situation. Knuckles leaves the group soon after.

Later, Shadow returns to the group, who are still trying to create another plan. He explains that he has already thought of one and explains it to Hulk, Bowser, and Vector, who are left speechless upon hearing this genius plan. Shadow then introduces three members of the Kong family (Donkey Kong, Tiny Kong, and Chunky Kong) as well as a random guy. A bounty hunter is also paid to join the group later. In Chapter 15, Teemo rejoins the group after re-spawning and the Troll Slaiyers are reformed once more.

After much time passes, Shadow is not seen again until Chapter 26: Anguish. He overhears Teemo and Chucky Kong talking about Knuckles, who had triggered one of Teemo's traps in a nearby camp. Shadow appears from behind and threatens to kill Teemo again if he does not save Knuckles while thinking to himself that he may need to dispose of the duo if they do not show acceptable results.


Shadow can be aggressive and is quick to resort to physical violence to solve problems. This is shown immediately when he demonstrates to Tails the proper method of dealing with trolls through murder, and again when shooting Daffy in order to save Mario from being killed by Luigi.

As the leader of the Troll Slaiyers, he is also very serious in his mission to "slaiy" all trolls. He is quickly able to think of various plans to deal with his foes and is annoyed at his comrades when they get distracted (ie, Bugs pestering Rob to use a coaster) or when they waste his time (Knuckles and his plans).

Shadow does appear to have some bonds with his fellow characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise despite his violent tendencies. In the past, he befriends Sonic after the blue hedgehog spares his life and the two appear to become partners. Additionally, during his angry outburst at Knuckles in Chapter 11, Shadow does refer to Sonic and those who were slain by the Troll King as his friends, showing that he does value them in some form. It should also be noted that he seems offended when Knuckles is quick to ask of Amy's relationship status so soon after Sonic dies during Chapter 6.

Shadow is able to find pleasure in some constructive outlets, however. On multiple occasions-- although one may be a retcon based on the shaky art of Chapter One-- he can be seen knitting in his free time. He's very passionate about his knitting, and will demand interruptions leave him alone while he's enjoying his hobby.


Shadow's beam.

Shadow possess similar abilities to that of the blue hedgehog. Like Sonic, he is able to run very quickly and fight using his fists. He is also capable of using guns and firearms to attack distant targets. As shown when he destroys the village, he is also capable of amassing energy and firing it as destructive energy beams.


fuck you trolls
—Shadow, Chapter 1, Page 2

they cant troll you if there dead
—Shadow stating the truth, Chapter 1, Page 8

Real Life Origins

Shadow the Hedgehog originally debuted in Sonic Adventure 2 as a rival character to Sonic. He is known as the "Ultimate Lifeform", and was created by Dr. Gerald Robotnik with assistance from the alien Black Doom.

Over the course of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, he soon becomes (somewhat) of an ally to the main cast.


In all incarnations excluding Sonic Boom, Shadow was created by Ivo Robotnik's grandfather, Gerald Robotnik with the help of Black Doom. In Tails Gets Trolled, there are no mentions of Gerald Robotnik or Black Doom. Instead, it is stated that Shadow was a "Freak experiment" by Eggman, with no mentions of his origins or his canon creators. Another difference is the fact that Shadow in Tails Gets Trolled, unlike his original counterpart, is much more chaotic and does not sure much remorse for anything, compared to his usual in-game characterization where he can be cold but caring and not psychopathic like he tends to be in Tails Gets Trolled. It should be noted however that he does take offense to Knuckles asking if Amy is single after the death of Sonic, as well as promising Amy that he will avenge Sonic and his other friends who were killed, showing that despite his much more violent nature, he can still care for his friends. There are also no mentions of him or Rouge working for G.U.N. (Guardian Units of Nations), let alone G.U.N. or the United Federation existing within Tails Gets Trolled.



  • According to Lazerbot, Shadow stores his knife in his pocket (despite not having clothes).[1]