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The Ultimate Tails Gets Trolled Wiki is going to contain spoilers as it aims to be a comprehensive database for everything Tails Gets Trolled related. Spoilers are both an inevitability and a necessity when it comes to cataloging every aspect of Tails Gets Trolled.

That said, not everyone who visits the wiki is guaranteed to have read and be knowledgeable of 100% of the comic's lore. As a result, steps have been taken to attempt to conceal some of the larger, more impactful twists surrounding Tails Gets Trolled, including:

  • The real nature of Cheeto Man and the Defenders
  • Amy's backstory
  • Most important character deaths (ie, Sonic, Porky, Sylvester)
    • Minor characters that do not have much screen time are fine to list unmarked unless there is another reason to spoiler their details. (For example, Eddy, Oxsist, or Brandon.)

With all that being said, please note that it is not going to be 100% guaranteed that all pages will be spoiler free. Read at your own caution.

Editing notes on spoilers

  • Use spoiler tags when mentioning any of the listed events, especially on pages that are not related to the source subject (for example, mentioning Cheeto Man's true nature on other character pages such as Ronald's)
  • Refrain from mentioning any spoiler information in the opening text section for characters.

Note on future spoilers

Future spoilers involve any information regarding characters or other plot points that have not yet occurred in the comic itself. Such information might come from comments made by Lazerbot/Embergram on the Discord or ones left on their various DeviantArt pages. Information shared through these means are compiled on External lore and for the most part are not to be displayed on the main pages.