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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Skin color White
Hair color Black (goatee), dark red (eye brows)
Eye color Red
Personal information
Affiliation Former resident of Alferd / Leader of those driven out by Troll King
Allies Pacman, William
Enemies The Trolls, Troll King
First appearance Chapter 3, Page 19
Last appearance Chapter 5, Page 18
Dead (slain by Troll King)
In real life
Actual name Oxsist
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 3, Page 19 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
and this is my fault this started in the first place. our people started this because we was less then fair to the troll because he was different witch was a mistake i shouldn't of made
Oxsist, Chapter 5, Page 18

Oxsist is the leader of the village formed by those who were forced out of Alferd by Troll King. He is Pacman's master, and later leads a failed attempt to try and take back Alferd from Troll King.


Oxsist is a bald, burly man sporting a black goatee, with red eyes and dark red eyebrows. His left eye has a tattoo over it resembling a question mark. From his appearances in the different flashbacks, he is shown wearing a suit of gray armor as well.


During the Medieval Age, Oxsist and many others lived within the town of Alferd. Oxsist and the other residents would often disrespect Troll King, who lived under a bridge within the town. Eventually, Troll King would gather women and robbers and lead a rebellion in Alferd, driving out half the population, including Oxsist.

Oxsist would then become the leader of a small village consisting of those who were forced out of Alferd. He would soon take William and Pacman under his wing and teach them how to defend themselves. However, over time, the resources in the village would begin to run short. One day, after finishing a training session with Pacman and William, Oxsist is approached by Sillous and William's father, who informs him that they have enough people to make a reasonable attempt at taking back Alferd from Troll King. Pacman offers to help them, but is forbidden from joining by Oxsist.

The next day, after Pacman experiences his first vision, Oxsist speaks with Pacman, who begs him not to leave. Oxsist is not convinced, stating that they need to act as their resources are becoming scarce. He also reveals that he feels responsible for what had happened in Alferd due to mistreating Troll King and plans on making up for it by successfully taking their old home back. He and some other villagers then leave to confront Troll King. They are unsuccessful, and Oxsist is killed in the attempt to take the city back.


Oxsist is shown to be a caring leader, particularly in regards to Pacman and William. He takes it upon himself to train the two in order to teach them how to defend themselves, and is shown to be supportive of Pacman and William's training, encouraging them as shown on Chapter 5, Page 17. He can be protective of Pacman at times, refusing to let him help with the attempted recapture of Alferd. He also appears uncomfortable discussing the recapture of Alferd around young children, as seen when he requests to Sillous that they discuss the plan when children are not present.

Before becoming leader, it is presumed that Oxsist was not nearly as caring or benevolent as he was when leading the exiled villagers. He mentions that the villagers would not be in their situation if he (and others) treated Troll King with respect. This is also shown to be the reason why he treats Pacman with kindness as he regrets his mistake of mistreating Troll King.


Oxsist is assumed to have some knowledge regarding sword fighting as he is shown teaching Pacman and William how to fight using swords. His exact prowess is unknown however as he is not shown fighting any battles thus far.