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Lazerbot, as well as his brother Embergram, have shown to be open when it comes to clearing up details about the events of Tails Gets Trolled, or even previewing things that may occur in the future. This page lists out most of the story notes that have been posted outside of the comic.

Also, it should be noted that as these are only notes for now, and they are not guaranteed to happen exactly as stated in the story!

The Q&A[1]

1st Q&A

(Note: All three answers were provided by Embergram.)

Q: Who is "the man in the ice" and what happens to him in the story?

A: In Tails Gets Trolled Polished, we were going to properly write it in to where the Man in The Ice, is actually William's father (And also a Dragonborn due to him being an ancestor of Rob). The Man In The Ice (Currently nameless in the original TGT and still is unnamed) by mistake, kills his own son and acts like it never happened. (It wouldn't have been a pleasant write in within the original TGT, and this is because we wrote the twist much later after we created Pacman's flashback. We were going to fix this in TGTP). The new version of the story in TGTP would have to be where William's father (The Man in The Ice) doesn't kill his son by mistake and he was intentionally targeting William while being torn about it.

In a flashback revealing what happened during the war for The City of Alferd (Phase Two - Reconquering The City of Alferd) Oxsist (The Leader) leads the army to the city and fails to take it back. Oxsist in defeat, admits what he's done to Troll King and begs for mercy and peace from The Village of New Alferd and The City of Alferd. Troll King, in grief of all the men and women lost in the battle, is about to agree to the treaty. Silous, took advantage of the moment and Troll King's moment of weakness to murder Troll King's wife. And as he's about to murder Troll Face (As an infant) Troll King stops Silous with his shock wave ability, preventing Silous from moving. (Troll King learns the ability at this moment). William's father understands Troll King's perspective from that point on and joins him. William's father and Troll King murders Oxsist and Silous. Troll King and William clean up the ruin and bodies. They then make a pact to never fall victim to their weaknesses again and both agreed to purge their loved ones so that they can become the strongest and most feared beings ever to exist. William's father brings an army to burn The Village of New Alferd down to the ground, and killing his own son in the process. Troll King couldn't find it in himself to murder his own son, so he has him sent to a far away city (The city has yet to be written a name, but it will eventually be known as Troll City).

Troll King has a goal of purging the world of all bloodlines who could oppose him and began destroying all Dragonborn cities. William's father becomes victim of the pestilence and in result before his passing, Troll King promises to spare the remaining Dragonborn and in return, one of the Dragonborn must freeze William's father in ice before he dies, so that his body is preserved. Since then, Troll King is attempted to gather up the world's most intelligent beings in order to bring him back to life, now that there is a cure for the pestilence. But reviving him was no easy task. Whenever they revive him and cure him, William's father recovers and learns of Troll Face's existence and secretly despises Troll King for giving into his weakness. The Man In The Ice has the ability to do two shouts at once, and he has perfected the ability to control spirit animals. Pacman eventually Soulbinds with William and ends up fighting William's father. Out of guilt, William's father lets his son take revenge and end his life.

This storyline would be separated and written into 'Tayel's Realm' and completely purged from "The Troll Slaiyers, the comedy half of TGT/TGTP" apart from certain details.

Q: Will Silver reunite with Shadow's group?

A: Silver becomes a valued member of Coyote's group. Eventually he leaves to attempt in order to get support for the war (Between The United Forces of The Trolls, Troll King unites with Mr. Clair's troll forces to rebuild Troll City and to retaliate for the attack on his fortress.) Silver and Blaze travel far to hunt down the whereabouts to The Troll Slaiyers, but whenever Silver meets up with Them? He realizes that they are no longer who they used to be. (The Troll Slaiyers lost themselves in order to become the most feared killers, to become what they need to be to get revenge on Mario and Troll King)

Silver and Blaze were met with hostility and were almost attacked, as they were denied of support from The Troll Slaiyers. Shadow resents Silver for bailing on them after the concert. That's one of (If not the) last time they speak.

Q: I like to know about the full origins of the Neutrals and the Guardian. I don't know why, but they seem to be pretty interesting in a way!

A: That one is a bit more difficult to explain (The Neutrals in TGT weren't really explained all that well to begin with) And since the main storyline will actually revolve around the Guardians and even somewhat revolve around the Neutrals, it isn't easy to describe their purpose without writing the whole comic or so in this reply. But i will describe this in (Long Story Short) and if you wish to know anything further or in more detail then you should feel free to ask.

Well in the TGT dimension, there are 4 Gods (The 4 giants from Majora's Mask from The Legend of Zelda). They sealed Satan and as long as they exist, Satan is forever trapped in the underworld. There are positive and negative Neutrals, each has one fountain being protected by a chosen one. (Kelic was in charge of protecting the Satanic Fountain of Neutrals, but he wasn't the chosen one. The chosen one later is on a hunt for Demaro and Coyote's group to investigate the destruction of the fountain). And the chosen one to protect the Christian Fountain of Neutrals is a man with a family of powerful Neutral sons and daughters that are very disciplined, they remain nameless for the time being.

Whoever drinks from the Satanic or the Christian fountain has to be deemed worthy, or the surge of spiritual essence will end the life of the consumer. We originally had it to where there was a test period in which they had a deadline to where they would have to do certain things or there would be consequences, but we've decided to remove that phase and just stick with the curse/blessing of remaining emotionally balanced, or one (Your life span will first be severed in half) and then two (You will then lose your powers if you continue to fail to control your emotional state). And yes, this applies both fountains. The only difference between the fountains is that if you drink from the Satanic Fountain of Neutrals, then your soul is sold to Satan and he will take you after you die. Mirror for the Christian Fountain of Neutrals. (Satanic fountain consumers start out much stronger than Christian fountain consumers).

Satan and the Gods can chose special warriors to fight for them, through the power the Neutrals. Coyote is granted the essence of Hollow and he becomes the Guardian of the earth, he was granted this power in retaliation to Satan granting Demaro the essence of putrid to attempt to get free of imprisonment and to kill Coyote, so that Demaro can become a Warlord under the name of Satan. Coyote once again submits Demaro and is then trained by the Gods for an unavoidable situation.

This unavoidable situation is The Void. The Void is an entity that spreads, corrupts and consumes everything much like a flame. But unlike the flame, The Void doesn't require nourishment in order to survive. After it's devoured it's meal, it continues to endlessly live on. The Void is on a (flip side) realm of the world and it soaks up all that is negative that seeps through overtime. The only way for this entity to break though to the flip side in order to consume it, they require a bridge (A gate) so they corrupt those who are the most powerful and with the most tolerance for the Void's essence on the flip side. If that bridge survives and becomes powerful enough, the gate will be created and let loose the Void into the world.

The Gods long sensed the Void's presence and in ancient times, created the Guardians to prepare for the arrival of the Void. Satan created his own Guardians as well. They were created to become weapons for worthy Neutrals strong enough to control them, in hope to destroy the Void and close the gate if all else failed. The Gods and Satan have grown very weak over the countless years, and no longer spare their remaining power to pass down knowledge to the world apart from what survived from ancient times, for the most part.

There are a lot more details to this, but that's the basics of the origins. Writing a full version of it would take a lot of time to compose, especially if i do it in novel or script format

2nd Q&A

Q: How did Shadow join the trolls? How long was he apart of it and just how good was he at trolling? What happened that made him leave the trolls and utterly hate them to the point of wanting to kill them? Speaking of Heimerdinger, in Eggman's flashback he said that he couldn't let the troll king get all three of them so he had to stay behind to ensure the Eggman's escape. Who was this third unnamed person gonna be? Just how was the third person related to Heimerdinger and Eggman?

A: Troll King requires the intelligent minds of all of TGT's world of geniuses. Eggman, Dexter, Heimer Dinger, Jimmy Neutron and more (Undecided). Troll King desires to imprison them to exploit their capabilities in order to use as bargaining chips with Mr. Clair, and to discover a way to bring the man in the ice back to life.

Shadow and several other Sonic OC's were lab rats within Eggman's laboratory. Troll King discovered the location of Eggman's main lab and lead an army to capture Eggman himself and fails, as he manages to escape. Shadow seizes the moment and frees all of the experiments and hides them. Shadow and Knuckles were confronted before they could hide, by the armies of Troll King shortly after. They then bring Shadow and Knuckles to Troll King. Troll King sensed potential in them and spares their lives, under the condition that they join the trolls. After Shadow and Knuckles travel with the trolls back to Troll Fortress, they were trained in the ways of trolling. For awhile it went well for them, little hostility. They become friends with Hello Kitty, Kermit and The Muppets. Alfred and Kario were also present.

Cheeto Man was in a cage most of his life so Troll King can mold him into a warlord. Cheeto Man was only allowed to be free from his cage if he obeyed every order given to him, so he did. During this time, Hello Kitten was Cheeto Man's reward for good behavior and if she didn't have sex with him, she would have been killed. Cheeto Man grown obsessed with Hello Kitty and began abusing her whenever she didn't return his delusional affections. Out of spite, She begun sleeping with Shadow to spite Cheeto Man. Shadow being the troll that he was, decided to taunt him with it as well. Cheeto Man grew a hatred for Shadow due to this. Shadow became close friends with a few of the trolls. Troll Face being erratic and carefree ends up getting one of his friends killed, Shadow couldn't let that slide. Shadow then attacks Troll Face and is treated with hostility from Troll King in retaliation. Due to Troll King being stronger, Shadow was forced to fall in line.

Shortly after, another one of Shadow's friends was found dead and sexually abused. Shadow tracks it back to Troll Face. Instead of murdering Troll Face, him and Knuckles decide to leave. During their escape, they were hunted down by a desertion guard. Shadow was forced to kill them in order to escape.

Cheeto Man being punished for bad behavior for abusing Hello Kitty remains trapped in his cage, yet hears of Shadow's actions and that he managed to have escaped the clutches of who Cheeto Man thought to be an unbeatable God. Which lead to thoughts that perhaps he could escape as well. Cheeto Man begun the process of manipulating everyone who came in contact with him, as he attempted to turn them against Troll King. Kario caught wind of Cheeto Man's plan and ratted him out to Troll King before the plan was complete.

Troll King was furious towards the plot of a mutiny and is forced to fight Cheeto Man to restore dominance over his trolls. Right as Cheeto Man is about to defeat Troll King, Hindo stops Cheeto Man with lightning. Cheeto Man is constantly tortured endlessly, until Pori frees him and they escape with a few others. Later to establish the group known of The Defenders.

Troll King loses more than half of his army and troll followers due to his defeat to Cheeto Man, and has been obsessed with gaining the power never to be defeated again. He loses more of his army and followers due to him losing him arm to Luigi, and then later losing his fortress to Coyote's group. Shadow from that point on has an undying hatred and blood thirst for trolls for who they are and what they do.

(Side note - Shadow had less troll-like behavior and personality traits and resembled trolls more like Alex and Hindo.)

Q: What are the origins of the Words of Death? Other than the two Words of Death we know of so far such as cu*****nt and Ni**ER, how many more Words of Death are there and what effects do they have? What were the "costs" for using the Words of Death?

A: There is a forest/jungle tribe. I believe they were titled "The Tribe of Words" Troll King spends a large portion of the story searching for The Words of Death again. He is unable to teach them to others, since the power is given to the one who breathes in the essence from a totem. It takes time for the totems to refill, and the tribe only passes this gift to the most trusted and respected. Troll King stole the power out of spite and envy once the tribe seen through Troll King's facade, and uncovered his true intentions. Troll King wanted the words for power, and they seen hatred in his soul. Troll King desires to train an army that is capable of using the words. Breathing isn't the full process. You must show no fear in the face of the unknown, as you place your head in the mouth of the totem. You then must speak a word of your choosing, and then breathe in the essence. Whatever word that was spoken, will bind to the essence. Becoming a Word of Death. If your intentions are pure? You will be granted The Words of Life instead. There are five words in total in the rewrite, five totems.

There is a consequence in using The Words of Death and Life.

  • Green Essence: Costs One Year. (A year of your overall lifespan)
  • Yellow Essence: Costs Two Years.
  • Blue Essence: Costs Three Years.
  • Red Essence: Costs Four Years.
  • Black or White Essence: Costs Five Years.

The words only effect those who can hear them, and they aren't limited to one target. Once you become a user of the words, you are not effected by them yourself.

  • Green Essence - Words of Death: Temporarily Removes The Sense of Smell.
  • Green Essence - Words of Life: Temporarily Enhances The Sense of Smell.
  • Yellow Essence - Words of Death: Temporarily Removes The Ability of Speech.
  • Yellow Essence - Words of Life: Temporarily Enhances The Ability of Speech. (You gain the power to screech at extremely loud volumes)
  • Blue Essence - Words of Death: Temporarily Removes The Sense of Hearing.
  • Blue Essence - Words of Life: Temporarily Enhances The Sense of Hearing.
  • Red Essence - Words of Death: Temporarily Enhances The Sense of Feeling. (Emotionally & Physically)
  • Red Essence - Words of Life: Temporarily Removes The Sense of Feeling. (Emotionally & Physically)
  • Black Essence - Words of Death: Temporarily Removes The Sense of Sight.
  • White Essence - Words of Life: Temporarily Enhances The Sense of Sight.

The origins of The Tribe of Words and The Words of Death/Light has yet to be imagined.

Q: What's Shadow's flawless plan? (and not the beaver thing)

A: Shadow's group clears out a troll camp/outpost and the Troll Slaiyers carry in and wire several barrels with explosives. On the side, Shadow knits a Toad costume so that Koopa Kid can wear it as a disguise to infiltrate Mario's group. Koopa Kid while in disguise, convinces Peach and her Royal Guard to flee to the very troll camp that was cleared out prior to then.

Koopa Kid while disguised as Toad, approaches Mario and informs him that Troll King is hiding out and is located at a hidden camp (The cleared troll camp). Koopa Kid while disguised as Toad, leads Mario to the camp but a short distance away. There's a Cannon set up pointing towards the camp. Toad places a flaming cannon ball in the cannon and Mario fires it thinking that he's about to kill Troll King, just to later find out by Shadow that he just murdered Peach instead.

Shadow's plan was to get revenge on Mario.

Ben Saint's PCP Lecture[2]

When the video was released, Lazerbot appeared in the comments section (as UpCyaniDown) to answer some questions.

Q: A few quick questions - how far along did you decide on the big cheeta [sic] man twist with the defenders? Was Kermit’s patience training foreshadowing that “mindfuck” and is Cheeto Man an example of a truly high tier “troll.” Are there still any plans with the troll king and the man in the ice? What kind of mood were you going for with the infamous neutral’s flashback? Thanks for your time and making this awesome comic!

A: It was a idea later in TGT's story when the cheeto man twist came to mind. It was already during the defends and not before it. That's why i feel it could of been foreshadowed a bit better then it was, the stuff with the defenders wasn't originally foreshadoing the cheetoman part but it fit really well surprisingly and it became pretty decent foreshadowing.

There is plenty of story with troll king and the trolls after the attack. The man in the ice is eventually brought back and is a pretty big threat to the good guys later on.

Um, what kind of mood was i in doing the neutrals flashback?.. i was pretty chill and focused. I got really into the dark parts of the flashback but I get into all the dark parts in TGT, it just comes natural to me to create fucked up stuff XD.

Q: realistically, how much more of tails gets trolled do you think you can do this year? Even a small amount? It would be way better to have the story conclude in 4-10 chapters you can actually make, rather than be left unfinished forever. Honestly it would mean the world to me to see a conclusion to the epic that is TGT

A: Yeah the thing is TGT isn't remotely close to being concluded and i don't want a rush ending for this story to appease the fans, that's not how i work. I rather wait until i have the man power to have the whole story made, i want to build up my brand and expand first and then when i have the resources come back and create TGT in a timely fashion instead of rushing a ending.

How many chapters can i make a year? I would be able to make a chapter maybe some of a second chapter if i didn't put much effort into the artwork but basically 1 chapter and maybe a bit extra for a year. I have 100-plus chapters planned for the story, a lot of it being important story line that i'm not going to remove.

Discord / Other Notes

Both Lazerbot and his brother Embergram (shown in some screens as Zaygar) have shared some notes on what they have planned for future events.

General Plot Details

  • Underbite Troll and Markus, (with Sirpigsalot, and Mysushi) are in fact alive. At the end of The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Eggman captures the pair and replaces them with life-like robots. Silver and Fudd (through using Eggman's memories) would eventually travel to one of Eggman's many labs and they discover the frozen bodies of the four. Underbite Troll briefly helps provide aid to Silver but the four are hunted by a character known as "Lord Nim" who demonizes Jacko by the Troll King's orders in order to search for traitors, leading the the deaths of the four trolls alongside Heimerdinger. [3]
  • Wario and Waluigi would appear to help Mario with his conflict against Shadow and the Trolls. However, Mario would eventually become a drug user leading to a falling out between him and the Mushroom Kingdom. Wario and Waluigi leave as well to join Bowser to fight against Mario. [4]
  • After leaving, Mario goes to a boxing ring to relax. He meets Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, and the former reveals his past as a former drug addict, and how his own father (Cranky) would beat him to help him overcome his addiction. Donkey Kong then beats up Mario and convinces him to make up with his friends. However, shortly afterwards, Shadow's plan would come into fruition.[5]
  • An all out war between Mario (The Mushroom Kingdom) and the Troll Slaiyers was planned, with the Trolls appearing thanks to Pori giving Troll King intel. In the battle, many of the Troll Slaiyers are killed. Mario is brutally beaten (killed?) by Shadow who reveals his connection to "something dark", granting him control over literal shadows. The Trolls flee after seeing Shadow's new powers. [6]



  • Alex is killed by Pori. He learns a Word of Death and attempts to kill Pori (in monster form) with it, but after using the word repeatedly he rapidly ages and is easily killed. [7]


  • Amy's backstory was semi based off of a person Lazerbot actually knew.[8]


  • Bowser was exiled from his own empire.[9]

Coyote's Guardian

  • Its full name is Mightis The Guardian of The Forest. It can create an ancient magic armor for the user when it dies and is reborn when said armor is broken. The tree pulled out by Coyote is also just a sapling of a "great tree" within his book.[10]


  • Demaro's family was to be fully fleshed out in a flash back.[11]
  • Demaro's uncle is a Neutral, who would go on to kill Demaro's father, causing Demaro's sister to leave the family. Demaro's mother would die from a drug overdose.
  • Demaro had a girlfriend named Nikky that would essentially serve as the one source of happiness in his life, getting in between him and Garry to stop their bickering. She is mysteriously killed later. At her funeral, Demaro's uncle implants Miladox into Demaro's mind. Demaro, who had lost his will to go on, is given purpose by his uncle who convinces him to use Miladox to avenge Nikky who was said to be killed by "Senu", a Satanic leader. His uncle also creates a false fantasy convincing Demaro that he is Satan's chosen one to help further motivate him. Afterwards, his uncle passes away and it is revealed that Miladox's power was keeping him alive.
    • In reality, Demaro's uncle killed Nikky. Senu was set to be the next leader of the Satanists, angering his uncle, and leading him to manipulate Demaro into killing Senu.
  • Coyote would later "dissect" Demaro against his will and turn him into one of Coyote's puppets (for a while).[12]


  • Garry was taught how to earth bend by his uncle.


  • Grapeface survives.[13]


  • Hindo is left alive by Rob at the end of their battle.[14]

Jacko the Troll

  • Jacko's purpose was to be a reoccuring character that would survive seemingly fatal wounds on several occasions. He was planned to "die" 3 different times. [15]


  • Miladox is also referred to as the "The Guardian of Souls" in a comment made by the lltailsgetstrolledll account on DeviantArt.[16]


  • Pori is a monster wearing the skin of a human.[7]


  • Rob wins his battle with Hindo, but his spirit is left broken due to almost dying. He eventually overcomes his depression and learns a lightning-based shout ability from remembering his battle with Hindo and how his lightning attacks felt.[14]


  • Shadow was originally created by Eggman's father.[17] He is known as the "apocalypse", fated to become a monster after losing the one he cares about most, with an endless pool of "wicked".[18]
  • Shadow is influenced by the "Void". Eggman's father had designed Shadow as a doomsday device, and after killing Mario, he becomes nothing more than "the end of the world in a host".


  • Sonic was created by Eggman as an attempt for Eggman to surpass his father's creation (Shadow). [19]


  • Sonichu is the world's strongest troll, other than Troll King. He is considered stronger than Demaro.[13]

Troll Face

  • Troll Face acts the way he is due to the death of his mother.[20]

Underbite Troll

  • Underbite Troll's real name is not "Underbite Troll", but is instead so embarrassing that he would rather people call him Underbite Troll. [21]

The Adventures of Underbite Troll

  • The Troll-Off would have concluded with Underbite Troll and Markus making it to the finals, but losing as Troll Face declares himself the winner without any troll-off occurring. [22]

Tails Gets Trolled Polished

  • An expanded draft of the first chapter was posted on DeviantArt, going into detail about new plot additions such as Sally Acorn rekindling her love with Sonic after he breaks up with Amy, before being kidnapped by Eggman.[23] Shadow would later find her in one of Eggman's labs and puts her out of her misery.[24]
  • More details regarding Bugs and his relationship with Daffy would be explored.
  • Additional Troll Slaiyers and trolls would have been introduced in the later chapters. [25]

Related to the TGT World Map

  • The Tails Gets Trolled world is said to be located somewhere in space.[26]
  • The town seen in Chapter 9: fuds choice is in between Cocoa Jungle and Troll City.[27]
  • The desert Road Runner was killed in is located south of Sonic's camp.
  • Hallow's End is south east of the West Troll City of Fuckpoorpeople.
  • There are towns named after Canada, China, and Japan.
  • There exists a "Badlands" containing Bowser's Empire.
  • Pori hails from the South Reaper Desert south of the Badlands. Spongebob and Patrick also reside somewhere far away in that area.


  • The floating head that Grapeface punches in Chapter 22 is in fact Lazerbot's. [28]
  • The troll whose penis was slashed off in Chapter 22 also survives.[13]


These were previews of upcoming scenes in the story posted on the lltailsgetstrolledll DA page or in the Discord.

Chapter 27

These where revealed on 23rd of February 2023 22:00 UTC on the official Tails Gets Trolled Twitter account and Discord server.