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Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when editing this wiki.

In general

  • You should probably be older than 18 if you are not only reading the comic but also editing the wiki.
  • It is highly recommended that you join the Discord to not only chat with other fans of the comic but also discuss changes and other suggestions to the wiki itself. If you are banned from the Discord then you can always use Discussion pages or communicate via other means like Twitter.

Creating links to other pages (Piping)

You can create a link to another page on the wiki using brackets like [[this]]. For example, if you want to link to a Sonic's page on the wiki, insert "Sonic" into brackets like so: [[Sonic]]. It is also possible to edit what the text leading to a page looks like by using "|". For instance, [[Sonic|blue guy]] will link to Sonic's page, but the text will read blue guy.

Keep in mind links to other pages are case-sensitive for the most part. [[brothers from another mother gang]] will not link properly to the actual Brothers from another Mother gang page. The exact capitalization needed can be found by going to the actual page you are linking to and checking the title. A good example of this is linking to tails gets trolled and Tails Gets Trolled - one of them links to chapter 1 as it is capitalized in the same manner as the cover text, and the other leads to the actual page describing the series as a whole. Names can be pipe'd to using lowercase titles but it is discouraged.

Related, but there is also no excuse for an edit to a page having broken links to existing pages. There is a preview feature when editing a page. Please use it.

Use proper grammar

The comic itself having misspellings and improper grammar is no reason to have that same style of writing on the wiki. The wiki requires text to be written correctly since it's a source of information and should be as easy to read as possible. Occasional mistakes are fine, but if other editors have to constantly review what you have done, then that's going to be a problem.

  • Names should be capitalized (sonic, mario, rob should be spelled as Sonic, Mario, Rob) unless there is reason to spell it lowercase (such as when typing a script)
  • Sentences should end with some form of punctuation
  • If a sentence is long, consider using commas or splitting it into different sentences

Regarding new pages

For the most part, new pages are accepted so long as they have a reasonable amount of effort put into them (and don't look like garbage) when first created and they are related to Tails Gets Trolled as a whole. It is also strongly suggested that you talk about making a new page in the Tails Gets Trolled community Discord. If you plan to further edit a page yourself over the next couple of days, use the {{Under construction}} template to let others know. You can also mark it with {{Stub}} as well if you know the page itself is lacking (you optionally may want to include what info you need).


Please make sure your edits match what is actually happening in the comic. Again, occasional misunderstandings are forgiven, but constant misunderstanding and editing pages with misunderstandings will annoy others. If you are unsure as to what is happening on a comic then you can always ask others in the Discord or on a page's talk page.


Speculation is fine and welcome, but keep it restricted to a page's Discussion / talk page or your own user page. Related...

User pages

You are free to put whatever you feel like putting on there as long as it is nothing outstandingly offensive or edgy.

Discussion pages

If you are leaving a comment on a page's discussion pages then use ~~~~ to sign your comments. This leaves your username and date so discussion is easier to follow.


See the Spoiler Policy for more info. The top two things to keep in mind when editing are to try and conceal information regarding:

  • Amy's backstory
  • Cheeto Man's reveal and the true nature of The Defenders

This policy is subject to change over time.

Future spoilers

Future spoilers are things that have been said by Lazerbot and Embergram, but have not actually happened in the comic yet. Most of these examples are collected on External lore. Refrain from posting any details on that page until they have actually happened in the comic because there is no guarantee that they will actually be implemented into the main series.

An exception will be made for names that are revealed early for characters already in the comic due to it being difficult to discuss said characters using placeholder names. Actual future plot details, as stated, should not be on main pages, however.

Info on character pages / character pages themselves

  • Spell names of TGT characters using the spelling used in the comic (ie, Jessie should use Jessy, Chunky Kong should use Chucky Kong)
  • The "likes" and "dislikes" can technically include whatever so long as it has a basis in the comic
  • The template {{Quote}} is mainly used for the quote on top of a character page while the template {{Small quote}} is used for a collection of quotes in the appropriate section.
  • Only fill out information if it's made clear in the Tails Gets Trolled canon, rather than the original franchise the character is based on.

The structure of a character page should be as follows:

  • A quote on top of the page if applicable
  • The character's infobox
    • If the character has concept art available and you wish to use <tabber> to display different images, use the concept art (if in color) for the "default"/first tab then a picture from the actual comic itself following it
    • Try to use a recent image of the character as drawn by Lazerbot or one of his brothers if possible. See TGT Artstyle Tips for a list of pages drawn by Lazerbot himself.
  • The lede - a short introduction to the character and who they are in Tails Gets Trolled. Avoid spoilers if possible.
  • Appearance - a short section describing how the character looks and any notable changes or oddities in their appearance over the course of the story. (For example, Tails and his changing amount of *tails, or Hulk's strange arm proportions.)
    • Be nice if describing strange oddities like Shadow's tan arms or Coyote's sudden buffness. Don't say things like "Shadow is drawn with tan arms here because Lazerbot is stupid and doesn't know how to draw Shadow!!!" or "Coyote is suddenly buff because the person drawing the page is a gay furry!!!". We are not here to flame anyone. The wiki should be written as neutrally as possible.
  • History section detailing what they did in the comic
  • Personality
  • Abilities - list out things the character is capable of doing.
  • Quotes (if applicable) - a collection of things the character as said. Can be anything.
  • Real Life Origins (if the character is not an original character, describe who they are and what type of media are they from originally) and Differences (list the differences between their TGT characterization and regular. Even blatantly obvious differences such as Fudd not being a necromancer in the original Looney Tunes can be added.)
  • Names in other languages - how the character's name was localized into the other translations.
  • Trivia (if applicable)
    • No headcanon or "this may be a reference to..." type content unless it is confirmed by someone working on the comic that said Trivia is indeed a reference.
  • Gallery - use <tabber> if needed to create two different galleries in order to conceal spoiler information.
  • References (if citations are used)

Image uploading

The filename of the image should be related to the image itself. This goes without saying but just putting it here so it's obvious. For instance, uploading a picture of Unsettled Tom and naming it "cool jarry picture.png" is not acceptable. Try to upload the image with the proper resolution as well - avoid resizing any images without reason. It is recommended to copy / download the image and crop it in Paint down to the relevant scene you need.

If the image is a full panel from the comic then please add [[Category: Panels]] to it. Also add the relevant character image categories (ie, [[Category: Tails images]], [[Category: Sonic images]], [[Category: Mario images]]) if said character is seen in the image itself.