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Early TGT

An analysis by Twitter user hobqueer, going over the anti aliasing effects in early TGT chapters.

Chapter 1 and early Chapter 2 pages feature artwork done using anti aliased brushes from MS Paint (Windows 7) and newer. What this results in is a white "fuzz" appearing when a fill tool is used to color in the lineart. From that point onwards, the artwork is filled in correctly.

As a general rule as well, Lazerbot's artstyle, despite how the early chapters might make things appear, is NOT intentionally trying to be "wacky" or "crazy". While some character's proportions might appear jank at times, they are still grounded and not overly cartoonish.

Modern TGT

Chances are if you're looking at this page you might be more interested in how to emulate Lazerbot's more recent style. Some pointers will be provided below:

Characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise are typically drawn more like humans than their more "cartoony" canon counterparts. See below as an example:

...and compared to official artwork:

The character proportions are more "elongated", giving the characters more of a human feeling to them. Looney Tunes franchise characters are also similar.

Character specific tips

It is a also recommended that you check the character's Appearance and Real Life Origins sections on their wiki pages for more info.


  • Coyote's cheeks are pointed as opposed to being fluffy in more recent Tails Gets Trolled pages.
  • Coyote's snout is much shorter and narrower than it is in his official appearances.
  • Coyote has white sclera in TGT, not yellow.


  • Luigi's mouth is typically covered by his mustache. This differs from Mario, whose mouth is usually covered early on in TGT but is drawn more visible later on.
  • Luigi's "Mr. L" outfit is more simple than it was in Super Paper Mario. He lacks the overalls and wears a black jumpsuit with a green collar. Starting in Chapter 24, the black jumpsuit changes to dark green.
  • Luigi has black hair on both his head hair and mustache, whereas Mario has brown hair for both.


Note the way Silver's quills are drawn pointing downward, in a similar way to Knuckles.
  • Silver's hair varies in TGT, being drawn like his canon series and being drawn in a fashion more like Knuckles.


  • Sonic's back quills are much more shorter in TGT.
  • Sonic's shoes are designed differently in TGT. He is shown with white shoes that are red at the tips. Notably, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow also have the same shoes.


  • Tails is only drawn with 3 tails in the first chapter before normalizing to 2. (He is also drawn with 1 in UAR.)
  • Tails' fur color is darker than his canon series counterpart during later TGT chapters.


  • Vivian's blush marks serve as her eyes in TGT.

Examples of the Modern TGT style

The following are examples of tryouts from various TGT art team members that may be useful as good examples of what to draw if you are interested in trying out for the team.


Art references

hobqueer's art analysis / tips (Early TGT)

Modern-Era TGT pages drawn by Lazerbot


Spoiler warning! Read with caution.

See also: Tails Gets Trolled artists § Lazerbot and Tails Gets Trolled page credits in case this section is out of date.

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You should also check out Tails Gets Trolled concept art and Lazerbot's section on the page for further references.

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