chapter 12: taking action/Script

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  • Character count: ~10600
  • No spaces: ~9000
  • Character with most lines: Garry (counting both human and android, 96)
  • Character with least lines: Dusk Hunter (6)

Page 1

Garrythese are poisonous thorn vines, ehhhhhhhhhhhh damnit

Demarothe poison will slowly burn your flesh to nothingness

Garryahhh fuck im starting to lose feeling in my arm

Demarofeel the dark


(Using his strings, Demaro tears Garry's arm off.)


GarryMY ARM!!

Demaroyou fucked with the wrong necromancer

Garryahahahhahahahah ahahahah!!!!!

Garryahaha hhaha ha you fool i don't need that

Demaroyou still talk shit, even after having your arm torn off, you must really have a death wish

Page 2

(Garry forms an armor of rocks using his powers.)

Demarothem rocks can't protect you from my wrath

Garryhahahhahah your fucking retarded no lie about that brother

Garry (Android)fucking dumb fuck

(Garry's android frees itself by dissolving and reforming elsewhere.)


Garrybring it on!! you faggot

Page 3

(Demaro fires several small strings at Garry, but they are deflected.)

Demaroit had no effect


Garry (Android)DIE!!

(Garry's android attempts to kick Demaro. Demaro tries to block but is pushed back. He then uses his vines to catch himself before falling.)


Garry (Android)fuck your vines

Dusk Hunterahhhhhhh!!!

(Dusk Hunter runs at the real Garry.)

Garryfucking dumb monster

Page 4



(Garry punches Dusk Hunter, then uppercuts it.)

Dusk HunterAHHHHH

Dusk HunterHMMMMM!!


Garryi just pissed it off


Garry (Android)fuck you

(Garry's android sends several rocks flying towards Demaro. Demaro forms a fan of strings and swats the rocks down. He then uses the fan to slash the android, but the android is unaffected due to its power to dissolve and reform.)

Demarodamnit when i hit him, he just reforms

Page 5

Demaroi might have to use my spirit shield

Garry (Android)you faggot!!

(Demaro froms a shield of strings and levitates.)

Garry (Android)AHHHHHH!!

Garry (Android)suck on this bitch

(Garry throws more rocks. They are ineffective.)

Garry (Android)alright never mind

Demaroi got to lay out some traps

(Demaro uses his strings and hides several "mines" underground.)


(Demaro goes back to the ground.)

Garry (Android)you should put that shield back on

Page 6

Garry (Android)what the?

(Demaro raises several vines around Garry.)

Garry (Android)why the hell did you have these vines in random spots like a retard? lol what ever man, they won't do anything

Garry (Android)hahah what do you got now mother fucker? hahah you got nothing!!

Demaroi hope you can keep up

Garry (Android)huh?

(Using his strings, Demaro slings himself away from Garry by using the vines as a grapple point.)

Garry (Android)where the hell do you think your going?

Garry (Android)stop running faggot

(Garry's android triggers a trap Demaro placed.)

Garry (Android)wait what the hell is that?

Page 7

Demaroi knew he fall for it

Garry (Android)what the fuck is this shit?

(A barrier forms around the android.)

Garry (Android)it seems im stuck in here

(Vines hold the android down.)

Garry (Android)ahhh damnit i can't move

Garry (Android)damnit he's trying to get me out of the way so he can go after the real me, if i lose him in my eye vision he can sneak attack my real me and i won't know which way he's coming

Garry (Android)damnit i lost him

Garryfuck you faggot

(Demaro begins to form a spear projectile with his strings.)


Page 8


Garrywhats that sound?

(The spear flies towards Garry.)

Garrywhat the fuck is that?


GarryAHHHH damnit i can't stop it

(Garry tries to hold the spear back, but it pieces his arm, severing it.)


Garrythink..... i have to do something quick

Garrysigh...... sіgh..... ahh god damnit



(Dusk Hunter charges at Garry, knocking him back.)

Page 9

(The Garry android suddenly appears, catching his real self.)

Garry (Android)i got ya

Demarohow the hell did he get out of my trap?

(Demaro looks at the barrier and sees a hole.)

Demaroi see he dug his way out of it, well lets see if he can get out of this trap

Garry (Android)its another trap

Page 10

(Garry's android pushes the real Garry away.)

Garry (Android)you not going to get the real me that easy

Garry (Android)ahahahha you idiot

Garryhahah you missed me faggot

Demaroi have a idea, you won't be able to dodge this brother

Demaroheres you go

(Demaro launches a wave of several strings, sticking to the real Garry.)

Garryhahha you gonna throw me, this rock will protect me

Demaroi know

(Demaro uses the strings to rip off Garry's rock armor.)

Garrywhat the hell?

Demaronothing is protecting you now, is there?

Garryhow that fuck did you do that?

Garry (Android)never mind that, he's ours

(Garry's android dissolves and escapes.)


Page 11

Garry (Android) (thinking)hmmmmm? hes after my real self and he keeps on sliping away from me, i got to think of a way to hit him where it hurts, hes controlling every thing with invissible strings coming from his hands, well all i need to do is break his arms, but how is the real question? he is making it hard to get close enough to make any real damage

Demaro (thinking)this android of his is making this alot more dificult then expected, i need to get that thing out of my way so i can kill this peace of shit, i know how i can do that to, all i need to do is throw off his focus

Garrydon't get cocky you faggot fucker

Demaroyou know what garry, i think dad should of hit you harder when you was younger, maybe then you would know not to fuck with people that you clearly don't stand a chance in beating, hahahahhah maybe then you wouldn't act so big

Garry (Android)oh hhahah you've done it now, im gonna fuck you up, well atleast i can say i fuck alot more chicks then you

Demaroyou and mother are so much a like, your both little bitches, and for all your girl friends haha well if i remember right? your face is way to fucked up now for any girl to be with you at this point hahah your so pethetic, its not that i act better then everyone that pisses you off, its the fact that i am better then you that really gets on your nerves, i don't even need to see your ugly face to know that much, your just a failur and our family is beneath me now

Garry (Android)shut the fuck up

(A part of the android's mask comes off, revealing a laser.)

Garry (Android)hahahaha

(The laser ignites several small rocks, which Garry levitates and uses as projectiles.)

Demaro (thinking)i won't be able to dodge these fire rocks but if i time it right i might be able to grab every single rock with my strings

Page 12

Demarodamnit i missed one of them

Demaroahhhh fuck!!

(The rocks injure Demaro, tearing his robe.)

Garryits seems your not as good as you thought you were brother

Garry (Android)that took alot more power

Garry (Android)i mean alot more power then expected, im gonna need some time to recharge my eye ahahha

Demarohmmmmmm m lets see how much more you can take

(Demaro mounts Dusk Hunter and rides away.)

Demaroyou can't even try to keep up with me ahaha

Garry (Android)you can't run from us faggot

Garryafter him now!!

Demarogood hahahahha

Page 13


Garryfuck were starting to lose him, hes such a fucking pussy

Garrywhat the fuck is that, OH SHIT

(Garry's android notices a string hovering as a trap.)

Garry (Android)get back you moron

(Garry's android pushes the real Garry back.)

Garrywhat the fuck man

(The android runs into the string and is seemingly beheaded, but he catches his own head and reattaches it.)

Garry (Android)you almost had me there

Garry (Android)what other tricks do you have huh? hahahahah im waiting for your amazing attacks hahahah


Page 14

Garry (Android) you mad bro? you seem mad? hahahhaha you angry bitch? you should be hahahahaha

Demaroim going to decapitate you

Garryi like to see you try you homo hahah dumb ass lol

Garrythis is just the start, I've just gotten started

(The android dissolves and merges with the real Garry.)

Demaro (thinking)there fusing together?

Garryyou know i think I've realized something, your nothing with out that monster of yours and i think if the monster was no more, then you would be easy to take out lol

Garryi think your just a weak man wanting to become this lord of yours, but it will never happen

Demaroyou talk to much

Garryi will show you master earth bending faggot

Demaro (thinking)damnit he figured it out, he knows if he closes off my demon from me, it would snap my spirit strings, making me lose control of the demon all together, instead of trying to break my arms hes aiming for my strings

Demarodamnit i don't want to lose control of this one, hmmmm it could go crazy on everything counting my self, the only option i have is to send him back before i lose control, the problem doing that is, i won't be able to bring him back to this world for a hour or so

Page 15

Dusk HunterAHHHHHH!!

(Dusk Hunter is retreated into a portal.)

Demaro (thinking)damnit, hes twice as smart as he was before being fused together with that android, he knew i was gonna do that, theres no telling how smart he is at this moment, i have to end this fight soon, if it continues to drag on i might be in danger here, hmmmm i need to keep stepping it up but the down side is im running out of tricks

Demaro (thinking)im gonna have to use some more vines and defeat him that way

Demaro (thinking)what the fuck its not working? i can't seem to get control over the vines

Garryyou having problems getting control of the vines? well i just thought of something, the vines you were using is in my earth, meaning its a form of earth, i should of realized it sooner but i can also control these vines with my bending hahahahhahahah

(Garry controls the vines and tries to impale Demaro, but Demaro holds the vines back using his strings.)

Demaroas long as i have my strings i should be fine

Demarowhat the hell where did he go?

Page 16

(Garry dropkicks Demaro, sending him flying.)

Garryyou fucking badie, noob, hows it like having your face kicked into the dirt hahah? you should of uninistalled a long time ago faygle, hahahahaha!!!

Demaroim gonna kill you

Demaro (thinking)i have to push my self beyond my normal limits to win this, im out of options i have to give it a shot, this will be alot harder then it was to grab all the rocks off garry earlier in this fight, the only shot i have is to push my limits and try to grab every single beetle that forms into the android, every single little robot bug, there are probably over millions of them to, pushing my my powers to that extend is gonna hurt like hell

Garry oh hahah the anger the hate in your eyes gives me more and more joy the more i see the hate coming from your face, HAHAHAH!! YES LET IT ALL OUT I WANT TO SEE IT AHAHAHAHA OH HOW GOOD YOUR PAIN MAKES ME FEEL, ENJOY YOUr PAIN. so much so. so much ahah

Garryremember when i use this eye to make a fire shock wave to light them rocks on fire, i have something even more special for you in the other eye

Garryhahahah!! oh my god, im so fucking excided right now, i can't wait to destroy you, i want to see all the blood, your gonna die faggot and its gonna hurt, oh its gonna be painful, hahhaahhaha!!! hahahahahah!!!!

Demaro (thinking)i got to wait for the right moment, i need a opening

(Garry's eye opens once more, shooting out flames.)

Demaro (thinking)his eye is a flamethrower, im not gonna have enough time to get out of the way, think god damnit this isn't good at all, ok calm down, CALM THE FUCK DOWN!!!!! GOD DAMNIT!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

(Demaro aims his strings at the ground, launching himself upwards.)

Page 17

Demaro (thinking)damnit i need to do something fast he can move the fire up and hit me with it, i have to shield my self


(Garry looks up, and at Demaro, Demaro tries to shield himself with strings and his arm is burned)



Garryyou want to know something about this secret room we are in thats underneath the trolls castle, no one knows of it because i created this arena for this moment, you see i knew we was gonna end up battling because i know what your after, so i waited until elmer fud finally got control of eggman and i waited for the chance to get him to make me this android, and when the time was right, i told them to tell you about elmer so this would finally happen


Garryegg mans genius is beyond anything that we have ever comprehended, he is a 100 times smarter then we ever imagened, his genuis is beyond this world, the trolls don't even need the third genius to complete our plans

Garry you can't possibly understand, eggmans skills are so great that the time its taking to have him create the robot army is so much quicker then expected, it won't be long at all if he keeps creating at this past, and soon he will also have the machine ready to actually bring the man in the ice back to life, his genius is pure beauty, hes a god!! his mind is so filled with greatness that only me and fud now understand you see i am no longer man, no i am beyond man, i am part GOD!!! AHAHAHAHAAHAHaha!!

Demarothere is no god and there is no joy in this world, there is no love, its all a mask to hide the truth, the world is darkness covered by lies of happieness, lies of good, there is no good in this world, just oblivous people, there is only darkness and satan and HATE!!

DemaroAHH HHH HHhh hh!!

(Demaro launches a massive amount of strings, enveloping Garry in them.)

Garrywhat are you gonna do?

Page 18


(Demaro latches onto every individual bug composing the android and forces it to unmerge with the real Garry.)

Garrywhat the fuck?

Demaroi actually did it hahahah yes, i got you now

(Demaro traps the android in a sphere.)

Garry (Android)this can't hold me forever

(The android's face plate falls off, and it begins to charge a laser.)

Demaroi have to push my self a bit more to finish off the android for good


(The color of the sphere turns red while Demaro compresses the sphere holding the android, crushing it and erasing it from existence.)


Page 19

Garryyou ask for it, earth destruc➞

(Garry slams his fist down, which causes the earth to crumble)

Demaroall the earth is crumbling down i have to get somewhere high soon

(Demaro uses his strings and sticks to the ceiling.)

Garryi call this move, in the depths of the magma earth

Demaroahhhh this sharp pain in my eyes is getting worse ahhhhhhhhhh hhhh damnit,

DemaroAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH this fucking hurts god damnit!!

Demarohmmmm fuck!! I over did like hell!!

Demarothat fucking hurts!!!!

Garryoh i don't even need my android now, and when this is over, fud will just make me another one even better then that android

Demaro hes going in the earth, i don't know where he will end up i got to focuse

Page 20

Demaroyou can't hide forever

(Garry emerges from the ceiling.)


(Garry punches Demaro repeatedly.)

Demaroshit theres a vine around my leg

(A vine swings and slams Demaro onto the ground.)

Demaroi have to grab something

Page 21

(The vine continues to swing Demaro around the arena.)

Garryyes YES!! YES!! OH FUCK YES!!


Garrydo you feel it? do you feel your life slipping away, your gonna die today

Demaro (thinking)the pain in my body is beyond describable i don't know if im gonna be able to get out of this...................... wait i remember something

(Flashback to Demaro putting strings in Garry's face.)

Demaro (thinking)yes i remember putting my strings in his face to shut him up, this might be a long shot but there might still be some of my strings in his face, thats my only chance to stop him

(Demaro flings Garry aside.)

Garrywhat the hell!?

Garryhow the hell are you controlling me? wait i know how your doing it now, those strings you put in my face long ago, there still in my face, im not gonna let this stop me from killing you, im gonna rip them strings out of my face