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Spoiler warning! Read with caution.


Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Gary
Relatives Unnamed parents
Demaro (brother)
Damian (uncle)
Physical description
Species Human
Type Earthbender
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Personal information
Occupation Professional troll
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies The Trolls, Troll King
Enemies Demaro, Troll Slaiyers
Weapons/powers Physical strength, earth-bending, Magma Armor, trolling
Face cannon (android)
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 12 (Obscured)
Chapter 3, Page 13
(First full appearance)
Chapter 10, Page 9
(Chronologically as well as his first identification as "Garry")
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 8
Dead (killed by Miladox.)(Real Garry)
(crushed by Demaro.)(Android)
In real life
Actual name Garry
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 2, Page 12, (2012; obscured)
Chapter 3, Page 13
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
you fucking badie, noob, hows it like having your face kicked into the dirt hahah? you should of uninistalled a long time ago fagyle, hahahahaha!!!
Garry, to Demaro, chapter 12: taking action, Page 16

Garry is one of the main Trolls in Tails Gets Trolled and also the younger brother to Demaro. He initially appears as backup for Alex and later battles Demaro underneath Troll King's castle.


Garry's soul and his corpse with Coyote.

Garry is physically very large, towering over other characters in height. In both his initial appearance and before wearing a mask, he appears wearing an orange battle suit with yellow markings. After Demaro injures him, he wears a mask over one of his eyes and mouth. After being further injured by Emerl, he "upgrades" his mask to cover his whole face, including his hair.

When battling his brother, Demaro, Garry appears with a gray suit of body armor, with a mask decorated with red eyes and a red "smile". After Demaro uses the strings left in Garry's face to his advantage, Garry takes of his mask and tears off a portion of his face. After being killed, he still appears to be wearing his armor as a soul.


A younger Garry is attacked by Demaro.

Not a lot is known about Garry prior to joining the Trolls, aside from during his childhood years, where Demaro claims that his parents would often beat him. As mentioned by himself during his battle with Demaro, he had joined the trolls to as per Demaro's suggestion. He has attempted to convince his brother Demaro to become tell Troll King about his powers in the past, but was not successful, resulting in Demaro permanently scarring his face with his powers during one encounter.

Garry is first seen in the present when he appears as backup for Alex after Shadow kills Bugs and Daffy. After Shadow's group retreats, Garry, alongside Alex and Luigi, eventually appear to back up the Troll King during his battle with Sonic. He attack and keeps Vector down for the fight, and eventually tears one of his eyes out as per Alex's suggestion. Later, Emerl, using his ability to copy his foes moves, makes use of Luigi's flames to burn Garry's face, resulting in him covering the rest of his face with another mask. After the trolls are victorious, the group retreats into Troll King's hideout. Garry is present when the Troll King uses a Word of Death to immobilize Luigi.

Sometime off-screen, Garry retrieves Eggman's corpse and delivers it to Troll King. He is next seen after Fudd is captured, watching Troll King attempt to force Fudd to work for them.

Later, Garry contacts his brother Demaro, and tries to convince him to use his powers for the Troll King. He is unsuccessful once again, and Demaro leaves. However, some time later, Demaro comes back to Garry once he learns that Fudd has been captured and demands to see him. Garry blocks his path, making it clear to Demaro that his loyalty lies with the Trolls first before his brother. Refusing to get out of the way, Demaro and Garry then battle.

vs. Demaro

Garry gloats about knowing about Demaro's every move as he evades his brother's attacks. He also reveals his powers of earth bending and hurls stones at Demaro, who in turn counters by using controlling vines. Demaro summons his Guardian and eventually manages to trap Garry within his vines. As Demaro's Guardian moves in, Demaro is stopped by another Garry. The other Garry reveals that the one Demaro had trapped is an android copy built by Fudd and chokes Demaro.

Demaro counters by using his vines to grasp the Garry's arm and poisons them, allowing him to tear the real Garry's arm off. The android then escapes the vines entrapping it by disapating and reconstructing itself to ambush Demaro. Demaro fights back, slashing the android only to see that it has the ability to reform. He then flees and lures the android into trap, managing to trap it within a barrier created by Demaro's strings. Demaro then turns his attention to the real Garry and manages to injure him using a spear/prism-like projectile, but he is saved by his android who manages to escape the trap by digging under the barrier.

Garry and his android fused together.

Demaro taunts Garry over his weaknesses, prompting the android version to reveal his eye and launch a barrage of flaming rocks towards Demaro, managing to burn him slightly. Demaro retreats using Dusk Hunter, and together, the two Garrys push forward and manage to catch Demaro. The android the fuses with Garry, increasing his powers. Garry then manages to earth-bend Demaro's vines to turn them against him and gains the upper hand. The combined Garrys then unleash a wave of fire, further damaging Demaro's arm. Garry gloats, and reveals that he had always expected to fight against Demaro, and had planned for this very battle to happen by requesting the android clone ahead of time and telling the others to tip off his brother regarding Fudd's location.

Annoyed, Demaro uses his powers to separate the android from Garry and traps him within a sphere of his strings. The android prepares another beam of fire by removing its mask, but Demaro manages to crush the android into nothingness by shrinking the sphere it is encased in. Garry then uses one of his powers to transform the floor into magma and hides within it. Demaro is forced to go upwards to escape the heat, but Garry appears from the ceiling to ambush him and slings him around using Demaro's own vines. He is thrown off when Demaro recalls that there are still strings inside Garry's face when he had scarred him long ago, and manages to stop Garry momentarily. Garry responds by taking his mask off and tearing the strings from his eye to prevent Demaro from controlling him.

Garry then reveals his final power, controlling the magma around him to form a suit of protective armor. As Demaro accepts his death and Garry moves in for the kill, Demaro's third eye awakens and teleports Garry to an unknown realm. There, he meets face to face with Miladox and makes a vain attempt to fight back. Miladox slashes and destroys Garry, absorbing his soul into its body.

An Unlikely Ally

Magma Garry crushes Miladox into a tiny ball.

When Coyote is pulled into the same realm much later, he manages to release Garry's soul from Miladox's body. His soul is confused initially, asking Coyote where Demaro is and what is happening. Coyote manages to piece together Garry's corpse and uses his physical prowess to fight Miladox. Garry's corpse is shown trapping Miladox by combining his strength with Coyote's strings, and swings Miladox around the realm, crashing him into the floor and various structures. Coyote attempts to get Garry to explain how to properly use his powers, but Garry is too frightened by Miladox and his sudden revival to properly explain anything. After being injured enough, Coyote retreats into his book and takes both Garry's soul and his corpse with him.

Within the book, Garry explains to Coyote what powers he has available. Coyote distracts Miladox using a Goomba and then sends Garry's body out once more, this time transforming into Magma Garry augmented by the powers of Coyote's strings. Magma Garry lets out steam from his mouth, obscuring the battlefield and allowing Coyote a moment to attack Miladox in the eye using a projectile. Magma Garry encases Miladox within molten rock and compresses the beast into a marble-sized stone, seemingly destroying it and freeing the souls trapped inside. However, moments later, Miladox reemerges to do battle again. Miladox slashes at Magma Garry, slashing only to be repaired moments later by Coyote. Magma Garry, with the power of Coyote's strings, wrangles Miladox and attempts to stop it from attacking Coyote's book. He is unable to hold Miladox back, getting his arms torn off in the process as Miladox struggles to escape. Coyote, however, manages to escape from his book's realm and ends the battle after being launched out of the book by Dusk Hunter. Controlled by Coyote, Magma Garry is later seen burning Mauller with magma from his mouth. He jumps to the roof and calls upon a flock of different birds from Coyote's book to search through Troll Fortress.

Inside the fortress, Magma Garry (controlled via Coyote) stumbles upon the morgue, and takes the bodies of unnamed corpses, along with Sonic, he moves on and stumbles upon Heimerdinger's lab, who assumes Garry has come to rescue him, and he jumps out. Unfortunately, he is killed as soon as Garry sees him. As Garry travels through the fortress, he also finds Man in the Ice's chamber, in which he uses Coyote's strings to slice in half, destroying him for the time being. Garry's body is not seen after Coyote's fight with Troll Face and Sonichu, so it can be inferred that it remains in Troll Fortress' ruins, or was obliterated in the explosion.

Family Reunion

Inside Coyote's book, Garry can be seen with Demaro, having been captured and de-powered after his battle with Coyote. The two siblings argue as Garry discovers he still retains his earth bending. He tries to punch Demaro, failing due to the fact that they can't touch each other. They then both spot Coyote falling from the skies as he had retreated into his book to rest.

Later, both Demaro and Coyote can be seen passed out, inches away from each other. Garry mocks them both, as he swears to get revenge on both of them and return to the real world with his earth bending.


Like the other trolls, Garry is insane and takes joy in causing misery. He gleefully beats up Vector and Cream during Chapter 3: the truth and enjoys taunting Demaro during their battle. As his battle with Demaro goes on, he also is revealed to be quite unhinged, claiming that he is part god once he combines with his android.

He is shown to be very loyal to The Trolls, as shown by his willingness to fight his own brother Demaro in order to stop him from preventing his plans. He admits that his reason for joining the trolls to begin with was not to help Demaro, but simply because he hates him.


Before his fight with Demaro, not much is known about Garry's physical capabilities other than his extreme height and great physical strength, demonstrated when he punches Shadow and sends him flying into a wall in Chapter 3. Many of his powers are not shown until he fights with his brother. Even when his corpse is being controlled by Coyote in Chapter 23, he is able to near effortlessly capture and swing Miladox around using Coyote's strings.

Garry has the ability to earth bend, allowing him to control parts of the ground to launch as rocks. He can also enter the ground and travel within it to ambush his foes. His earth bending also allows him to control vines, such as those used by Demaro. Magma Garry is shown being able to let out large amounts of steam to blind foes and fire off a stream of magma that quickly cools into rock, trapping foes within. Garry's earth bending still works after death, though to a much lesser extent, as he is only able to move small pebbles.

Garry's android counterpart also possesses its own set of skills. It can dissipate at will, allowing it to easily escape being grappled and prevent itself from being harmed. It is also capable of functioning even if its head is not attached to its body. When removing its mask, Garry's android can fire steaming rocks from its eye and a powerful wave of flames, though the former has a cool down. Garry can merge with his android to further enhance his own skills, with Demaro noting that he is twice as fast and smart when combined.

He is also quite resilient, being able to continue fighting even when his arm is severed and after tearing off a portion of his face.


you can't possiblY understand, eggmans skills are so great that the time its taking to have him create the robot army is so much quicker then expected, it won't be long at all if he keeps creating at this past, and soon he will also have the machine ready to actually bring the man in the ice back to life, his genius is pure beauty, hes a god!! his mind is so filled with greatness that only me and fud now understand you see i am no longer man, no i am beyond man, i am part GOD!!!AHAHAHaHAAHAHaha!!
—Garry ranting to Demaro, chapter 12: taking action, Page 17



  • Despite appearing in Chapter 3, he is not officially named until Chapter 10.