chapter 11: wild tempers/Script

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  • Character count: ~21300
  • No spaces: ~17900
  • Character with most lines: Tails (53)
  • Character(s) with least lines: Tom, Donkey Kong, Tiny Kong, Chucky Kong, Guy (1)

Page 1

Hulkok me and shadow will spar together


(Hulk throws a punch. Shadow jumps over Hulk, landing behind him. He then kicks Hulk in the stomach, slamming him into a wall.)

Page 2

Hulkshadow what the hell man!!

ShadowHM MM MM MM MM!!

(Knuckles teases Shadow by putting his hand on his shoulder.)

Knucklesyou gotta calm down bro, chill man smoke a joint

Shadowknuckles i told you along time ago to never fucking touch me

(Shadow punches Knuckles in the face.)

KnucklesDUDE you got to calm your ass down man, this is training chill your pill dude, training is like a video game




ShadowWHATEVER, FUCK AROUND ALL YOU WANT, im going for a walk fuck you guys

(Shadow leaves.)

Vectorwow he's really got some anger problems, i don't really have much to say about this

Knucklesshadow wont stop until mario and all the trolls are dead, the best thing we can do is, help him do it, his hate for the trolls will grow even more then it is right now

NarroratorMEAN WHILE

Silverwe got the plan thought out perfectly now we just got to set up the preparations for it now, we got to set up everything so nothing will go wrong up

Coyoteagreed, we can take our time setting it up, we got to make sure this comes out perfectly, we can't afford any mess ups lets get started

(Rob appears with a cape and an "R" emblem on his chest.)

Rob hey guys im ready for battle, i decided to go with the super hero look

Page 3

Robi hope fud is ok

Coyotealright everyone we should get going so we can set everything up


Robyou just wait fud i will bring you home, i promised

SylvesterHMMM MM

Tomdamnit can i please finish this porn first

Sylvesterdid you notice it to?

Coyotei wouldn't mess with it, he probably has a good reason for keeping it a secret

Sylvesteryour probably right

Silver (thinking)oh crap, i really hope they don't think i was watching porn, it was only a peek, oh there gonna tell blaze i just know it

NarroratorMEAN WHILE

Cheeto Manhey man......... you seem really stressed man, chill for a bit, whats your name man, no need to get all rushful and stuff, do you get what im saying?

Tailshello im tails and i want to train with you the next member of the defenders as you already know

Tailswhat are you gonna teach me?

Cheeto Manbefore i teach you, you must past this test, bump my fist

Page 4

(Tails and Cheeto Man fist bump.)

Cheeto Manalright man, we are gonna order a pizza and start the training, you don't mind if i hot box this room do ya?

Tailswhat the hell does hot box mean? never mind, so why did you join the defenders ? if you don't mind me asking

Cheeto Manman there ain't much to tell really but ight son, well i never really had any problems with trolls ever, i didn't care about that shit but one day i was chillin in my crib and i was captured by trolls

Cheeto Manthey broke into my house man, and they took me away son, i was in this faggot looking camp of there's, they stuck me in a cage but i stayed cool, but then they broke me down G, it was sad, its was embarrassing man, treating me like some dumb pet and shit

Cheeto Manyou want to know what they did? they called me these mean names and shit, they called me a cheesy faggot man, that was just hateful man, all this discrimination and stuff torts me, those mother fuckers are racist, calling me a pussy and shit, i might be a cat but i don't like being called a pussy, you see what im saying G? yeah you get it, well after a few days as there pet, i was luckily saved by my home dogs, i was saved by my new dogs from the defenders yo, they slaughtered them trolls and shit, all of them dead and thats when i joined and i will help stop the trolls, man no one talks about my moma like they did and gets away with it, you see what im saying?

Tailsso what are you gonna teach me?

Cheeto Manlook man, im gonna show you how to do the cheeto ball, you got to use your chaka or chakra or what ever its called, into a this cheeto attack, man you see what im saying, look at this epic shit dog, this will blow your mind into shit, your mind is turning into poop by this

(Cheeto Man conjures up a ball of Cheeto Energy in his hands. He then launches it at a rock in the room, shattering it.)

Tailsthats looks really cool, ok i can do that chakra shit like you said


Tailsok i can focus, i got to focus my chakra and stuff, ok calm my...? where does chakra come from? never mind

Page 5

TailsHMMMM damnit

Cheeto Mandude your trying to hard man, this move isn't hard to do, the harder you try, the harder it is to use, do you get it

Tailsok i get it, by the way what are you smoking?

Cheeto Mandon't worry man, im hot boxing the room, this should help your training dude

Tailsreally? oh ok sounds cool

Narroratormean while

Shadowall these trolls making towns and camps and shit,

Shadowlooking so happy, like there perfect, they take so much honor in what they do, they teach there kids how to troll

Shadowthey make me so sick of there happy faces, im sick of there big fucking mouths, and im sick of there faces, HMMMMMMMM acting like there so much better then us!!

(Many of the townsfolk are seen smiling and going about their daily lives.)



Page 6

(Fire jets from Shadow's boots as he flies into the sky.)

Shadowprepare to DIE!!!!


(Shadow puts his hands together and forms a black ball of energy.)



(Shadow fires a beam of black energy.)

Little Timmywhat is that in the sky?

Page 7

(The beam causes a massive explosion.)

Little TimmyHUH?

(The explosion expands, tearing the skin off of the villagers as they are obliterated.)


Shadowi turn them all to dust

Knucklessigh................... shadow!!!

(Shadow descends from the sky.)

Shadow what is it knuckles? its not another one of your plans is it?

Knucklesshadow what the hell do you think your doing? that wasn't a troll camp you just destroyed, this little town wasn't anything related to the trolls

Shadowwh................. WHAT?

Page 8


Knucklesi know asking you to forget about the trolls and mario would be pointless, so i won't but please don't take out your anger on your friends and random strangers, take it out on the ones you have that growing hatred for and i will leave the fighting and the plan to you shadow, this is to much for me

Knucklesim out man, i will leave this in your hands and don't worry i gave vecture all the locations to the troll camps, i need to get high

NarroratorMEAN WHIL

(Tails is high on weed as a result of Cheeto Man.)

Tailsdude i did it man, you was so right

Cheeto Mani told you it was easy as fucking pie, dude you past my training bro, that makes you alright in my book, dude im so fucking high right now

Tailsdude........ it was......... sooooo easy man hahahahahha !!! thats what she said

Cheeto Manahahahhahah dexter is waiting, hahah hes about the size of................. my penis hahahahha

Tails peace mother fucker hahahahahha

(Tails leaves.)

Tailswohhh man i feal so fucking great right now, hahahahahahahahh!!!!

Tailsoh shit, hes fucking small, hahahahha i knew cheeto man had a small dick hahah, dexter you don't even have to get on your knees to give me a blow job


Tails sorry hahahahim so sorry hahahahh sorry.. sorry, so whats your story? hahahah

Dexterim not gonna tell you

(Tails bends down and points his finger in Dexter's face.)

Tailsyou remind me of one of those teddy bares i use to have

Dexteryou keep looking down at me like that ,im gonna punch you in the balls

Page 9

Tailsok then... i.... will avoid doing that anymore good sir hahahaha

Dexterim not a fighter per say, i build robots and other high level machinery, i couldn't possible teach you what i know, with a mind such as yours

Dexterso i just built you a item to use, something that will help you in battle, so thers really no training involved here you take it and move on to the next member

Dexterwell the red thing is a machine you put on your wrist and it shoots rockets and the other item was sonics chaos emerald that sonic had on his body, pori managed to get the emerald off sonic's body with out the trolls noticing anything so, lucky you its now yours

(Dexter drops the wrist mounted rocket launcher and Chaos Emerald onto a table.)

Dexterthats sums up my training lesson, i gtg now, i got important things to work on, hes all yours, im actually glad its over, the stoned fox is all yours vivian

Tailshahah oh my god dude i love my new wrist band thingy hahha thanks man

Dextershes behind you idiot

Tailsi knew it dude

Vivianalright hi im vivian and you must be tails

Tailshahahah what kind of name is that?

Vivian wow your eyes are red as fuck, damnit cheeto man, always hot boxing people

Page 10

Vivianalright tails lets get this started, my story of course, i was trolled by my sisters and then i went and helped mario and stuff then i was rudely insulted by a group of trolls, i got pissed killed them and acouple weaks after that the defenders asked me to join, they said they really need someone of my skill on there side

Tailsthats pretty cool, so what are you gonna teach me?

Vivianim gonna teach you my shadow style, and show you how to manipulate the shadows for your own purposes

Viviani will show you what it looks like

Vivianim not actually sure if its possible for you to learn this

Tailshow is it done? i want to give it a try

Vivianit sort of works kind of like cheeto mans cheese ball and such but to use the power to change your body shape, is much more difficult


(Vivian descends into the shadows.)

Viviandon't get mad if you can't do it

NarroratorMEAN WHILE

Hulkshadow is finally back, hey shadow!! i hope you calmed down a bit, cus we need to focuse now, is that alright dude?

Bowsershadow, me and the rest of the group talked it over and well we all agreed, that it's important to come up with a plan but we all think this is just starting to get really sad and pathetic, so we all agreed, we should just hurry up with this and come up with a plan already

Shadowtheres no more need to come up with a plan

VectorWHY is that shadow?

Shadowbecause i already have one

Page 11

Hulkoh really? would you mind sharing this plan with us?

Shadowthis plan is completely flawless

Narroratorafter shadow explains the plan to everyone

Hulkwo...... wow shadow........ thats... just wow

Bowseroh my god that is lucking genius, oh dam im excited about this, I've wanted this for the longest time

Vectorshadow i didn't think you was capable of coming up with something this smart, i was wrong, your fucking genius, dude.. im in a loss of words right now

Hulk........... it is something else shadow i won't lie, but what if we don't have enough people to pull it off

Shadowi already took care of that, i asked one of knuckles friends to lend us a hand, you can come out now donkeykong

Donkey Konghey im here like you asked, seeing that your team is members short,i thought i would fix the gap, i brought two of my friends to lend you a hand and that guy which hes cool, his name is... ummm im not sure but he's cool, i would lend you a hand my self but after my sexual encounter. i had with whats her name i ran into alittle problem with candy, i have the clap now and I gave it to candy, im here to help you guys in what ever way i can, i just got to much to do to get in battle right now, im in big trouble with the lady up stairs if you know what in saying? i need my pus pus

Tiny Kong hi im tiny kong

Chucky Kong hello im chucky kong, you don't mind these rinos do you? they will come in handy when the battle happens

(Two Rambis enter.)

Guy hi im that guy donkeykong just told you about, just call me guy i guess

Hulkwow shadow you keep on impressing me with how well thought out this plan is

Shadowafter we get one more guy, you will all see me put mario into his grave

Page 12

NarroratorMEAN WHILE

Tailsdamnit im not getting anywhere with this training, fuck

Vivianyou've been at it for acouple hours and not even alittle difference, i mean you won't be able to form that way into your body to make it change form

Tailsshut up, i got this alright, i got this shit in the bag, you'll see

Narrorator2 hours later

Tailsfuck i don'y have it in the bag, im not getting any closer with this anoying training, flicking bs, i give up already

Viviani agree that you arent able to use the shadow style like i do, but i think ive came up with a compromise

(An overview/"example" of someone sinking into the shadows appears, followed by one running.)

Vivianmy shadow style makes my body change shape as you know, by the dark energies of ones chakra and such, but if we change the way we use that energy differently

Vivianinstead of using it to change your body, you might be able to use this style to speed your body up and make you faster instead, so it might just work

Tailsgood idea, i will give that a shot

Tailshere i go

(Tails runs in place.)

Vivianyou have to focus more

Tailsim trying damnit

(Tails gains speed in place and ends up slipping. He is partially successful in applying Vivian's suggested technique.)

Page 13


Viviangreat your starting to get it down, really good, im impressed hahah not really that impressed really lol

Tailsi will show you how its done >.<

Viviantails you need to control it, your using to much now

(Tails crashes into a wall.)


Vivianthis training takes months to get down, you can work on all the stuff us defenders taught you, in your free time and when you can, its not our job to show you how to master it, we just show you how its used the rest is up to you

Tailsok I guess your right, i will work on this in my free time, so who do i train with next?

Vivianthat would be ronald mcdonald, but you have time to rest and such before you continue your training, we have plenty of time, you wanna fuck?

Tailsw....... im sorry wh.... what did you just say? did you just ask if i wanted to have sex with you? ummmmm i...... ummmm

VivianAHAHAHAH!!!! calm down im just fucking with you, i actually have no interest in doing such things to you, i just couldn't miss the chance to see your hilarious reaction to the question

Page 14

Tailshahahha oh dam that was a good one, you really had me there, well played

Viviantails ronald mcdonald is on his way, and im gonna give you a point of advice when your training with him, be careful

Vivianoh there you are ronald mcdonald, im gonna leave tails to you now, i got to be going now, tails don't forget what i told you

Ronaldoh heeeyyyy i guess your the amazing tails that pacman told us much about, wow....... im being sarcastic if you can't tell

Tailsyeah im tails, so whats your story?

Ronaldwhat would happen if i pulled out a knife right now and decided to stab the so called chosen one to death, there wouldn't be much of a story then would there? i wonder how everyone would react to find out there hopes in such a person was false hope


Ronaldbut what would be the fun in that? no... i want to see what will happen when you do battle the trolls, i want to know which one is weaker then the other? hmmmmmmmm yes

Ronaldoh i apologize, i got off the subject, i want to tell you why trix rabit refused to train you, trix rabit, he was trolled all his life by countless kids and thats why he hates the trolls, and not just hate either, he has trust issues and he didn't want to train you for that very reason,

Trix Rabbiti hear you talking about me, stop talking about me, trix are for kids, no there not, give me!! GIVE ME.. trix are mine, no there not, there for kids hahah no silly rabit, there for kids!!!




Tailswow you guys are out of your fucking minds, you guys are crazy


(Trix Rabbit frolics away.)


Ronalddon't mind him, he likes to go nude sometimes, he will put his robe back on at some point

Page 15

Tailsso whats your amazing story, i can't wait to hear it, wow!!! oh thats me being sarcastic if you couldn't tell

Ronaldwell my story, let me see... ok I Ii tell you, my story doesn't really evolve around me, it was a family matter, it started from a conflict with my younger sister rosie odonald, she was getting harrassed by trolls but i didn't get involved because everyone makes fun of her, even none trolls, shes like justen beaver, everyone hates her, but because i was related to her, they went after me and the rest of our family, in the short end of it, they pushed us to far and our family tried a impossible task to do, we went after the trolls, first we tried to sue people, some of the trolls, seeing we didn't have anything to use on them and the fact that didn't work, cause of the whole freedom of speesh thing and stuff and seeing its impossible to sue such people as trolls, there would be to many to sue, so we went a different root and hired a hit man, but he was killed because it was impossible for someone to kill all the trolls alone, so our hit man was killed and then raped by troll face, they didn't even give him a chance to rat us out, troll face raped him before he could talk, we tried other tactics but they all failed, in the end they killed my sister by forcing her to watch twilight, she slowly died, she was forced to watch it over and over again,i found out later after they send us the video tape of her crying to death as that movie killed all the rest of her brain cells and she barely had brain cells in the first place

Ronaldthey killed her the worse way possible, did you know that twilight kills more brain cells then any alcohol could ever do, thats why people love that stupid movie so much, because it makes you slowly get more and more retarded, my sister rosie was already in a dangerous level of retarded, after seeing the movie there was nothing left, well thats my story

Tailswow that story was super amazingly awesome, im not even joking right now

Ronaldyou want to know what i can do, im an illusionist, i create illusions, i play with your eyes, i can make up 1000s of different illusions you see i could do what ever i want while you see the illusions

(Ronald's eye appears behind Tails.)

Tailshmmmmmmmmm so what are you gonna teach me

Ronaldnothing, im warning you, hahah im not gonna teach you anything, because why would i give you that kind of jump, your not worthy of this power i have

Tailsget to the point already and just say it, say it like a man

Ronaldfine, i think your just a waste of everyones time hahahahah

Tailswhy don't we just fight this out · already

Porino,i wouldn't mind to see some action right now but your team mates, tails wait in the other room,i got to talk to ronald for a moment

Tailswhat ever, i don't know what is up his ass but i will let you deal with it

Narrorator30 minutes later

Tailshmmm could he stop taking so long

Porisorry about that tails, it took longer then i thought it would to convince him to put his personal feelings aside and i know he doesn't have much reason to dislike you but he also doesn't have a reason to like you either, so don't worry about it, I've straighten that all out

Tailsok then, so who do i train with next?

Page 16

Poriyour still not finish with ronalds training, when your finish with his training i will tell you who you train with next, i will out here

Tailshe's a douche bag, i don't want to learn anything from him

Poridon't worry tails i took care of it, he won't be an ass to you anymore, i made sure he understood how crustal training you is to the group, you won't have anymore problems with him, i made sure of that

Tailsok i will take your word for it and go back inside the room and train with him

Ronald........................... hey t.... tails, im sorry for my rudeness before

Tailsits all good my brosurf, we are cool now

(Tails reaches his fist out for a fistbump.)


Tailswhat the hell? i was just trying to bump your fist, are you ok? you seem a bit jumpy

Tailsanyways............. so what are you gonna teach me?

Ronaldwell im gonna teach you how to make a illusion out some of the stuff you already learned, let me explain

Ronaldif you straighten the cheese ball cheeto man taught you, you can make these, glass pillars behind you and using the shadow style on these pillars you can make illusion copies of your self behind you, a quick option to confuse the enemy

Tailsthat sounds awesome bro, ok im gonna give it a shot

Narroratormean while

Booty Hunterwho are you

ShadowI've heard about your skills, your a well known bounty hunter, and I've been seeking someone of your skill

Page 17

Booty HunterYes I am a bounty hunter and if you pay me I will take out who ever needs to be taken out, thats how this works, you have money we will get along

Shadowmy task is a bit different then what your use to

Shadowim gonna pay you to help me take this person out, i need your skills on my team, you join my team until the task is done and you go back to here

Booty Hunteryou pay me right I'll do any job you want besides blow jobs, i don't blow people, ok i think we have a understanding

Shadowhere, all the money you will ever need

(Booty Hunter counts the money.)

Booty Hunterthis is 10 times as much as im usually payed, this task must be on a high scale

Shadowlets go

Narroratormean while

Garryhey man, you seem upset, you mad bro?

Demaro why didn't you tell me we had elmer fud? if i would of known sooner, i could of already found coyote, which room is he in? i need to kill him and eat his brains to find there hide out

Garryyou seem to forget im a troll first and im your brother second, my duty is to the trolls, understand that demaro

Demaroif you don't bring me to elmer fud now, i will find him my self, i don't need you, your just a waste of time, so move a side

Garryno i can't let you kill elmer fud, we need him alive, the trolls need him and i won't let someone mess up the trolls plans

Demarodo not push me brother!!

Garryhahahahahahahh!!! do you really think you can push me around after what you did to my face? huh?

Demaroi will not tell you again!! MOVE OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!!!!

Page 18

Garryyou know what? go fuck your self

(Garry tries kicking Demaro, but Demaro uses his strings to grab Garry's leg.)

Demaroi told you to not push me!!!!

Demaronow im gonna destroy you, your going straight to hell

(Garry uses both hands to flip Demaro off.)

Garryfuck you faggot, your a fucking faggot that has so much faggotory, you fucking noob peace of shit, fuck you!! fuck you, FUCK YOU!!

(Demaro tosses Garry aside.)

Demarosatan has shined his power on to me

Garryhahahahah, you are the one who's underestimated me, i know every thing about you, i know all your tricks, i know all your attacks and you know nothing about me, go ahead summon your great monster addy and see what i have in store for him, you are fool hahahah

Demaroi don't care to know anything about you, your worthless, why would anyone care? hahah and your wrong about me, dead wrong, i don't have addy anymore, i fed him to my new monster

Garryhahah you know you are the vary reason i joined the trolls, but not because the reason you told me to join them, i didn't join so it would help you, i join because i hate you, hahahh it pisses me off how you act like your so much better then everyone, i will show you my true power, hn gonna kill you like i always wanted to

(Garry uses his earth bending powers to hurl rocks at Demaro. Demaro protects himself by swatting the rocks down with his strings.)

Demaroi didnt know you was a earth bender

Page 19

Garrytake this fucker

(Garry hurls more rocks.)

Demaroyou have no clue what im capable of

(Demaro controls vines, blocking the rocks.)

Garrywow hes really took this power of his to a new level, not just using it on dead people or using his strings as weapon but he can use this power to controll the roots in the ground as well

Garrytry to dodge this faggot

(Garry stomps on the earth.)


(A stone pillar arises near Demaro, nearly impaling him.)

Garrydamnit, it missed

Garrywh..... what the fuck is that?

(A beast appears controlled by Demaro's strings.)

Page 20

Dusk HunterAHHHHHHHH!!

Garrydamnit theres more about you then i thought there was

Demaroahahahahahah now DIE!!!!

Garryearth AHH!!

(Garry raises himself higher using a stone pillar. Dusk Hunter rams through it, shattering the pillar.))


(Garry jumps and lands elsewhere.)

Demarotake this

(Vines trap Garry.)


Garryfuck you


Page 21

Demarowheres all the shit talk now huh? hahah now your fucking dead

(Dusk Hunter begins to charge towards Garry.)


Garryoh fuck that monster is getting closer, hes fast, fucking damnit

Dusk Hunterahhhhhhhh


(Dusk Hunter suddenly stops. Demaro is choked by another Garry clad in armor.)

Garryhahah brother, i don't care if elmer fud dies or egg man

Garrybut i sure love the benefits that come from eggmans skills, you see that me over there, its just a android, i got emler to make it for me hahahhahah your so stupid its funny

Garry (Android) you fucking dip shit, your nothing to us ahahahhah!!!!! break his lucking neck

Garryi love that android of my self, our minds are linked so i can control him, now im gonna crush you

(Demaro attempts to fight back using vines on Garry's arm.)

Garryhahah more vines i see, it can't stop me hahahahha!! you fucking noob