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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Demoro
One-off names faggot fucker
Relatives Unnamed parents
Damian (uncle)
Garry (brother)
Nicky (girlfriend)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Brown (natural)
Black (with third eye)
White (when powered up)
Eye color Blue (natural)
Red (when combined with Miladox)
Personal information
Affiliation Satanism, The Neutrals, The Trolls
Allies Addy the Demon, Dusk Hunter, Miladox, Nicky
Enemies Kelic, Coyote, Garry, Trolls
Likes Satan
Dislikes others with Satan's power, being reminded of Kelic's words, everything
Weapons/powers Necromancy, spirit strings, vine manipulation, Miladox
First appearance Chapter 9, Page 3
Last appearance Chapter 27, Page 16
In real life
Actual name Demaro
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 9, Page 3 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
there is no god and there is no joy in this world, there is no love, its all a mask to hide the truth, the world is darkness covered by lies of happieness, lies of good, there is no good in this world, just oblivious people, there is only darkness and satan and HATE!!
Demaro, Chapter 12, Page 17

Demaro is the older brother of Garry, a Neutral, Satanist, and a powerful ex-Troll. A devout follower of Satan, Demaro seeks to take control of the Satanists and control demons. He has a seething hatred for Coyote.


Before Miladox awakens within him, Demaro is shown to have brown hair like Garry's. He is also shown wearing a dark blue robe until it is torn off during his fight with Garry. After Miladox awakens, Demaro sports a third eye on his forehead and his hair color changes to black.

After his battle with Garry, Demaro appears mostly shirtless and is shown to be somewhat muscular. After Sonichu trolls Demaro, he is also shown with shit on his chin in the scenes after. After Coyote tears out Miladox from his head, Demaro's hair color reverts back to brown and his eyes change from red to white with blue irises (again, resembling Garry's).


Aspiring Necromancer

Demaro's third eye awakens.

Demaro is first seen during Coyote's flashback, attending the ritual to become a Neutral. He is among the chosen after drinking the blood and grows a third eye. Later, Demaro travels back to the church with the intent of using the fountain of blood to create more Neutrals and take over as leader of the Satanists only to find that it has been destroyed by Kelic. Using Addy the Demon, Demaro easily kills Kelic.

In the present, Demaro is not seen until his brother Garry calls him over and asks that he explain his powers to the Troll King. Demaro refuses and reveals that after asking in the past, he had used his Neutral powers to rip out one of Garry's eyes. Later, after Fudd is captured, Demaro confronts Garry to learn of Fudd's location so that he can eat his brain and learn of Coyote's location, but is stopped by him, stating that the Trolls need Fudd alive. Refusing to let Demaro pass, the two brothers then battle.

Brother vs. Brother

Demaro summons his Guardian to assist in his battle with Garry. Garry proves himself to be a troublesome opponent with many tricks up his sleeve including his android clone and earth bending powers, pushing Demaro to his limits. Demaro focuses on destroying the android copy and succeeds in doing so by shrinking the barrier the android was trapped in, thereby crushing it, but sustains heavy injuries in the process. Garry manages to gain the upper hand after transforming the floor to magma and burning Demaro's arm using mud. Eventually, Demaro is weakened due to overusing his powers, providing an opportunity for Garry to deal serious damage. During the battle, Demaro remembers that he had previously used his strings to rip Garry's eye out and manages to briefly control Garry, hurling him away. Garry eventually rips his own eye out to free himself from Demaro's control and returns the favor by using the mud on Demaro's arm to control him, burning his arm in the process.

Demaro's arm is squashed by Garry.

Severely weakened by the loss of his arm and the boiling conditions, Garry summons his Magma Armor to deal the final blow when suddenly, Demaro's third eye flashes white. Garry is transported to an unknown realm where Miladox reveals itself. Miladox easily defeats Garry and absorbs his soul using his eerie eye. Demaro is left puzzled as to what happened in the real world, but presses onward. He rips off his burnt arm and his robe, using the latter to patch himself up. He makes his way to the area where Fudd and Heimerdinger are working and entraps the small scientist, but is stopped from killing him by Hindo. Before another battle can begin, an explosion is heard outside the Troll Castle. Hindo leaves and Fudd escapes, while Demaro deduces that Coyote must be nearby and decides to wait for him to appear in search of Fudd.

While waiting, Heimerdinger speaks to Demaro and reveals how insane the necromancer has become. Demaro reveals how he envies the fact that Coyote was chosen to be the prodigy, still seething over what Kelic had told him long ago. Eventually Coyote makes his way to the lab and the two briefly speak before battling each other.

Coyote vs. Demaro

Demaro calls upon his Guardian once more to fight against Coyote and his many tools such as Road Runner and the Yin Yang Serpends. He is quickly overwhelmed by Coyote however, and shields himself in vines to think of a strategy.

After some time spent thinking, Demaro leaves his shelter and captures the Yin Yang Serpends and Road Runner. This proves itself to be ineffective however as both manage to quickly escape. The Serpends then perform a mesmerizing dance, confusing Demaro and interfering with his vision. Demaro then rips his own eyeballs out using his strings and adjusts them to help him see better. Before their battle can continue, Coyote asks about Demaro's past. Demaro explains that he had lived a life of darkness in which he had lost everything he loved before being saved by Satan, and that he lives to spread his suffering to others around him.

Coyote then uses Road Runner to run circles around Demaro, eventually kicking up a cyclone and lifting him into the air for Road Runner to attack. Coyote then uses his strings, combining them with the cyclone, to grab Demaro, attach him to Road Runner, and drag him along the ground. Eventually, Demaro manages to free himself but is injured to the point where he cannot see clearly due to blood losses. Despite this he presses onwards but the two Neutrals are soon beset upon by a group of trolls.

Demaro lunges at Coyote with aid from Miladox.

The Trolls begin attacking Demaro both physically and mentally. Demaro fights off the trolls, killing them easily but is eventually worn down by their attacks and insults. As he accepts his death, Demaro's third eye suddenly glows white and he is enveloped in a white aura, with his hair transforming.

With his new power, Demaro easily destroys the intruders, slashing them with his strings and decapitating them in a flurry of attacks, the brutality of which surprises even Coyote. Elsewhere, his Guardian manages to break free and teleports to Demaro's side, consumes him, and controls the Guardian from within to wreak havoc upon the trolls. With a majority of them dismembered, Demaro turns his attention to Coyote. With the assistance his his Guardian, Demaro launches himself and manages to slash Coyote's neck and forcing him to retreat. More trolls appear, including Grapeface and Sonichu (the latter even managing to kick Demaro and stains his face with shit) but they are also defeated.

Eventually, Demaro's burst of power runs out and he returns to his normal state, unaware of what had just happened. Thanking Lord Satan, he turns his attention back to Coyote. Coyote, now calm, toys with Demaro, and trolls him by summoning a tree-like Guardian only to return it, stating that he does not need it. Demaro sends his Guardian to attack but Coyote manages to trap him within his book, stealing him from Demaro. Angry, Demaro charges Coyote, but is caught by the former's strings and suspended midair. Coyote proceeds to toy with Demaro even more, nearly triggering his trap strings within the ground only to remove them and claims that he could have ended the fight from the very beginning. Coyote then uses his strings to make Demaro dance and perform silly acts. However, Demaro's eye glows again and his third eye absorbs Coyote, sending him to the same realm where Garry was slain.

Demaro remains suspended by Coyote's strings until Miladox looks to the sky, taking control of Demaro. Demaro's third eye draws in the bodies of the trolls killed during their attempt to meddle with his battle with Coyote. Once Coyote is victorious, he strings up Miladox and draws it out of Demaro's eye, leaving a gaping hole in his forehead. In an act of desperation, Demaro summons Addy the Demon and the corpse of Kelic - the man who had angered him years ago - to attempt to fight Coyote again. Coyote steals his summons before drawing Demaro himself into his book, finally ending their battle.

Within the Book

Demaro is not seen again until Chapter 25: Wicked Influence, Page 24 where he awakens inside Coyote's book. He is greeted by Garry's raging ghost who makes threats and attempts to punch Demaro in the face as payback. Unfazed, Demaro pulls himself together and, noticing that he can no longer feel Coyote's strings inside him, begins looking around the area for a way out. Demaro then notices Coyote crashing down into his book after passing out from exhaustion. After Garry briefly shows Demaro a gay fanfic on his phone, he attempts to make his way over to Coyote but passes out moments away from Coyote's body.

In Tails Gets Gay

Gay Demaro is seen in the first iteration of Tails Gets Gay. He and Gay Coyote are seen complimenting each other on their cuteness. Upon being called cute, Demaro counters by saying that Coyote's words have made him feel better. Coyote is overwhelmed by Demaro's positivity and then commits suicide, with Demaro commenting that his cute foe is within the land of rainbows and unicorns now.

Gay Demaro also appears in Friday Night Funkin': Tails Gets Trolled V4. After Gay Garry confesses his feelings to him, Demaro reveals that he returns his brothers feelings and the two have sex.


Demaro is a nihilistic Satanist, who has managed to circumvent the main limitations of the Neutrals, being a forced lack of emotion, by so deeply delving into hatred that he feels nothing else. Unlike Alex, he does not seem to use his philosophy as a means of trolling, outright telling allies and enemies alike that there is no God, only Satan. He seems to genuinely believe there is nothing good in the world; all good is a lie perpetuated by the oblivious that deny the only truth: Satan as he points out on Chapter 12, Page 17. By serving Satan, who he claims controls the world behind the veil of happiness, he hopes to benefit directly from his dark lord. This shows a conniving side of Demaro, a side that will stoop to any level to ensure his own personal satisfaction is fulfilled. It's possible he doesn't worship Satan out of admiration or genuine belief in Satan's way; he believes it to be useless to resist the true ruler's control, so he'll submit to it for his own benefit.

Demaro is also full of pride, he's obsessed with Coyote being a stronger Satanist than him despite Coyote not relinquishing himself entirely to following Satan. He obsesses over those he deems unworthy of Satan's power possessing it, directing this hatred primarily towards Coyote and Kelic, the Satanist that vouched so adamantly for Coyote's power. Also, his disparaging nature towards others stems from the events that killed his family and friends. He holds contempt for even the loved ones he lost, possibly as a coping method.


Demaro creating a spear projectile using his strings.

Demaro's abilities are not just limited to using the Neutral's trademark necromancy powers. He is also referred to as a "Satanist Neutral" and does not need to maintain emotional neutrality to keep his powers due to being a person who can only feel evil, thus eliminating the need to balance any emotions. He can make use of his strings to lay traps in the floor to ambush foes, as well as use them to imprison his opponents. Demaro's strings can also be used to slash others in a whip like fashion.

Demaro can also use the strings for other purposes, including a "spirit shield" to block attacks, or forming them into a spear like projectile to launch. His shield also grants him the power of levitation and lasts for 1-2 minutes before becoming unstable, as he mentions on Chapter 15: The Guardians part 1, Page 10. The spirit shield also has a cooldown of five minutes. He can also use his strings to heal/repair himself, as seen when he ejects his eyeballs from their sockets after the Yin Yang Serpends use the Forest Chambers move on him, or when he creates a makeshift arm out of strings.

He has a Guardian (referred to as the Guardian of the Moon, Dusk Hunter, or Dust Hunter) and Addy the Demon at his disposal to assist in battle. The Guardian is controlled by the Neutral strings and can be uncontrollable should these string be severed, as noted by Demaro himself during his fight with Garry.

When empowered by Miladox, Demaro's abilities improve considerably. He gains incredible speed and power, and is able to launch himself from his Guardian's mouth, as well as conjuring lethal strings to slash his opponents with. Coyote notes that he is smarter under Miladox's control as well.


—Demaro, before his battle with Coyote restarts in, Chapter 21: The conclusion Part 1, Page 1

.....Ahahahaha!! Yes... This must have been the doing of Lord Satan... This is perfect! I know i can't fail now!...
—Demaro, after his trance ends, Chapter 22: The conclusion Part 2, Page 18



  • His fights with Garry and Coyote have grown to be infamous among the fandom due to the sheer length of the fights which often span across multiple chapters, multiple hiatuses, and are given tons of spotlight.
  • Demaro's penis is 4 inches (10 cm) long according to Lazerbot/Embergram on the lltailsgetstrolledll deviantArt account.[1]