Dusk Hunter

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Dusk Hunter

Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Dust Hunter, Guardian of the Moon
Physical description
Species Guardian
Skin color Dark brown
Eye color Dark red sclera, black/white
Personal information
Affiliation Guardians
Allies Demaro
Enemies Coyote, Garry
Weapons/powers Physical power (ramming and chomping)
First appearance Chapter 11, Page 19
Last appearance Chapter 23, Page 14
In real life
Actual name Guardian of the Moon / Dusk Hunter
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 9, Page 3 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled

Dusk Hunter is a Guardian under the control of Demaro.


The Dusk Hunter is a bull/ox-like creature with dark brown fur and menacing red eyes. It possesses large white horns extending from its head that appear to be severed at the top. It has additional horns from its forehead and cheek (which is obscured at times) as well as on the "tail", the former two being stained red at the tips. Dusk Hunter also appears to be muscular as it has abs, shown on Chapter 22, Page 3.


Being a Guardian, not much is known about Dusk Hunter or how it came to be. He is first summoned by Demaro during his battle with Garry in Chapter 11: wild tempers, appearing from a red portal. It charges at Garry and keeps the real one busy as Demaro battles his android clone. Eventually, after the Garrys merge, Demaro recalls the Dusk Hunter to prevent Garry from severing the strings controlling it and risk losing control.

Dusk Hunter appears again when Demaro begins his battle with Coyote. As they move outside Troll King's castle, the sky begins to turn red due to the Guardian's prescence. Demaro mounts Dusk Hunter and begins to fight Coyote but together they are no match for Coyote's trickery. Coyote conjures a tornado of neutral strings and entraps Dusk Hunter inside it, spearating him from Demaro. Some time later, after Demaro, enraged, gains power from Miladox, the Dusk Hunter is also empowered, and manages to break free from Coyote's trap. A white portal appears to teleport the Hunter back to Demaro and then swallows him whole inside his body.

Together, the combination of Dusk Hunter with Demaro acting inside of him manages to destroy the trolls who had come to interfere. After Demaro returns to normal, he orders Dusk Hunter to charge at Coyote after being trolled by Coyote's guardian, but this turns out to be a trap as Coyote uses the oppurtunity to seal Dusk Hunter within his book.


Dusk Hunter speaks only in growls and roars, and appears incapable of normal speech. As Troll King notes, a trait shared by most Guardians is their lack of intelligent thought, and most Guardians behave like savage beasts. Dusk Hunter appears to be quite wild, as Demaro notes that he only serves under him due to being under the control of his Neutral strings, and that if the strings were to be broken (as Garry had attempted) then the Guardian could easily attack him.


The Dusk Hunter is incredibly fast and physically powerful, and fights by charging at its foes. After Demaro transforms and gains power from Miladox, Dusk Hunter is granted a similar boost in power, managing to free itself from Coyote's tornado attack.

He is capable of swallowing bodies whole and carrying them within his mouth, as shown with Demaro. When doing so, its' mouth is capable of expanding itself to fit a body inside it whole.

Despite Demaro's claims, as the color of the sky turns green when Coyote summons his own Guardian for a brief moment, it appears that Dusk Hunter is weaker than Coyote's tree as Troll King states that when two Guardians are in battle, the stronger one takes precedence.