Friday Night Funkin': Tails Gets Trolled V4/Script

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  • Character count: ~640
  • No spaces: ~540
  • Character with most lines: Demaro (11)
  • Character with least lines: Travous/Leon (1)

Page 1

(Garry approaches Demaro from behind.)

GarryHey bro.. I was thinking about becoming a Troll.. And...

(Garry looks down and begins to blush.)

GarrySomething else...

DemaroA Troll? Why... And..

(Demaro blushes and smiles.)

DemaroWhat else..?

GarryIt's just.. It's my passion.. In my soul..

GarryJust like..

(A rainbow appears behind Garry as well as penises.)

GarryBeing gay!!!

(Demaro turns away.)

DemaroYou're...You're gay?...

GarryAre you not okay with this brother?...

Demaro. . . . . . . .

DemaroI have a confession to make...

Page 2

(Garry makes a confused face.)
(The background behind Demaro becomes purple. A unicorn and penises also appear as Demaro suddenly becomes cute. Miladox also begins to tear up.)

DemaroI'm gay too!!

(Garry appears shocked.)

GarryOh my gosh! I so can't believe this.

GarryDemaro.. I also have a confession to make.

DemaroWhat is it my fabulous brother of mine?

Garry. . . .


Garry... I'm gay for you Demaro! I've always loved you!!

GarryI probably shouldn't have said that...


(Garry appears meek.)

GarryDon't hate me please.. Hail the nail salon..

DemaroWhy would I hate you?... Gary.. I.... I....

DemaroI LOVE YOU TOO!!!!!!!!!

(Demaro grabs Garry and pulls him towards himself for a passionate kiss. Hearts appear around the gay brothers.)

Page 3

(Meanwhile, in Coyote's book, Garry shows the scene to Demaro on his cell phone. Demaro appears disgusted and shaken.)
(The scene moves back over to the gay universe. Demaro and Garry finish making out. Garry then pulls his shirt off as Demaro undresses, revealing his underwear with heart patterns on it. A panel of the brother's clothes are then shown on the grass.)
(Garry begins plowing Demaro from behind.)

TravousBoy! I love scouting for Troll King!

(Demaro closes one eye as he moans in pleasure. Miladox appears disinterested/annoyed. Garry continues sexing Demaro from behind, when suddenly, Leon appears.)

LeonWhoops! Wrong place.

(Garry sweats profusely as his eye widens and he orgasms. On the next panel, the brothers lay in the grass cuddling, butt naked.)
(Having seen enough, Demaro in the main universe uses his strings to crush Garry's phone.)