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Embergram, also known online as Zaygar, is Lazerbot's brother. He has been involved in the creation of Tails Gets Trolled since the early times and, after Lazerbot's brief departure from the project around the period of April 2021, he was the project leader before taking his leave from the series roughly one year later, passing leadership back to Lazerbot.


Before Tails Gets Trolled

Much like his brothers, not much is known about Embergram's personal life. Prior to Tails Gets Trolled, it is noted by Shimshomo that he helped write later, unreleased episodes of Micah Rat.

Tails Gets Trolled

Emerl is Peter Pan kicked.

In the Know Your Meme interview with Lazerbot, it is said by Lazerbot that Embergram was always around to give suggestions in the beginning, and jumped in more deeply into the project during Chapter 5: tails kid napped.[1] One such idea that was credited to him was making Bugs and Daffy gay, as well as the "Peter Pan kick his ass" line.[2] Lazerbot also mentions in the interview that much of Cheeto Man and Coyote's dialouge was written by Embergram as well. Some additional details were shared in a message posted via CC on the website Something Awful.[3]

As time went on, Embergram would become more involved in the writing process of Tails Gets Trolled. In the Something Awful post Embergram notes himself as the "primary writer" of the last year (the message was posted on April 28th, 2021, for reference) citing Lazerbot's lack of motivation. Embergram describes the writing process of Tails Gets Trolled to be as such:

  • Lazerbot and Embergram brainstorm ideas and bounce concepts off one another
  • A draft is written between the two
  • The draft is written and converted into a script
  • Lazerbot draws the script

Following Lazerbot's temporary departure from Tails Gets Trolled, Embergram would take on the project as the lead manager using his brother's notes to continue the story. As Embergram notes it: "We both have an extremely thorough understanding of the project and its universe.". Using those notes, Embergram would create scripts and pass them onto the artists to draw out.

During the month of April 2022, Embergram took his leave from the series, and Lazerbot would once more become the project leader.


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