chapter 5: tails kid napped

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chapter 5:
tails kid napped
Release dates
Cover date February 22, 2012
Page date March 11, 2012 -
March 21, 2012
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Script Script
Character debuts Yoshi, Hindo, Doug, Skeeter, Trix Rabbit, Arthur, Batman, Cheeto Man, Dexter, Hello Kitty, Kermit the Frog, Ronald McDonald, Spyro, Woodstock, Vivian, Frogger, Leap Frog, Pacman, William, Sillous, William the Elder, Man in the Ice
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"it is was not a Quintessen→
→ce us meating today"
Pacman, Page 16

chapter 5: tails kid napped is the fifth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled. As the title suggests, Tails is kid napped and introduced to the group known as The Defenders.


Hulk throwing a rock at Mario

Picking up from where things left off, Shadow and his friends are in a face off with Mario. Before any fighting begins, Bowser appears in pursuit of Mario and assists the group in their battle against Mario. They are unsuccessful in their attempts to attack Mario, who eventually summons Yoshi to make his getaway (but not before trolling Shadow and friends).

The scene then cuts to the Troll King and Luigi in the shadows. Luigi speaks with the king about his battle with Mario before ambushing him with his hammer, successfully tearing the king's arm off in the process. He then reveals his true allegiance with Mario and the two battle. Troll King attempts to use his shockwave attack to weaken Luigi but fails when the plumber reveals that he made use of Emerl's chest-plate to become immune to it. Luigi attempts to blast the king with his flames but they are blocked by Hindo, who arrives with Alex and Garry. Outnumbered, Luigi attempts to use a star but prevented from doing so by the Troll King using a Word of Death to immobilize him. As Luigi collapses, the scene briefly shifts to Mario who receives the location of the troll base and blueprints for making more copies of Emerl's chest-plate in a package from Luigi.

The Defenders

The scene shifts to Tails, returning from a fun day at the water park, when suddenly, he is bagged by a hooded figure. When the bag is removed, Tails finds himself chained to a metal board and is interrogated by the hooded figure who reveals himself to be Doug accompanied by Skeeter. Doug, convinced that Tails is a troll, waits for his boss to appear and clear the situation.

Eventually, Pori enters the room and explains that Tails is not a troll to the rest of the group. Arthur appears, shocked at the news, as Pori explains that Doug is simply paranoid. He then leads Tails to another room and explains that he is a part of another group fighting against The Trolls known as The Defenders. Pori asks Tails if he wishes to join the group, to which he agrees, and is then introduced to the rest of the group.

Pacman revealing himself to Tails.

Tails is taken to a room where the other members are waiting before being introduced to the sub bosses, Frogger and Leap Frog. They determine him to be worthy of talking to the main boss and lead Tails to his chamber, where he is revealed to be none other than Pacman. Pacman begins to explain the history of the battle between humans and trolls to Tails.

During the Medieval Era, Pacman was a member of a village formed by Oxsist after they were banished by the Troll King. Oxsist is pulled aside by his friend Silous who informs him that they may be ready to take back the main city from the Troll King. Pacman offers to help but is told to stay out of it.

That night, Pacman has a dream of seeing a sea of flames and a dark figure with yellow eyes. When he awakens, he talks to William about his dream, but William insists that there is nothing to worry about. The adults then leave to attempt to take back the main city from the Troll King, and Pacman heads off to sleep.

Pacman is later awoken by William who informs him that the village is on fire and under seige by trolls. The two attempt to escape but are stopped by a troll with a sword and the Troll King in the distance. Pacman is distracted upon seeing the Troll King and his eyes, which he recognizes to be the ones from his vision. Before the troll can kill him with his sword, William takes the hit for Pacman, dieing in the process, and urges him to get away. In tears, Pacman flees and survives. Pacman begins his 15 year long search for the Dragon Balls to attempt to revive the dead, but eventually comes to the conclusion that they are a myth and refocuses his efforts on training to defeat the trolls. As the chapter ends, Pacman has a vision of Tails.