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This is a list of other series Lazerbot and his brothers, Embergram and Shimshomo, have worked on besides Tails Gets Trolled.

DeviantArt Series

Shadow Wanderer

Trivia: The nearly two week long hiatus between Chapter 2, Page 4 and Chapter 2, Page 5 and the over a month long hiatus between Chapter 2, Page 5 and Chapter 2, Page 6 was due to Lazerbot working on this series.

Fairy Comic / Fairy Comic (Remake)


Fairy Comic was an old comic series made by Lazerbot in 2009, before Tails Gets Trolled was created. It was then remade in 2014, putting Tails Gets Trolled on a temporary break as Lazerbot posted the remake. The series stars a mischievous fairy who monkey paws various characters by granting them wishes that contain unforeseen drawbacks.

Plot (Original)

The pink fairy appears and grants the wishes of two random passing characters. One wishes to gain "Inuyasha" eyebrows to poke his foes with, while the other wishes to the pink fairy to become blue. The Inuyasha wannabe then wishes to be in the timeline of the Inuyasha series. The two men's wishes then turn on them, as one wishes to mind powers which causes his body to contort fatally, while the other is hunted down by Kikyo after being mistaken for Inuyasha himself. Kikyo fires an arrow and impales the imposter on the Tree of Ages.

The now blue fairy is then trapped in the Inuyasha timeline as his Inuyasha look-alike master is trapped in a state between life and death, which prevents the fairy from using him to travel back. He then decides to seek death as it is the only way to escape from the Inuyasha timeline without waiting 50 years. The blue fairy finds a stick figure man who wishes for love. The fairy then pays off a local trap who butt fucks the stick figure. Angry, the stick figure murders the fairy. Unfortunately for the fairy, he forgets that he is immortal and then warps to the fairy world to speak to his master.

In the fairy world, the blue fairy's well endowed master explains that blue colored fairies are unkillable and advises him to seek out Link, who can use magic to turn him back to pink. The blue fairy travels to Link's location and finds him slaying a Deku Scrub. A pink fairy aiding Link is seen, and thusly killed by a stray arrow. However, Link, who cannot talk, abandons the blue fairy who accepts that he will go to the Inuyasha lookalike's location and wait, only to find out that the tree he was impaled on has vanished.


Cosmo after he is denied anal sex from Wanda.

Much of the plot of the original Fairy Comic is kept the same, but with some extra scenes and dialogue added throughout. When the blue fairy enters the fairy world, he sees Cosmo and Wanda bickering along side Peter Pan. (The NPC Wizard, blue turtle, and Tyler the Gay Frog from Micah Rat are also seen meandering in the fairy world.)

Notably, the panel featuring Cosmo is often mistaken for an actual Tails Gets Trolled panel.

The bird and the cat story


A short mini-comic released by Lazerbot on October 21, 2014, based off of a dream he once had. The cover can be seen here.

To Abide


A series planned by Lazerbot in 2015. Pages of the series were not released, but the cover and additional teasers were released on deviantArt and Facebook respectively. Lazerbot had described the series as follows, from the cover's description and a journal update:

This webcomic that we titled To Abide will be - Drama, Horror, Adventure, Mystery. So keep in mind that it won't be based on comedy what so ever. That being said, this story will make up for it with an interesting approach in attempting to capture our interpretation of what the future might be if most human morals died with the passing of time.

The atmosphere to this comic Will be different from TGT, I am merely a co-writer and the artist, The main writer to this story is my bro/TGTCowriter Codey, he will be taking the lead in where this story will go. Codey/Embergram and me are excited to show you it when we have enough made to share. The art style will also have a different look to it.I would give you more information but i don't want to give anything away.


Characters also appearing in Tails Gets Trolled

Beaks and Scales

Planet Saying

YouTube Series

the blow job from peach


the blow job from peach is a short, unfinished sprite series made by Shimshomo in 2010. The first episode was released on April 11th, 2010, split into two parts. It can be viewed here (Part 1) and here (Part 2).

Further episodes were uploaded to YouTube but have been taken down according to Shimshomo.[1]


After Luigi is kidnapped by enemy forces, Peach enlists the help of Mario, Toad, Kirby, Donkey Kong, and Link. Peach offers to give each hero something of their desires in exchange for helping. Mario asks for mushrooms while Donkey Kong asks for bananas (Link does not respond). Toad simply states he wants Luigi back. Kirby however demands a blowjob from Peach. The idea entices Mario and Donkey Kong who change their wants to a blowjob. Peach, disgusted, attempts to bargain by saying Luigi will provide the blowjobs but Mario and Donkey Kong refuse as they do not want "man jobs". (Toad however agrees to a manjob.) Peach then caves and promises to give blowjobs to the group when they succeed.

On their way over, the group is ambushed by Kracko. After trying to settle on who fights Kracko via several failed attempts at rock paper scissors, Link is angered and attacks Mario in frustration. The group is then split with Donkey Kong and Toad siding with Mario while Kirby sides with Link.

Characters also appearing in Tails Gets Trolled

meta knights quest


meta knights quest is a sprite series made by Lazerbot in 2010, one year before Tails Gets Trolled. In it, Meta Knight works to find the ones responsible for killing Kirby and soon finds himself joined by several other characters from different universes.


Meta Knight discovers the body of Kirby after getting f**ked by Birdon under King Dedede's orders and swears revenge...
Meta Knight hires the aid of a shadowed figure revealed to be Donkey Kong, disappointing him as he thought the shadow was Mario.

Meta Knight and Donkey Kong fight off Kirby enemies and encounter Knuckles and Sora in search of Sonic and the heartless respectively. Donkey Kong randomly reveals that he knew Sora's identity after eating Donald Duck who was in the act of having sex with Goofy. Donkey Kong then claims that Mickey and Goofy both ate Donald with him, causing Sora to attack the group. Sora defeats Knuckles and Donkey Kong and the group then decides to team up with Sora after seeing how cool he is, abandoning Donkey Kong.

The group confronts King DeDeDe who claims that he is innocent as he did not realize Kirby had only one life left when he asked Birdon to kill Kirby. After some talk and finger pointing between Meta Knight and King DeDeDe, King DeDeDe accidentally reveals knowledge of Donald's death, stating Goofy told him. Meta Knight and Sora are angered and chase after the King. The group, followed by Donkey Kong, winds up at Whispy Woods. Whispy suddenly opens his mouth and transports the group to another realm where they see Wolverine confronting Maijin Buu. Wolverine is knocked away by Buu and the group fight. Maijin Buu kills Donkey Kong and fight off the others before Innocent Buu ("aided" by Hercule / Mr. Satan) enters the scene.

The Other World

As the Buus fight, Meta Knight looks over Donkey Kong's mangled body. Hercule suggests feeding him a "goku bean" to help, but Meta Knight refuses to believe that such a method would work. Hercule then suggests using the Dragon Balls before Goku himself appears to give a bean to Donkey Kong, reviving him. Goku then moves to repel Maijin Buu. Together, Meta Knight asks to use the Dragon Balls to bring Kirby back but the group is interrupted by Maijin Buu returning. Goku instant transmissions everyone to a hospital room where Piccolo has taken Knuckles. In the hospital, Goku promises to bring back Kirby and Sora's friends in exchange for their aid.

Goku instant transmissions the gang to King DeDeDe's location, where he is being chased by Vegeta and Trunks. After some father son drama, the gang moves and finds another door. Through the door, the group is transported to Donkey Kong's universe, split apart. Meta Knight and Sora are sent to a snowy area and encounter Spider Man. They travel and encounter one of King K Rool's minions. Spider Man's rampant homosexuality and sudden, random movements anger the minions. Declaring that they hate homos, the King K Rool baddies kill Spider Man and are in turn killed by Sora and Meta Knight.

Sora and Meta Knight find a cabin and encounter Kiddy Kong. From him, they deduce that they are in Donkey Kong's world. Kiddy Kong performs random actions and Mario-like moans, irritating Sora who leaves him behind. Meanwhile, Knuckles and Donkey Kong find themselves in a lava area where they meet a giant spider. Donkey Kong thinks back to when he ate Donald Duck, and gets the idea of eating the spider, much to Knuckles' horror. Donkey Kong and the spider battle, but Donkey Kong is injured and eventually saved by Diddy Kong. After some pep talk, Donkey Kong rushes over and suplexes the spider before stomping it into the ground.


Meanwhile, King DeDeDe is revealed to have landed abord King K. Rool's ship and proposes an alliance. In exchange for King K. Rool's pet, King DeDeDe offers information on Donkey Kong's weaknesses. They agree to work together. Meanwhile, Gohan appears in Donkey Kong's world searching for King DeDeDe under his father's orders. Hercule is seen beating up some Kremlings before the scene moves back to King K. Rool who reveals that his pet is a Kackle. He gives instructions to feed the Kackle spiders as birds will result in instant death for Kackle. The scene moves back to Meta Knight and Sora who call out Ronald McDonald for following them. Ronald reveals that others are spying on the other groups before fighting using the powers of illusions but is easily killed. The scene the moves to Gohan who seeks guidance from Cranky Kong. Cranky is revealed to have known Goku in the past and advises Gohan to wait as Donkey Kong and Meta Knight will eventually bring the Dragon Balls to him. Cranky also reveals Kackle to be the largest threat in the world.

A flashback occurs, revealing young Cranky (the original Donkey Kong) and King K. Rool to be engaged in battle as Shao-Khan watches in the background. Cranky easily wins, starting the war between the Kongs and the Kremlings. The scene moves over to Hercule as he is attacked by Kremlings. The Kremlings bite Hercule's leg and wound him as a red Kruncha corners Hercule. Hercule tosses the Kruncha aside then eats a Magic Bean to fix his leg. He then decimates the rest of the army before a Bob-Omb appears and explodes, setting the area ablaze and injuring Hercule. More minions swarm Hercule and begin to wear him down. Hercule coughs up blood and fights off more before a random minion offers to help him as a chance to kill his "buddys that are not [his] buddys". The Kremling sucks up to Hercule who lets his guard down, and is cornered by a horde of Krunchas who take him prisoner. Meanwhile, in Goku's world, Piccolo stands over the mangled remains of Trunks who is revealed to have been killed by Maijin Buu, strengthening Goku's resolve to end Buu.

The scene then moves to Donkey Kong and Knuckles who meet up with the other Kongs, such as Candy Kong and Dixie Kong. After talking to Cranky, Donkey Kong's group meets up with Funky Kong. Funky provides the group with various objects including Squitter, a Chaos Emerald, bananas, and a bomb. Knuckles is surprised to see the Chaos Emerald and asks about how Funky obtained it, to which he explains that Mario dropped it, telling Funky to give it to a person named Shadow.

Unexpected Visitors

Meanwhile, Sora and Meta Knight move out in search of King DeDeDe and find Krillin's bloodied body. He explains that Maijin Buu sent him flying through the door to Donkey Kong's world. Before dieing, Krillin explains that a blue spiky person had saved him before leaving him behind. The scene moves to King K. Rool who has placed proximity mines on Hercule and Leonardo, threatening him that if he moves, he will die. The other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles also appear, revealing that they stopped watching Donkey Kong after their presence was made known by Cranky. The turtles reveal Donkey Kong's weakness is Diddy Kong, as without the smaller Kong, Donkey Kong is inept at fighting. King DeDeDe reveals that he can telepathically talk to his minions and explains to them that he needs all seven Dragon Balls to make a wish after a misunderstanding where he thought only one was needed. Elsewhere, Cranky Kong is seen talking to three mysterious shadowy figures and instructs them to watch over the heroes, only to step in if they are in mortal danger. He also entrusts them with an item to give to Mario.

In a distant location, Sonic and Shadow suddenly appear watching K. Rool's ship. The pair leap on and tear through K. Rool's forces, making their way to the the two kings. DeDeDe and K. Rool appear and trick Sonic and Shadow into believing they are the heroes by introducing themselves as Meta Knight and Sora. "Meta Knight" tells Sonic his friend Kirby was raped to death, prompting the two to be at odds with the heroes. Meanwhile, the gang unites at Cranky Kong's house and exchange information. Meta Knight speaks with Cranky Kong and he learns of the truth behind Kirby's final days.

Kirby's Truth

Kirby is revealed to have gained knowledge of a gang of Nintendo villains forming together and had plotted against them, attempting to stop them from creating portals between universes. He was unsuccessful and was in truth raped to death. Meta Knight heads outside and explains DeDeDe's plan to the rest of the group before they head off to confront the Kings. As they move out, they are stopped by Shadow and Sonic. The groups (sans Knuckles, who had stayed behind to find the Chaos Emerald, which Funky Kong lost) fight each other until Knuckles makes his way over. Upon seeing Knuckles, Sora and Sonic stop fighting and make peace.

However, Donkey Kong continues to fight uncontrollably. He beats the other characters, knocking them around in all directions. Knuckles realizes that only Diddy Kong can calm him, so the group makes an effort to hold Donkey Kong in place until Diddy arrives. Elsewhere, Gohan finds Vegeta, bloodied and beaten on the ground. Vegeta reveals Trunks had been killed by Buu and asks Gohan to avenge him. Meanwhile, the Kings converse and DeDeDe randomly reveals that he murdered several McDonalds children. DeDeDe offers K. Rool a spot in the Nintendo league of villains if they are successful, enticing K. Rool. Back to Donkey Kong, Diddy makes his way over and calms Donkey Kong. The heroes then settle themselves to prepare for the battles ahead.

The Organization

On the ship, Hercule and Leonardo make small talk. Leonardo reveals himself to be very cynical over the heroes odds of defeating the mystery organization and reveals his past to Hercule. One day, while confronting Shredder, Leonardo feels something is off and urges the turtles to escape. With no one listening, the turtles are knocked out by a magic power from Shredder. Later, they awaken in Kirby's world wander around looking for pizza, stumbling on the body of Kirby in the process. They eventually find a ring, warping them to Sonic's world. They are discovered by Vector, Amy and other Sonic the Hedgehog characters who take them to safety. They stay with the group for a week until leaving to find more food.

Unfortunately, the turtles encounter Shredder once more, teamed up with Bowser and Eggman. The turtles attempt to fight, managing to kill Shredder. Eggman, however, reveals that Shredder was a worthless member of the group tricked into believing he was important, before they are incapacitated by Slash.

Leonardo finds himself alone in prison and begins to go insane over the course of five days. He finds a hole in his cell and looks through, spying on the organization members speaking.

The War

In the present, the heroes stand before K. Rool's ship. Sonic and Shadow go onboard first, under the guise of being DeDeDe's friends. The Kongs are also onboard and use a shadow power to disguise themselves as Kremlings. They gather intel that K. Rool is going to invade Mario's world next before the gang begins to infiltrate. Donkey Kong takes on the form of a Kremling and takes Diddy hostage to present to the Kings, alongside Sonic and Shadow.

In their talk, King DeDede brings up Amy, insulting her and angering Sonic. Sonic becomes vulgar, and King DeDeDE notes that the vulgarity is a part of Sonic's normal speech pattern, calling his fake alliance out due to the fact that he was not cursing. He also casually reveals to have the power of sensing other powers. Their cover blown, an all out battle begins.

The brawl takes the gang around the ship, where some details are revealed by King DeDeDe taunting them. He claims that the organization also killed Sora's girl friend before fleeing. Meta Knight, Sonic, and Shadow push through and are evnetually stopped by the Ninja Turtles. Meanwhile, beneath the ship, Sora gets into a brawl of his own and enters a pipeline, hearing a conversation between Hercule and Leonardo. Leonardo brings up the fact that DeDeDe may plan to detonate the bombs placed on them.

Under the ship, Sora finds the shadowy figures who reveal themselves as Link, Banjo, and Naruto. They share info with Sora about the organization, revealing Goofy to be a member. They also reveal that three characters of the group have "spawns", them being Wario (for Bowser), Mickey (for Goofy), and King DeDeDe (for Eggman). Above, the turtles battle with Meta Knight's group. Meta Knight mortally wounds Donatello, who shares information about the organization in his dying breath. He tells Meta Knight that he and his brothers dumped Kirby's corpse in a deep pit so that if he was to be revived by the Dragon Balls, he would not be able to escape.


Meta Knight begins to reminisce about his time with Kirby. They travel through Pop Land in search of King DeDeDe, stopping by a town to gather supplies. Upon the citizens' strange behavior, Meta Knight realizes they are all under DeDeDe's control and he and Kirby fight against Chef Kowalaski and the Wizard virus. Kirby rushes off to find DeDeDe, with Meta Knight in pursuit. He stops in a forest resembling the one where Kirby was killed before his memory ends. In the present, Meta Knight wonders if his memory was accurate or not.

The remaining ninja turtles surrender and lead Meta Knight to DeDeDe. They encounter K. Rool and Krackle together before DeDeDe flees. With his hostages, DeDeDe reveals that the bombs placed on the hostages are remote and injures Leonardo who attempts to fight back. Back to Krackle, the other turtles are destroyed as Sonic turns super, urging his allies to chase DeDeDe.

Characters also appearing in Tails Gets Trolled

Micah Rat

"Micah Rat" redirects here. For the characters, see Micah.


Micah Rat is an old YouTube series that was posted on shimtaz's YouTube channel. It featured Shimshomo and Lazerbot doing voices for several characters as they get involved in various different scenarios.


The story begins with Micah and Tyler bantering with each other. Tyler then makes his way over to Micah's house to meet Camrey, Poison, and Corey. As they wait for Poison and Corey to get off the computer, Tyler begins to drive Micah insane by repeatedly declaring his homosexuality and love for chocolate milk. After a while, they are able to use the computers.

Lucas, the sentient piece of shit, then appears and annoys Tyler. Lucas uses his Dragon Breath to stink the room then Rasengans Tyler, injuring him. Corey and Micah then put Tyler in the car and drive him to the hospital after some mishaps along the way. Once there, a doctor named Frank begins to work on Tyler.

The group stays at the hospital. Tyler is revived and attempts to have a sexual encounter with Micah but they are interrupted by Frank who sends them off. It is revealed that Tyler had chocked from Lukey's Rasengan causing a hotdog to come up in his stomach, leading to Tyler choking. On the way back, Corey crashes the car injuring the group and forcing the gang to walk home.

Back at home, the group watch Chinese cartoons (also known as Naruto). Everyone begins to beat on Tyler, eventually knocking him to the ground and making him cry uncontrollably. A police officer then shows up to arrest the group for disturbing the public. The officer then shoots Tyler and leaves. As the group messes around, a burglar approaches the house. Unfortunately, a recording of the "Chinese people" fighting scares away the would-be thief. Tyler recovers and goes with Lucas and Micah to a friendly "costume party" where everyone is dressed as a "ghost". The lead ghost then asks each member who many races each person has killed.

The group, revealed to be the KKK, then decides to attack the local Mexicans. This proves to be too extreme for Micah's group, causing them to go their own ways only to be confronted by bullies. After the bullies decide to beat up the group, Micah's group reveal their weapons and fight back. Camrey eventually arrives after the bullies are repelled. Tyler makes unwanted advances on Micah before the group continues their walk home. They are then attacked by wolves but manage to survive.

The next morning after getting home, the bullies come back for the group but Camrey uses his expert kung fu to beat everyone back. The bullies grab their gigantic older brother, who then thanks Micah's group for teaching his pathetic brothers a lesson. Afterward, Corey gets into a car accident and ends up in a dream world full of talking lolipops and Chinese people. In the actual world, Dr. Frank discusses Corey's odds at survival before performing surgery. After watching some "man vs wild" the doctor re-emerges but delivers the news that Corey is dead.

The news of Corey's death then makes Poison, his husband, suicidal. Due to his incredible body strength, most of Poison's attempts to kill himself fail, including throwing himself into a volcano, or strapping himself to a rocket bound for space which fails due to his weight. After many innocent civilians die, the scene moves to Casey at the beach.

Casey hitches a ride from a local edgelord to leave the beach. The pair stops at a bar to watch video tapes, containing strange videos. Meanwhile, at home, an earthquake happens and Micah and Tyler fall into a cave, trapped together. As Tyler continues to hit on Micah, a local snake (who has trouble identifying the species of the two) threatens the two. After some back and forth, a local earthbender offers to help. However, after finding out Tyler is gay, he leaves the two trapped. As Lucas and Camrey search for their friends, sexual tensions between Tyler and Micah peak and the two get into an extremely brutal battle before they are pulled out.

Some time later, Micah and Camrey are seen playing a VR game. After they annoy an NPC wizard with questions he is not programmed to answer, Camrey starts to kill Micah for fun. In the real world, Tyler, jealous, throws a rock through an old man's window thinking it's his own home. The homeowner then pulls out a shotgun and injures Tyler who makes his way to the hospital. Meanwhile, Lucas goes on his own adventure and accidentally summons a crazed Yugi searching for Kaiba when he pulls out his Yu-Gi-Oh card. Leaving Yugi, Lucas decides to skateboard and breaks his leg. Tyler and Micah visit the hospital where Lucas is. As Lucas rests and watches more man vs wild, Tyler once again annoys Micah, this time by singing the original theme of the Pokémon anime series.

Some time later, after Lucas heals his leg, Michaly, a new friend, shows off his diamond necklace. The local ninjas notice the diamond and attack Michaly and Poison, capturing them. Micah's group notices the kidnapping and they gather all of their allies and attack the ninjas in order to save Michaly.