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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Cyote (Chapter 24, Page 1)
the money guy
Physical description
Species Coyote
Gender Male
Skin color Black (nose only)
Fur color Brown and beige
Eye color Black, occasionally yellow
Personal information
Affiliation The Neutrals
Allies Tom, Shadow, Fudd, Bugs,
Sylvester, Porky, Silver, Blaze, Rob
Enemies The Trolls, Road Runner, Demaro, Miladox
Likes drinking, taking a bite out of some Road Runner, experimenting with the powers of the Neutrals, girls with some dignity
Dislikes his friends dieng, being the 400th person a porn star has fucked
Weapons/powers Necromancy, spirit strings, motor-skill manipulation
First appearance Chapter 2, Page 13
Last appearance Chapter 26, Page 8
In real life
Actual name Wile E. Coyote
First appearance Fast and Furry-ous (1949)
Franchise Looney Tunes
..Is reality sinking in now? Nothing that you could ever be capable of, will ever succeed against me... It's over!
Coyote, Chapter 22, Page 21

Coyote is a major character and the leader of the sect of The Neutrals seen in the story. Known for his long time rivalries with the Road Runner and later Demaro, Coyote is a formidable necromantic sorcerer and possibly the most powerful and intelligent Neutral in the setting.


Coyote appears as a human-like coyote, having long ears and a long snout. His cheeks have three distinct points on them, almost resembling a cat's whiskers. A portion of his hair also stands up between his ears. A part of it turns white as Coyote fights the urge to go berserk upon seeing Sylvester's dead body.

Interestingly, his feet are drawn similar to a human's on Chapter 23, Page 19 as opposed to being more animal like. During the action sequences in the same chapter, he is also depicted as being extremely muscular at times. On Page 12 he is actually drawn in such a way that resembles his original look/proportions in the Looney Tunes franchise.


Early Life

For an indeterminate amount of time, Coyote spent a portion of his life trying to kill the Roadrunner and later joined an out-of-town church that was secretly a front for Kelic's sect of Neutrals. Eventually, he joined his friends Fudd, Porky, Tom and Sylvester in a party at a pub. Though he was drunk, he attended a ceremony with his friends wherein the group was granted the powers of the Neutrals. In the morning, he and his friends woke up and soon discovered their new abilities. After gathering his friends, he attempted to restore Porky's moral and nearly succeeded.

Porky's wife, along with their child, arrived to forgive and apologize to Porky for both of their respective actions. However, she and her child were shot by a murderously zealous Christian, causing Porky to commit suicide via strangulation using his strings and a tree despite Coyote and co.'s attempts to calm him down. Later that night Coyote watches as Tom and Fudd's lifespans are shortened due to their emotions and unwillingness to use their powers respectively.

No Good Deed Ever Goes Unpaid

Coyote's initial appearance, which is much closer to his original Looney Tunes design, in Chapter 2.

After presumably practicing his powers as a neutral, Coyote resumed hunting the Roadrunner until he was contacted by Shadow and the Troll Slaiyers, as they lacked the monetary and material resources to build the stadium for the fake Justen Bever concert needed for the Awesome Fucking Plan. Though he was reluctant at first, he changed his mind when Shadow agreed to kill the Roadrunner. Though they made a well-thought out plan to kill the bird, it ended up failing. However, it mattered not because Shadow killed the Roadrunner himself.

Satisfied with Shadow's actions, Coyote held up his part of the bargain and helped with both supplying resources and building the base. After this, Coyote left; saying that he wanted to "Go home and take me a bite out of some road runner". Later, Coyote and his friends arrived at the concert, only to find that Fudd was missing from their ranks. Sylvester revealed that Fudd had wondered off to kill Bugs. The Neutrals observed the battle, but were not able to partake in it due to them wanting to maintain emotional neutrality.

Though he had been gone for six chapters, his role as a major character began when Silver, Blaze and Rob barely escaped (at the cost of the lives of Underbite Troll and Markus Troll City after being chased out. As the group was rightfully confused by Fudd's necromantic powers, Coyote explained to the group why they were capable of such feats. After at least two days of planning, the Neutrals and their allies stormed Troll City to save Elmer Fudd. On the way, Coyote briefly joined in Tom and Sylvester's argument about watching porn before being interrupted by the Trolls.

Rescuing Fudd and the Battle with Demaro

Coyote drops a perplexing riddle on the trolls to distract them while Silver drops the cages onto them and begins stabbing them to death with Blaze. His group then separates from Silver and Blaze, to infiltrate the base and attempt to rescue Fudd. The assault was going well, with several trolls killed. Coyote and Rob split off from Sylvester and Tom, and later, Coyote splits off from Rob as Hindo appears to fight Rob one on one. Coyote eventually stumbles upon Heimerdinger who was trapped by Demaro, and the two begin their battle. Coyote makes a hole in the ceiling, bringing himself and Demaro out of the underground and into the fields surrounding the castle.

Though Demaro occasionally had the upper hand through the use of traps, his Guardian and Satanic powers, Coyote nearly killed him on several occasions and damaged his vision with the Yin Yang Serpends. Coyote expressed shame over the fact that he had to kill him and would have preferred to make him into his apprentice, but went along with the fight anyways. He then takes a back seat as other trolls intrude onto his battle and observes as Demaro is trolled.

Demaro then assumes an enhanced form that kills several of his former Troll allies, but was stopped by a combination of Coyote's brilliant tactical and strategical mind plus the indirect help of the Trolls such as Sonichu. Demaro then powers down and resumes his battle with Coyote. Demaro reforms his arm using his strings but Coyote appears from behind and smashes his arm, while launching Demaro away. Coyote then summons his own guardian for a brief moment to troll Demaro, and uses this moment to steal Dusk Hunter for himself. He then uses his superior powers to take control of Demaro's body and begins humiliating him in an attempt to bring out the enhanced form he witnessed earlier. As he expected, Demaro's third eye once again flashes, but this time, it draws Coyote into itself, bringing him into a whole new dimension.

Coyote looks in horror as Miladox charges towards him.

Another Dimension

As he awakens in Miladox's world, Coyote is immediately set upon by Miladox. After it takes some time to observe him, Miladox charges at Coyote. He summons a group of Poppy Bros Jr. to defend himself. As they throw bombs at Miladox, souls begin to emerge from his body, one of which being Garry, who was slain by be beast during his own duel with Demaro. After Miladox finishes off the Poppy Bros, Coyote uses his strings to tie Miladox onto the ground and uses the brief opportunity to repair Garry's nearby corpse. Coyote notes that the presence of Garry's soul gives him a unique advantage in the sense that he can simply ask the soul how to use his powers rather than eat the brain of the body, which would put him at risk of losing his own powers due to the emotional shock that gaining another's memories might induce. Unfortunately, Garry's soul is completely mortified and cannot explain his powers to Coyote coherently.

Coyote watches in horror as Miladox charges towards him once again and tries to stop its advance using his a projectile made of his strings, but Miladox effortlessly deflects it. Miladox then slashes at Coyote, who ducks, but is injured by having his ears cut off. Miladox prepares to lunge once again, but Coyote quickly uses the immense physical power Garry's corpse possesses to tie up Miladox, and hurls it a distance away. After stitching his ears back onto his body, he once again tries to get Garry's soul to explain his powers but is unsuccessful. Latching onto a piece of the floor elsewhere, Coyote flings himself away from Miladox, but the beast manages to slash Coyote's back mid-air and sends him tumbling onto the floor.

Using Garry's body to defend himself, Coyote begins to use his strings to stitch his back as Miladox's slash left him defenseless on the floor. Garry's corpse flings Miladox into a nearby structure. As it recovers, it looks around the area wildly before looking up into the "sky", and takes control of Demaro's body in the real world, allowing it to suck in the corpses of the other trolls slain from before. Coyote is absolutely terrified as body parts begin to rain down all around him. He watches as Miladox absorbs the souls of all the corpses drawn into its world, and transforms into a more powerful form. Panicking, Coyote opens his book and enters it himself.

Victory, at last

Coyote and Miladox come face to face.

Within the realm of his book, he manipulates it from within to pull Garry's soul and corpse into the world so they can chat in a more calm environment. Bewildered, Miladox begins to observe the book. Coyote asks Garry to properly explain his "Magma Garry" form and sends out a Goomba to stall Miladox. After Miladox slays the Goomba, Garry's corpses emerges from the book and becomes Magma Garry. From within, Coyote asks Garry's soul to begin explaining his powers. Using the combined power of his strings and Magma Garry's techniques, together, the two manage to seal Miladox into a sphere of molten magma and crushes the beast by shrinking it. Many souls are freed, but Coyote notes the battle is far from over as he notices Miladox reforming.

Wanting to end the fight for good, Coyote beings to prepare a new ability. As he makes the preparations, he controls Magma Garry outside to stall Miladox. Miladox begins to move towards the book but is retrained by Magma Garry and Coyote's strings. After finishing his preparations, Coyote summons Dusk Hunter and enters the beast's mouth to launch himself outside of his book's world. He nearly comes face to face with Miladox but successfully escapes and unleashes his "spirit chains" to trap Miladox for good. As the beast lays restrained on the floor, Coyote begins to explain how he won to Miladox (even though he suspects it is incapable of understanding him anyway). He explains that Miladox's greed for souls, his own in particular, prevented it from taking an early victory by destroying the book and trapping Coyote within it. He deduces that the exit to Miladox's realm only appears so long as the visitor is aware that the method of escaping is via the gate, and thus, a gate forms in the distance.

Using his strings, Coyote grabs Miladox and flees from its realm, appearing back in the real world. He then forcibly pulls Miladox out of Demaro's forehead, depowering him, and seals it within his book. Demaro attempts to fight back, but in his weakened state, he is unable to control his summons, Addy the Demon and Kelic, leading to Coyote capturing them. Coyote then strings Demaro and sucks him into his book, trapping him there. Road Runner appears by his side and the pair begin to move on.

Afterward, Coyote meets Porky's spirit who tells him that someone joined him and that he has to defeat something very evil, god is apparently on his side too. Coyote soon learns that the character who joined Porky was Sylvester, Coyote gets sad and angry and starts to bleed from the nose as he's about to lose his neutral powers, but he manages to control himself. A patch of hair on his head turned grey as to significate that he lost some years of living for being unable to control his feelings. Coyote then rushes to the base to try and finish off the trolls for good. Through Magma Garry, he burns Mauller and protects Blaze and Rob with string shields before they can be hit by Hindo.


Coyote appearing at Troll Fortress.

Coyote combines the shields of Rob and Blaze into one. He then wraps string around a confused Hindo and slams him into the ground. He claims that he leaves Magma Garry and Road Runner to be his eyes as he "focuses". Using Magma Garry, he calls a flock of different birds from his book to swarm Hindo in the rubble. He tries to control the birds and Magma Garry to find additional corpses while noting that it is difficult to control many bodies at once. He eventually finds the morgue where Sonic (among other trolls) are and collects them. Through Magma Garry, he stabs a scared Heimerdinger. As he finishes looking through the fortress, he realizes Elmer isn't inside it. He realizes someone behind him and uses Road Runner to shield him. Unfortunately for him, he's too slow and Road Runner is blasted to pieces and he's shot in several near fatal places as Troll Face (Turned super from Sonic's emerald) appears behind him in glee. Coyote is then attacked by Troll Face, who is joined by Sonichu. He withstands a brutal assault before forming a spear of Neutral strings from the pieces of Road Runner, impaling Sonichu. However, in the process, the bomb within Sonichu is triggered, causing a massive explosion, engulfing himself and Troll Face.


Coyote then awakens, dazed in a wasteland left behind by Sonichu's bomb. He looks over and notices his strings have vanished, and that his book is glowing white in a similar manner to Miladox. As he ponders what has happened, the surrounding area begins to darken and a figure places his hand on his shoulder. The figure, revealed to be Satan, tempts Coyote into giving into the darkness, and threatens to harm his friends if he does not comply. Coyote refuses, and in fear, kneels and begins to pray. An angel then descends from above to bless Coyote, marking his hands with the symbol of the holy cross. Coyote's surroundings then return to normal as he looks over his new powers. Before he can do much however, the earth trembles as Troll King appears behind him.

Exhausted from his previous battles, Coyote decides to flee seeing that he is not in a good position to battle Troll King. Before he can move, Troll King uses his muscle weakening shockwave to immobilize Coyote. However, Coyote's newfound powers allow him the levitate, which he uses to escape. Troll King leaps and tries to attack Coyote, but he is deflected by Coyote emitting a barrier of sorts around himself. Coyote then flees, deflecting Mario's blue flame attack used by Troll King as he moves away. He makes his way above Troll City and unleashes a rain of his strings on the denizens, planting strings inside each one to monitor them. Having been pushed to his limits, Coyote then collapses into his book, passed out.

Inside his book, Coyote awakens some moments later, and notices Demaro's body close to him. He empathizes with Demaro's situation, noting himself to have gone through a situation not unlike his. Garry's ghost then confronts Coyote, demanding to be let out. As the two argue, Coyote eventually walks away and sits near a tree as he begins to focus.

In Tails Gets Gay

In Tails Gets Gay, Gay Coyote is seen "fighting" against Gay Demaro. Demaro delivers a powerful compliment regarding Coyote's cuteness which causes Coyote to commit gay suicide. He points a gun at his own head and fires it, leaving behind a trail of rainbows. His spirit is later seen alongside the other gay versions of the characters, floating above them.


Initially, Coyote is a smug yet charming individual, no longer showing the stress present in his source material. He is much more charismatic and competent than before. Despite him being his enemy, Coyote respected Roadrunner very much. He felt guilt over the fact that he could not persuade Porky nor Demaro to join him. When compared to fighters such as Shadow or Knuckles, he is a much more competent strategist and tactician. He is less brash and reckless compared to other characters and maintains a neutral expression throughout most of the comic, even as he is battling up until his encounter with Miladox.

Coyote's smuggness does vanish under extreme circumstances as shown with his battle against Miladox, where he expresses fear and levels of panic not seen before. He does manage to compose himself quickly and formulates a strategy to win in the end, however.

Upon seeing the corpse of his dear friend Sylvester, Coyote nearly loses his composure and changes from his smug, analytical demeanor and becomes much more angry. It is also shown during the flashbacks shown in Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath he is actually shown to be mellow, pondering the situation he and his friends have found themselves in.

He is shown to have a more brash fighting style when angered, as seen in Chapter 24, Page 22 when he slams Hindo into the ground and has a flock of birds swarm him in the rubble.


Coyote summoning a group of Poppy Bros Jr..

Coyote possesses more advanced Neutral powers than his peers. He is said by Kelic to be a prodigy when it comes to the Neutrals, and claims that his prowess comes from training with his fellow Neutrals. Instead of the usual pink/red color of Neutral strings, Coyote's are golden. Many of his powers are displayed when he battles Demaro. He can form a barrier with his strings, blocking attacks such as Hindo's lightning bolts. He can also fire a ball of his strings out that are capable of chasing his opponents, as first seen in Chapter 15: The Guardians part 1, Page 8. Said ball is also capable of dispelling Demaro's own spirit shield and phasing through his own attacks. Coyote can also use his strings to maneuver around the battlefield and also to attach himself to Road Runner and take advantage of the bird's incredible speed. Coyote can also use his strings to patch his own body together after it is damaged by his foes, as well as using it on his corpses to repair them (as seen with the many injuries Garry's corpse takes during his battle with Miladox). At the end of Chapter 22 he also demonstrates that he can use his strings to control living creatures.

One of his strongest moves requires some time to prepare. Coyote's "Spirit Chains" are capable of holding creatures as large as Miladox in place, leaving them incapable of moving at all.

Coyote also has his book that he calls summons from and can seal others into. Within the book is a dark, purple realm with many gravestones placed throughout.

Available Summons

With his book, Coyote also has access to many different corpses he can use to his advantage. These include:

  • Road Runner - a large roadrunner capable of moving at extreme speeds, said to be faster than Sonic
  • The Yin Yang Serpends - a pair of black and white snakes that can burrow underground and bite opponents. They are also capable of using the Forest ChamBers technique, in which they conjure up a wind storm to life others into the air. They can also perform a dance to throw off one's eye sight.
  • Coyote's Guardian - a Guardian that resembles a tree. Its powers are unknown.
  • Poppy Bros Jr. - a group of four small men that toss bombs to deal damage.
  • A Goomba - a lone Goomba found inside Coyote's book. Is used a bait to check on Miladox.
  • Garry / Magma Garry - Demaro's earthbending brother. Is incredibly large in size and is extremely strong physically. He can also create an armor of magma around his body using a technique aptly titled Magma Garry.
  • Miladox - the Guardian used by Demaro, now captured and placed into Coyote's book.
  • Kelic - aquired in Chapter 23: The conclusion - Part 3, Page 18. It is unknown if he possesses any notable powers for Coyote's use.
  • Addy the Demon - Demaro's large demon used to kill Kelic.
  • Demaro - Coyote's rival, now depowered due to losing Miladox.
  • A flock of birds - seen in Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath, Page 22, a flock of birds used to scout the castle.

In addition, Coyote can use his strings to share each summons's sense of sight and vision, a technique used with the Yin Yang Serpends to spy on Demaro while he is underground, for example. His strings can also be used as a method of attack for each body, such as Garry's in particular.


its my Pleasure you guys did help me kill the road runner after all! its the lease i can do. oh and i hope your troll killing goes as plan. im gonna go home and take me a bite out of some road runner
—Coyote's first line in the series, Chapter 2, Page 13

you can hit me all you want that still doesn't change the fact that you fucked up and ran into all this trouble but hey, thats being human
we all fuck up and do our wrongs but what really matters is what we do from here.
—Coyote, Chapter 9, Page 16
If I'm going to die, then I'm bringing you down to hell with me!
—Coyote, Chapter 24, Page 34

Real Life Origins

Coyote is the arch nemesis of the Road Runner in a Looney Tunes series titled Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner. He creates elaborate plans and schemes to attempt to kill and eat the Road Runner but is unsuccessful each time.


In Tails Gets Trolled Coyote is far less antagonistic and is more charismatic than his original incarnation, having made actual friends with the other Looney Tunes characters (and Tom), as well as being considered the de facto leader of the group. He also still uses explosives and elaborate contraptions and is also wealthy, providing the Slaiyers with the equipment needed to construct an entire stadium. His tools and wealth might have to do with ACME, however there is nothing supporting or ruling out the existence of the organization in the universe of Tails Gets Trolled. Most importantly, he never catches the Roadrunner; instead relying on the Troll Slaiyers to help him. Additionally, he actually speaks in TGT, much like he does in the Bugs Bunny cartoons, rather than using signs to converse as he does in most of his Looney Tunes appearances.

Appearance-wise, Coyote appears most similar to his original incarnation in his debut panel, but changes as the series goes on. He is drawn with a tuft of hair in between is ears that becomes larger in Chapter 22 as noted below. The shape of his cheeks also differs from his official appearances, being more "pointed" in appearance as opposed to being more rounded. His eyes have white sclera in TGT instead of yellow, as well.

Very much like Elmer Fudd, he is not a necromancer in his original franchise.


  • The tuft of hair on Coyote's head between his ears grew larger and changed shape starting in Chapter 22. It is not known if this happened canonically or was simply a retcon. Interestingly enough, this tuft of hair is chopped off by Miladox during their battle, which once again makes Coyote's hair resemble its original appearance.
  • Coyote's penis is said to be 11 inches (28 cm) long according to Lazerbot/Embergram on the lltailsgetstrolledll deviantart account.[1]