List of off script cameos

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See also: List of cameos for cameos that were called for by Lazerbot, Embergram, and/or Shimshomo as part of the official script.

This is a list of cameos (that were not part of the original page scripts) inserted into the comic by members of the art team.

Within Dexter's room

From left to right: Evangelion Unit-01's upper body, Magearna's lower body, Bastion's head, and Turing's head.


A robot whose head is seen within Dexter's room.

Bastion is a character originating from the video game Overwatch.

Evangelion Unit-01

A robot whose chest/upper body is seen within Dexter's room.

The Evangelion Unit-01 is considered to be the "flagship model" of the Evangelion series and is piloted by the main protagonist Shinji Ikari.


A metallic, artificial Pokémon whose bottom half is seen laying in Dexter's room.

Megearna is the 801st Pokémon of the National Dex, debuting in Generation VII.


A robot whose head is seen in Dexter's Lab.

Turing is one of the major characters of the video game 2064: Read Only Memories.

Other cameos

Black Bart Simpson

Black Bart Simpson waiting in line.

One of the Water Park's attendees, seen on Chapter 26: Anguish, Page 2.

This particular version of Bart originates from the fan series Tails Didn't Get Trolled (which was also drawn by the artist of the page) as one member of the Troll Slaiyers 2099.

Casey and Lydia

A lesbian couple seen together at the Water Park as The Narrorator is leaving.

Cassey and Lydia are the main protagonists of Boba Pearl's comic series, Steppe into the Ring, who was a guest artist for this panel.

George Washingtoad

A patriotic Toad seen on Chapter 26: Anguish, Page 15.

George Washingtoad is a Toad first seen in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, fighting for the freedom of the Thirteen Mushroom Colonies.

Leslie and Brianne

A lesbian couple seen enjoying themselves at the Water Park.

Leslie and Brianne are the main characters of the webcomic series Leslie and Brianne made by Keith Stack.

Mr. Dink

A purple skinned man seen enjoying himself at the Water Park.

Mr. Dink, also known as Bud Dink, is a friend of Doug's in the television series Doug.

Toy Chica

An animatronic who is seen enslaving a security guard using her gigantic ass in a picture viewed by Chapter 26's truck driver.

Toy Chica originates from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 as one of the new antagonists.

Wally / Waldo

Wally / Waldo waiting in line.

Seen on Chapter 26: Anguish, Page 2 as one of the Water Park's guests.

Wally / Waldo is the main character of the series Where's Wally? (also known as Where's Waldo? in America.)