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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Orange
Eye color Black
Personal information
Affiliation The Defenders
Enemies The Trolls
First appearance Chapter 5, Page 14
Last appearance Chapter 24, Page 14
In real life
Actual name Dexter
First appearance Dexter's Laboratory
Changes (1995)
Franchise Dexter's Laboratory
you keep looking down at me like that, im gonna punch you in the balls
Dexter, Chapter 11, Page 8

Dexter is a Defender appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. He is a small child who helps train Tails for his battle with The Trolls.


Dexter is a small individual, apparently only matching the size of one of Tails' "teddy bares". Much of his body is covered by his Defenders robe, leaving only his head sticking out.


Before joining the Defenders, not much is known about his prior life. Dexter is first seen when Tails is introduced to the group by Pori.

He does not train Tails until after he finishes training with Cheeto Man. Tails initially makes fun of him for his height and resemblance to one of his old teddy bares. Dexter refuses to tell Tails his backstory before explaining what he is good at, namely, building robots and machinery before gifting Tails a wrist mounted rocket launcher and Sonic's Chaos Emerald before leaving.

Much later, after the truth about Cheeto Man is revealed, Dexter is seen spying on Tails from within his private lab using the Chaos Emerald (revealed to be a fake) and is joined by Vivian. He is frustrated over the events that have taken place, noting that Hello Kitty sleeping with Tails was something they had not expected to happen, resulting in Cheeto Man's wrath.


Dexter appears to look down on those less intelligent than him, as seen when he states that he cannot teach Tails anything due to his mind not being on the same level as his own. Despite insulting him, however, he does appear to care for Tails' well being as it is revealed that he is spying on Tails after he flees from the Defenders' Base. (The same scene also shows that he is incredibly frustrated over Knuckles leaving Tails to fend for himself).


As Dexter mentions, he is skilled at making robots and "high level" machinery, though what types of robots he creates are unknown at this point.

Real Life Differences

Dexter is originally from the TV series Dexter's Laboratory, in which he is a child genius with a secret laboratory he keeps hidden from his parents. He often finds himself at odds with various other characters in the show, particularly his sister.


Not much appears to be different from Dexter's television appearance to his character in Tails Gets Trolled, other than his hairstyle lacking the strands of hair sticking out from the back of his head.