Chapter 26: Anguish

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Chapter 26:
Release dates
Cover date August 3rd, 2022
Page date August 24th, 2022 -
December 23, 2022
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Script Script
Character debuts Narrateur, Aliyah, Okino, Grace, Jackson
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Chapter 26: Anguish is the twenty-sixth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled.


Pori smiling.

The chapter opens with a brief interlude to the most recent episode of Dragon Ball Z, where the Hell Hound is shown preparing to finish off a young, defenseless Rob. Tom, injured nearby, pleads for the Hell Hound to spare Rob but is ignored. He then throws himself onto the Hell Hound and orders Silver to use his special beam cannon to finish off the both of them.

In the main universe, the family of the late Hogwart is shown suffering within their home, wondering where Hogwart himself has gone. The scene then moves to The Narrorator leaving the Water Park. He begins wandering around West Troll City. He is depressed over the loss of his role as the comic's narrorator and is eventually stopped by a group of trolls who begin to troll him. Having heard enough, the Narrorator silently walks onto the middle of the street and stands before the headlights of an oncoming truck, ready to end his own life. He is then saved by a yellow blur, revealed to be Spongebob. Spongebob murders two of the trolls harrassing The Narrorator and questions the remaining one about the whereabouts of Squidward.

The troll claims to know nothing about Squidward and is then cut down by Spongebob. The Narrorator then begins to talk to Spongebob as he begins to walk off. Spongebob has a brief flashback to when he revisted Saralite, asking if there is a possibility of freeing Patrick's soul. Saralite then says she is willing to free Patrick's soul, but only if she receives a soul of equal value. In the present, The Narrorator begins to badger Spongebob, begging to come along on his journey. Spongebob ignores him until the Narrorator offers to guide him through West Troll City, stating that he knows the place like the back of his ballsack. Spongebob agrees and the newly formed allies begin to explore.

Meanwhile, within Coyote's book, Coyote awakens and finds himself in the purple realm, inches away from Demaro. He begins to ponder the recent events he has gone through, realizing that the figure who had offered him power previously was Satan and empathizes with Demaro's situation, noting himself to be alike with him. The ghost of Garry then intrudes, and begins to irritate Coyote. After some banter, Coyote moves away from Garry and towards a nearby tree where he begins to meditate.

The scene then moves to Knuckles, who is seen wandering around Cocoa Jungle high as shit and dazed. With his newly acquired bong from an unknown location, he begins to smoke more weed and remembers what his actual mission is, which is to find Shadow. Knuckles then moves and locates a ruined troll camp and is taken aback when he sees the corpses of many trolls lying about. He moves closer into the camp, calling for Shadow, but is knocked unconscious by one of Teemo's poisonous mushrooms.

Trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom

Mario, alone in a bathroom after doing drugs.

Meanwhile, having left his outpost, Mario is seen riding Yoshi back to the Mushroom Kingdom. On the way back he runs into Daisy who asks about Luigi's whereabouts. Unable to tell the truth about what happened, Mario forces a smile and says they went they're separate ways before leaving. Mario, now at Peach's Castle, is greeted by the Toad guards who escort him to the princess' chambers, warning him that things have not been well while he was away.

Upon entering Peach's room, she immediately reaches out and grabs Mario by his overalls, demanding to know what had happened while he was away. Mario confirms Luigi's death to Peach, causing her to cry. Mario also confirms that Troll King had killed Luigi, angering Peach as she states that their treaty with Troll City may be in danger because of his reckless actions. Peach then begs Mario to stop his war against the trolls for the sake of the Mushroom Kingdom and kisses him on the forehead.

However, Mario is angered as he states that giving up will only put Luigi's death in vain. Peach and Mario argue with one another, with Peach stating that a war will only lead to many more people dying. In his anger, Mario calls Peach a whore which causes Peach to admit to having sexual relations with Bowser and Donkey Kong while he was away, shocking Mario. Mario, furious, moves towards Peach and slaps her in the face. Peach then summons her guards to arrest Mario for assault, and moments later, Toads armed with spears enter her chambers. Mario flees in a panic, accidentally murdering a Toad in self defense as they charge him. As he stops in a corridor, additional Toads, unaware of what had transpired between Mario and the princess, appear. Mario asks the Toads to follow him to an area outside the castle, where he explains the truth to them. He asks the Toads to believe in his plan to defeat the Trolls, and is touched to see that the Toads still support him when he asks for them to work with him. After chugging down another bottle of beer, Mario makes his way to a bar and purchases drugs from Tony the Tiger, and sits in a bathroom alone as he shoots up.

Wanda Bread approaches Hulk.

Meanwhile, Hulk is seen once again attempting to return to the Troll Slaiyers after purchasing Wonder Bread from a local Walmart. On his way back, Hulk is stalked by Wanda Bread who is seen creepily fantasizing over Hulk from the cover of trees. Hulk, hearing noises in the distance, calls out for her to reveal herself. After crawling out from the bushes and scurrying towards Hulk, Wanda Bread shows herself and begins to lust over Hulk in front of him. She states that she had violated Hulk in his sleep on multiple occasions, disturbing him greatly. Unamused, Hulk raises his arms and claps them on Wanda's head, killing her in a gory mess. Hulk then picks up his bread and makes his way to a rock, where he pulls out some jam from a bush to enjoy his meal at last.

Left Alone

Tails destroys the panther.

The scene then moves to the survivors of the House of God attack led by Sinu, who are making their way to camp. Having endured enough of Chad's complaints, Boah threatens to harm him if he does not stop. Mike Power also suggests, in Spanish, that the group returns after leading the less combat capable members to safety to kill Sinu's group for their asses but no one is able to understand him fully. Amongst the bickering, Alice has a flashback to the time before she left for the House of God. She remembers arguing with her sister, Aliyah, and witnessing her parents argue over if she should be allowed to return following Chapter 9. After some back and forth, Boah, having arrived with Jackson to inform them that they have gathered wood to help prepare for the winter, offers to take her there and protect her. After hugging everyone goodbye, Alice tears up as her memory ends and she looks to her phone with several missed calls to her father.

A brief scene of Teemo and Chucky Kong smoking weed occurs, where Shadow is made aware of Knuckles' state and demands that Teemo rescue him. Afterwards, the scene moves to Tails, who is finding ways to survive in the jungle. He reminisces over past events, wishing that things had not become so complicated. He flies off looking for a place to shelter in from the snow and finds a large cave. Upon entering, he comes face to face with a large bear and flees in a panic before resting upon another tree branch. Now beginning to starve, Tails decides to pull out Pacman's book to read and get advice on hunting. He is unable to process the large amount of text Pacman leaves behind but makes an attempt to hunt.

As he searches through the pack of supplies given to him by Vivian, Tails is paralyzed when he pulls out a small knife and remembers the villains he had witnessed with Shadow slitting the throat of the Dick Taker. Now panicked and throwing up, Tails decides to instead forage for food using a different method. As he travels in search of berries while Ronald watches, he remembers a time when Sonic set a snare to capture animals to make meat out of and attempts to do the same after tearing up and steeling his resolve to avenge Sonic and Amy. His monologue is interrupted, however, by a panther leaping from the bushes and ambushing him.

Tails makes use of his illusionary powers to conjure shadow hands to pull the panther off of him, but is injured as the panther slashes at his shoulder. He then uses his training in the art of hand to hand combat to combo the panther into the air before taking aim with his wrist mounted rocket launcher gifted by Dexter to obliterate the panther in a bloody explosion. This series of actions surprises Ronald, who had not expected Tails to retain any of the teachings he had learned from The Defenders. As Tails recovers, his surroundings darken as a shadowy figure of Sonic appears.

Ronald is blinded as Tails is approached by a mysterious figure who chastises him for taking the life of an animal. The voice taunts Tails, saying that he will need to accept its' help if he wishes to defeat the likes of Cheeto Man in the future. Tails denies the voice but it laughs, stating that he will reconsider sooner or later as he fades away. Tails moves to a nearby swamp to clean the blood off of him when he encounters Alex, who is drinking the swamp water. Tails steels himself as he and Alex face off, ready to fight.

En Conclusion

The church Silver and friends were brought to.

The scene then moves over to the bodies of Silver, Rob, and Blaze, still unconscious from their battles. Rob begins to dream about his battle with Hindo, recalling the moments after he had punched Hindo into a pillar. As he watched Hindo lay dying, he, for a brief moment, sees Satan bartering with Hindo. Hindo, in tears and not willing to die, accepts Satan's offer and transforms into a more demonic state. Now recovered, he fires horrifying black lightning at Rob. Rob uses the Call Dragon shout to summon Helgrim to aid him in the battle, but his efforts would be futile as Helgrim is struck with black lightning. As Rob's dream ends, the scene moves to Blaze's memories of what had happened. After talking to Silver using a walkie talkie, she notices Hindo and Rob continuing their battle from above and wishes to help him. However, she notices Mauller approaching from the distance. Surprised by the existence of dragons, Mauller moves in to help Hindo but is stopped by Blaze. Mauller easily overpowers Blaze, who only escapes by triggering a fiery explosion which Mauller protects himself from using his newfound powers.

Blaze then awakens and is surprised to see Silver's beaten body. As she holds him in her arms, she notices the white strings used to mend his severed hand and wonders who could have fixed. A voice speaks out and Blaze turns around to see the ghost of Sylvester manifesting before her and Rob, who is awoken. Sylvester explains that he had been watching the group in spirit and notes that even in death he was able to keep his strings, something that he did not think was possible. He theorizes that it is due to him being able to maintain his neutral state of emotions even as he laid dying. He explains to the group his more stealthy approach to using his strings, as he learned how to control them in his sleep. As he watched the group face impending doom, he tried in desperation to use his powers while dead and was surprised to see that it actually worked, allowing him to pull the group to safety. Before he parts, he tells the group to keep his body for Coyote to potentially use and tells them he had left Tom inside the church they were brought to so that he could be buried respectfully. As Rob and Blaze carry the corpses inside, Leon appears from behind a nearby tree, revealing himself to have been tracking them the whole time.


  • This is the first chapter to not have a square shaped cover, but rather a vertical rectangle shape.