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Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Skin color Light
Personal information
Likes El Primo
First appearance Chapter 27, Page 19
Last appearance Chapter 27, Page 26
In real life
Actual name Pam
First appearance Brawl Stars (9/4/2017 update)
Franchise Brawl Stars

Pam is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Pam is first introduced in the story during one of Colt's flashbacks. She attends a beach outgoing with her fellow Brawl Stars allies and is shown relaxing on the beach with Piper. The two gossip, with Pam claiming that Frank and Nita are a couple. Pam laments the fact that all of their male friends are (supposedly) gay, and teases Piper that she'd like a piece of El Primo.

Later, as Sinu begins his attack, Pam is shown tearing through skeletons and healing up her partners. Buzz drops news of Colette's death, shocking Pam, before a skeleton throws a molotov which clogs her weapon. She is then engulfed by an explosion alongside Buzz, Piper, and Jessie.


Pam is able to deploy a healing station which heals nearby allies. She is also able to use the Scrapsucker, a technique in which she absorbs incoming projectiles and fires them back at her foes, which she uses to protect Piper and the others with.

Real Life Origins

Pam is an Epic-tier brawler appearing in the mobile game, Brawl Stars.


Pam's Scrapsucker gadget appears to have a re-imagined purpose in Tails Gets Trolled. In the original game it drains enemy ammo upon hitting an opponent, whereas in Tails Gets Trolled the concept behind the weapon has expanded into Pam absorbing enemy fire and firing it back.