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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Sinuu (Chapter 25.5, Page 7)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Light
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Personal information
Affiliation Satanism, The Neutrals
Allies Minion
Enemies Vinny the Piss, Demaro
First appearance Chapter 25, Page 22
Last appearance Chapter 27, Page 26
In real life
Actual name Sinu
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 25, Page 22 (2022)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
Your entire religion and purpose here is a lie, and your influence is a stain on society's sanity and reality..
Sinu, Chapter 25.5, Page 2

Sinu is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled.


Sinu is a light skinned, tall man with black hair and a small, pointed beard. He also appears to have thick black eyebrows and rotted teeth. Sinu's eyes are typically black, but can glow purple when emoting.

Sinu also has purple markings on his hand resembling those of a Satanic Neutral like Demaro.


Sinu first appears in Tails Gets Trolled examining the remains of the fountain used by Kelic to create more Neutrals, after the scene moves away from Troll King. Accompanied by Minion, he is quick to shut down his companion's theory that Kelic neglected his duty to protect the fountain, stating the Kelic might have simply died defending it. After a moment of silence, Minion points at a local church nearby and suggests that they should ask the locals as to what happened, killing them if need be. Sinu smiles devilishly as he agrees to check the church.

Sinu ordering Minion to kill Sister Fister.

Later in the chapter, Sinu interrupts the Church's service and enters the scene from a portal, aided by armored skeletons controlled by Minion. After making his grand entrance, he taunts the Christians with knowledge of the Giants who are the true higher beings of the religion before ordering Minion to kill Sister Fister for her outburst using a skeleton armed with a crossbow. Al Sex then charges at Sinu in anger but is cleaved by a sword wielding skeleton as Sinu stands, menacingly. He then reveals his true intentions, showing that he had no intention of talking with the group (having killed Sister Fister in retaliation for the deaths of other "Legion" members caused by the Christians) and reveals two members of the church to be his spies, Chris Chin and Evangeline. Mrs No Kisses screams of treason before she is quickly shot down by Minion while Sinu asks his spies for information.

From his spies, Sinu learns some information surrounding the deaths of Kelic and Bjorn (the Satanist with yellow hair who had appeared to battle the Christians during the climax of Chapter 9: fuds choice). Chris Chin states that the church is responsible for Bjorn's death, but before Sinu can continue, Brogan (the small, bat wielding child from Chapter 9) runs up to the traitors, unable to accept that they would do such a thing. Sinu smirks ominously as he watches Brogan kill Vinny the Piss (another background character seen during Chapter 9) before ordering the Church to be burned to the ground. He then murders Brian Damage personally using his powers before Kit and Narrow crash through the window the church.

Sinu asks Kit what business he has intruding on his visit before noticing that Narrow is one of Mr. Clair's legendary birds. He then offers to spare the remaining churchgoers in exchange for taking Narrow with him. Narrow agrees, and after briefly being scared by Mike Power Sinu leaves the church through a portal alongside Narrow.


Sinu smiling.

Sinu is also shown to be a bit of a sadist during his visit to the house of God as he murders the Christians with zero remorse, especially as he watches Kill Thy Chris Chin Neighbor emotionally manipulate Brogan into murdering Vinny the Piss. He does appear to have some level of care/concern for his fellow Satanists/Legion members, citing Sister Fister's death as vengeance for the deaths of his Legion allies. Notably, he seems angered when Minion suggests the idea of killing Kelic for not defending the fountain, and defends Kelic by stating that he might have died in battle protecting it.


Sinu is a Neutral, having the traditional markings on his hands, albeit purple colored as opposed to the others seen beforehand. He also appears to be a Satanic Neutral, having the mark of the pentagram on his hands like Demaro, and does not seem to need to keep emotional neutrality in order to use his powers. On Chapter 25.5: Wicked Influence Part 2, Page 7 he is shown lifting Brian Damage into the air and kills him by closing his hand, causing Damage's eyes to bulge with blood spewing from his mouth as his body is crushed.