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Biographical info
Relatives Colt (husband)
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Skin color Light
Eye color Black
Personal information
First appearance Chapter 27, Page 18
Last appearance Chapter 27, Page 26
Dead (killed by Sinu)
In real life
Actual name Piper
First appearance Brawl Stars (3/7/2017 update)
Franchise Brawl Stars

Piper is a character appearing in Tails Gets Trolled. She is Colt's wife and was killed in the past, sending her husband on a quest for revenge.


Piper has blonde hair, adorned with a pink flower. During Colt's flashback, Piper appears wearing a pink dress.


At some point in the past, Piper had married Colt and later, had gotten pregnant with him. Piper first appears in a flashback during Chapter 27: Shadow's Nightmare. She is shown leaving for the beach with her friends for an outing. In the carriage, she talks about her future baby, with Penny chiming in to be their sitter. Upon reaching the beach, Piper and the others spread out to enjoy their day. Piper talks with Pam over the activities of Nita and Frank, and is ruffled when Pam makes a suggestive comment about El Primo. Some time later, the group is attacked by Sinu and Minion, and Piper rushes over to Pam to take cover. She is knocked out by an explosion caused by a molotov jamming Pam's weapon and later awakens to see most of her friends dead. Piper is then approached by Sinu and then executed by him.


Piper appears to be a very cheery person who gets along well with her fellow brawlers, particularly with her husband Colt. She seems to be a little closer with Pam as the two spend their relaxing beach holiday together, chatting. In contrast, she is shown to be extremely defiant when faced by Sinu, refusing to cower before him even when faced with certain death.


Piper is seen carrying an umbrella that functions as a sniper rifle but does not get a opportunity to use it.

Real Life Origins

Piper is an Epic-tier Brawler appearing in the mobile game Brawl Stars, and was the first new character to be added post-launch.


In Tails Gets Trolled she is married to Colt whereas in the original game they are not related to each other in any way. (The game itself also heavily suggests she has feelings for Rico, a robotic Brawler.) She also appears wearing her Choco skin instead of her default outfit.