Chapter 27: Shadow's Nightmare

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Chapter 27:
Shadow's Nightmare
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Release dates
Cover date January 1st, 2023
Page date March 16, 2023 -
November 13th, 2023
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Script Script
Character debuts Wilson, Willow, Nicky, Damian, Nita, Colt, El Primo, Bibi, Piper, Gale, Jessie, Sprout, Penny, Byron, Barley, Pam, Colette, Brock, Stu, Spike, Buzz
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Previous chapter Anguish
Next chapter Shadow's Nightmare 2

Chapter 27: Shadow's Nightmare is the first half of the twenty-seventh chapter of Tails Gets Trolled following Chapter 26: Anguish.


Conflict Amidst The Jungle

The chapter opens by going back to Tails and Alex, who are preparing to fight each other by the swamp. As the two approach each other, Alex begins to troll Tails by bringing up Sonic, causing Tails to get angry. He then swings and lands the first blow, before Alex retaliates. Tails uses his rocket launcher to shoot at Alex, who barely dodges before landing a distance away. Alex picks up a stick to try and intimidate Tails, but Tails catches the stick as Alex swings and takes it from his hand, before landing several blows. Alex is knocked to the ground, and Tails delivers a series of destructive punches to his face. Suddenly, a voice speaks to Tails, urging him to kill Alex. Tails resists, giving Alex a chance to laugh at his hesitation causing Tails to enrage. He then punches Alex with a hard fist to the face, knocking him out and threatening him to not speak of his friends again before leaving.

Shadow uses Chaos Control to fight Knuckles.

Meanwhile, Shadow is seen overlooking Knuckles who has been knocked unconscious by one of Teemo's poisonous mushroom traps. As Knuckles wakes up, he and Shadow begin to discuss recent events, such as Cheeto Man and Amy's current status. Shadow is saddened to hear that Amy has died, and reveals that Amy had told him her story at some point in the past. Shadow asks about the current status of Tails and is angered when Knuckles confesses to having left Tails alone by himself. Shadow is enraged to hear that Knuckles had left Tails all alone by himself and the two get into a brief fight, with Shadow easily overpowering Knuckles. Shadow beats Knuckles until he is unconscious and then orders Vector to patch him up, and make it clear he will not be welcome back.

The scene then moves to FabGhettoZuko running aimlessly in the jungle after abandoning his group in Chapter 25.5. As he flees, he is entrapped by a net and left hanging until he is discovered by Wilson and Willow. Ignoring his attempts at starting a conversation, the two make their way over to the troll before Wilson causally snaps his neck. The duo then take his corpse back to their base where they eat him and talk about their preparations for the winter.

Meanwhile, Demaro awakens once more after having a flashback to the death of his girlfriend, Nicky. He then awakens and attempts to attack Coyote only to realize Coyote has inserted his strings into him again, preventing him from doing so. Demaro then meanders about, shocked over seeing Coyote's new holy powers while Coyote smiles smugly. Coyote returns to his meditation while Demaro walks around, completely ignoring the ghost of Garry who attempts to troll him.

Colt and friends talking in a bar.

A Lovely Beach Party

The scene then shifts to Leon, who is seen in a secret meeting with his sister, Nita. They discuss recent events such as Coyote rejecting Satan and Pori's sudden rise in power before Nita reminds Leon to keep his focus on locating The Triad. The scene then moves to a bar, where Colt, alongside El Primo and Bibi are drinking waiting for Nita who does not show. Colt, seething over the death of his wife Piper, theorizes that Nita has probably joined the trolls like her brother and mentions that the pair has missed out on recent social gatherings. He then flashes back to the last time he saw his wife, Piper.

On some day in the past, Colt is seen seeing Piper off as she and her other Brawl Stars friends leave to go to the beach. While in the carriage led by Gale, Piper confesses to her friends that she is pregnant and has not told Colt the news yet. Upon reaching the beach, the characters scatter, with Gale, Byron, and Barley staying behind to tend to their horses. Piper and Pam relax together, gossiping about El Primo's supposedly questionable sexuality as well as her upcoming baby. Brock, surprised to hear the news, tries to call Colt but is told to stop as Piper wants to surprise him.

Byron and Barley fight off the skeletons.

Meanwhile, at the carriages, the trio talk about their past work before Gale is suddenly struck with a green arrow. Moments later, Byron and Barley find themselves surrounded by green skeletons. Byron manages to revive Gale using his syringes and, with Barley, the two order Gale to run and warn the others while they stay behind to brawl. Launching syringes and molotovs everywhere, the two manage to knock out some skeletons before Byron is suddenly possessed.

The Brawl Stars Massacre

Byron attacks Barley against his own will, knocking him off balance. Making use of the opportunity, a skeleton moves in and executes Barley by shooting him with a bolt through the head. Minion then appears, taunting Byron by stating that he is doing this for "fun" when asked. He compliments Byron's healing prowess before executing him, through conjuring a spear and axe with his strings. Meanwhile, as Gale is rushing away, Sinu teleports in and effortlessly kills him through launching a string through his head before teleporting away.

Back at the beach, Buzz is seen lifeguarding the others when he notices Colette and Jessy suddenly go under. Out of caution he follows them, only to see that the two are being dragged under by Minion's skeletons. Buzz bashes the skeleton holding Jessy and frees her, taking her up to the surface before going back for Colette. As he approaches Colette however, the skeleton stabs her throught the stomach, killing her in plain view of Buzz. Angered, Buzz throws his buoy at the skeleton and them chomps down on his head, getting stabbed himself in the process before recovering Colette's body. As he reaches the surface however, he and the other brawlers are met with a horde of skeletons, alongside Sinu and Minion watching them from atop a nearby cliff.

The skeletons begin their advance and the brawlers fight back. Piper runs for cover and joins Pam, who heals the rest of the group using her powers. However, a skeleton lodges a molotov inside her minigun, causing it to explode, catching Pam, Piper, Buzz, and Jessy in the blast. Elsewhere, Sprout destroys some skeletons using his plant grenades but is intercepted by Sinu erecting a pillar of sharp strings from underneath him, impaling Sprout. Brock and Penny take note of Sinu and attempt to attack him directly, but are quickly shut down by Sinu destroying his rockets mid-flight and Minion re-aiming Penny's cannon to attack herself.

Piper looks around the beach.

Some moments later, Piper, having survived the explosion looks around to her the bodies of her friends strewn over. Sinu then approaches her, taunting her as she struggles to face him. When asked about his reason, he simply states that he enjoys it before brutalizing Piper's body and leaving.


  • Page 26 of this episode receives the mark for being the longest page in the Tails Gets Trolled.
  • Page 11 and Page 12 took so long to make by the artist working on those pages (Nini Rosé) that a poll was held asking the community if they wanted skip those pages and chapter to continue the chapter. The chapter continued, and those pages were released later.