Spring Water Lake

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An outlook of the location.

The Spring Water Lake is a location in Tails Gets Trolled. It is a lake surrounded by mountains, trees and which's water feeds the nearby flowers. The emeralds inside the lake would illuminate and cause the nearby flowers to illuminate each night.


This location is where Amy used to live before Eggman kidnaps her, and exclusively appears from chapter 18 to chapter 19 inside Amy's flashback.

Amy was the only inhabitant of the lake, but Sonic would later join her after he breaks his leg by stumbling down a mountain. Amy was shy of Sonic at first, but they would later love each other.

Then Eggman finds the lake one day later, thanks to Sonic since he was being pursued by him. Eggman has since planned to use the Chaos Emeralds from the lake to power up his robots.

Sonic encouraged Amy to run away with him, but she refuses, so she gets captured by Eggman who took her to his lair. The lake would never be heard of in later pages of the comic.



  • The lake has an uncanny similarity with Azure Lake from Sonic 3 & Knuckles however in Tails Gets Trolled, the lake is unnamed. Azure Lake is a level that can be selected from the competition mode of Sonic 3 & Knuckles.