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Spoiler warning! Read with caution.


Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Big Daddy (by Toke)
Age Young adult (during flashback)
Around 30 (after)[1]
Omelette (son)
Physical description
Species Hedgehog
Gender Female
Fur color Pink
Eye color Green
Personal information
Affiliation None
Allies Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow
Enemies Eggman, Hello Kitty
First appearance Chapter 10, Page 4
Last appearance Chapter 27.5, Page 6
Dead (killed by Cheeto Man, was the only one that was not destroyed by Shadow)
In real life
Actual name Amy Rose
First appearance Sonic CD (1993)
Franchise Sonic the Hedgehog
[...] I felt like nothing could ruin our peaceful bliss. I felt lucky to be alive..
Amy, Chapter 18, Page 21

Amy Rose is Sonic's girlfriend. She is first seen in the story in Chapter 10, and plays a role in shaping Sonic's background and motivations for the story.


Amy's new attire.

Much like Sonic, Amy is a pink hedgehog who has a similar body structure with the other hedgehogs in the comic. Her quills are pointed downwards instead of upwards/outwards like the others, however. Amy wears a red dress unlike the other hedgehogs who are "naked", with the exceptions of her white gloves and boots. She also appears to wear white undergarments as seen when she enters the hottub with Knuckles and Tails.

After Sonic's death, Amy trades away her red dress and headband, exchanging them for black variants as she mourns for Sonic. She is also wearing black makeup/eye-liner.


The Breeze of the Storm

Amy lived peacefully by herself in an unnamed area known for its giant lake, which held many Chaos Emeralds inside it. One day, Sonic discovers the place while he is on the run from Eggman and stumbles into the area, injuring his leg. Amy hides and watches from the distance at first, and approaches him once he falls asleep. She trips on a root and wakes Sonic, and tries to hide herself. To her surprise, Sonic offers his hand out and helps her up. The two talk and bond very quickly after Amy uses her coat to help cover Sonic's injuries. That night, the two kiss and almost have sex, but chose not to as Amy wanted to wait until marriage to do so. The pair then choose to sleep together instead.

The next day, Eggman locates Sonic and invades the area that Amy had lived in for years. Sonic tries to convince Amy to escape with him but she refuses, stating that she would rather die than leave the area. In retribution for constantly wasting his time, Eggman kidnaps Amy instead. Amy tearfully watches as Sonic desperately attempts to rescue her, but he is unsuccessful and she is taken away.

The Storm


Inside one of Eggman's numerous bases, Amy is surprised when she sees that he does not intend to use her as a lab rat, and instead is taken to a pink bedroom by one of Eggman's robots. Eggman enters and explains how his plans have been ruined by Sonic and states that he will take something from Amy as revenge. Amy is pushed onto the bed and then raped by Eggman, regretting the fact that she did not have sex with Sonic. Amy is kept locked in the room for years, and raped by Eggman daily, eventually hitting the point where she describes herself as being "like a corpse".

Eggman stops Amy from killing herself.

One day, Amy has an orgasm whilst being raped due to seeing Sonic in place of Eggman. The next day, Amy attempts suicide by hanging herself in disgust of what happened, but is "saved" by the evil doctor. Amy begs to die, but Eggman laughs, bragging about how he has already killed Sonic and destroyed Amy's home area to taunt her.

Since that day, Amy is kept chained to the bed with a tube feeding her through the mouth, and her legs spread out for "easy access" each day.



The agony continues as Amy would soon become pregnant from Eggman repeatedly raping her. At some unknown point in time, Amy enters labor and is strapped to a hospital bed by Eggman. After a painful and terrifying procedure, she gives birth to a human/hedgehog abomination much to Eggman's glee.

After much time passes, she sees Sonic enter the room and, years later after her abduction, saves her (now mentally and physically) broken self from Eggman's captivity. In the time after, Sonic spends much of his time helping Amy recover from her traumatic experience. Once she gains the will to speak again, she opens up to Sonic about what Eggman did to her while she was captured. Sonic loses himself in anger and swears to kill the doctor in revenge. The two hedgehog's relationship begins to grow strained over the years as they continue a cycle of bickering and making up.

The Storm Passes


As Tails Gets Trolled begins, Sonic returns angrily from being trolled. He and Amy then have sex, but Amy notices something is off. After they finish, Amy ends their relationship as she does not take kindly to being used as a sexual relief by Sonic.

The next time Amy would see Sonic is moments before leaves to confront the Troll King. Amy asks about what happened to Tails (in reference to him being beat up by Alex in Chapter 2) before watching Sonic leave, assuring her that he will be back. Some time later, Knuckles informs Amy that Sonic was killed by the Troll King, causing her to cry.

Amy makes a brief appearance in Chapter 10 where Knuckles brings her to Shadow's troll slaiying group. Shadow offers his condolences and swears to kill the trolls to avenge Sonic, but quickly goes back to his training/plan making.

The Weed Party

She is not seen again until Chapter 18, where she is invited to the weed party as one of Knuckles' hoes. Her appearance has changed from her usual red dress to a black one, complete with black eyeliner. She reunites with Tails and the two briefly chat before Knuckles offers her a chance to smoke weed for the first time in a hot tub, while briefly getting into a quarrel with Hello Kitty before doing so.

Knuckles and Amy invite Tails over to the hot tub, and Amy explains her tragic backstory to Tails leaving both him and Knuckles shocked. When she is done, she kisses Tails, enraging Hello Kitty and the two fight before Knuckles breaks them up and leaves with Amy. While they are alone, Knuckles confesses his hidden feelings for Amy the two have sex (with Sonic briefly appearing to Amy in place of Knuckles).


The next day, Knuckles and Amy prepare to meet with Cheeto Man, and it is revealed that Knuckles plans to sell Amy to him to join his hoe ring. Before leaving with Tails, Knuckles reveals that his bitches that he brought to the party were not STD-free and that this was all a ploy to infect everyone involved with the clap in order to wipe out Cheeto Man's ring.

As Knuckles and Tails leave, Knuckles explains that he had sex with Amy in order to infect her with the clap (having contracted it himself by having sex with Rogue in in Chapter 1) in order to spare Amy from the pain of being another whore. Knuckles then shows Tails a landfill littered with the corpses of the girls brought to the party -- Amy included.

Never-ending Horrors


Amy is not seen again until a brief flashback during Chapter 24: Coyote's Wrath. During a flashback held by an exhausted Tails, she appears watching the fox play with an ant hill. As some time passes, Amy suddenly begins to rot into a form resembling what her body had looked like when it was disposed off. Amy then claims that she wanted to die as she pulls Tails into her arms and kisses him as maggots crawl from her rotten mouth into his.


Before being captured by Eggman, Amy is shown to be shy towards other people as seen when she initially hides from Sonic. She quickly warms up to him however and the two quickly become lovers.


After her capture, Amy becomes extremely depressive. She is at first unable to speak due to her trauma, but slowly returns to a more "normal" life where she and Sonic act as parental figures to Tails. She is more irritable post-Eggman, frequently getting into arguments with Sonic over small matters. Despite the bickering, however, she deeply cares for Sonic and as expanded upon in Polished, her affair with Knuckles is motivated not by lust but by her desire to push Sonic away so he can be free of her. Her condition worsens after learning of Sonic's death. She becomes suicidal, willingly taking the clap from Knuckles in order to be killed and freed from her suffering.


During her flashback in Chapter 19, Amy is shown to be capable of using a hammer when fighting against Eggman's robots.

In Tails Gets Trolled Polished, Cream claims that Amy's vagina has a gravitational pull for penises.


You're not getting it, i'm a piece of trash.. What you see is your own imagination, i'm a whore. You're nothing to me.. Now, stop wasting your time and stop wasting mine.
—Amy speaking to Knuckles before they make love, Chapter 20, Page 5

Real Life Origins

Amy Rose first debuted in Sonic CD as Sonic's unwanted admirer. Since then, she has been generally characterized as being a caring (if obsessive) person towards Sonic who wishes to be in a relationship with him. She is also close allies with other members of Sonic's circle of friends such as Tails and Knuckles.


The Amy portrayed in Tails Gets Trolled is considerably more violent and depressive than the one usually portrayed in the Sonic series (though her violent interactions with Hello Kitty may or may not be a side effect of smoking weed or the trauma she went through).

Unlike her main series counterpart, she and Sonic are in a relationship here while they are not (and likely never will, as Sonic is greatly opposed to the idea of marrying her, and only considers her a close friend) in the main series. She's also much older in TGT, being an adult, compared to the Sonic games where she is 12 in most appearances.

Amy does not have gonorrhea in the Sonic series.



  • Amy's backstory is partially based off of a person Lazerbot knew in real life.[2]