Chapter 18: The eye of the storm

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Chapter 18:
The eye of the storm
Release dates
Cover date September 26, 2013
Page date October 2, 2013 -
November 25, 2013
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Script Script
Character debuts Skat, Fluttershy, Candy Kong, Jessy, Patty, Tonya
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Previous chapter Psychological Assessment
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Chapter 18: The eye of the storm is the eighteenth chapter of Tails Gets Trolled, covering Cheeto Man's wild party and Doug's quest to prove he is not a homosexual. Amy also begins to tell her backstory to Tails and Knuckles.


Doug and Patty

Doug awakens from passing out last chapter and decides to find Vivian to help relieve his raging desire for sex. As he stumbles about, he comes across Skeeter sleeping in his own bed and mistakes him for her. He then shuts off the lights and the two begin to have sex.

Meanwhile, in Cheeto Man's room, Skat and Fluttershy make a brief appearance annoying Knuckles and the rest before running off. They are soon joined by the whores called over by Knuckles, who are revealed to be Candy Kong, Jessy, Rouge, and Patty. Candy explains that she and Rouge just finished having sex before being called and explains her background with Donkey Kong. She claims that Donkey Kong had gotten the clap from Peach and almost passed it on to her, but she soon left him. Knuckles also asks Patty about Doug and she explains that she and Doug have not talked for 10 years after an incident where she asked him about their feelings for each other, but Doug broke down crying, claiming that he is not gay for not acting on them. Knuckles also mentions to her that Doug is in the base, leading to Patty exiting the room to look for him and say hello. As she leaves, the gang decides to play billiards together.

Patty catches Doug and Skeeter in the act.

On her way out, Patti finds herself in a long hallway and follows a trail of puke to Doug. She stumbles upon Doug and Skeeter in the middle of an intense session of lovemaking, interrupting the two. Doug is surprised and confused, believing Skeeter to be Vivian, while Patty quickly snaps a picture of the two before leaving. On her way back, she encounters Amy, who had also been called to join the party by Knuckles. Now dressed in black to mourn for Sonic, she states that she was given a strange address to come to and took Tails' plane to travel there. Patty offers to show Amy the way to the party. On her way back they encounter Hello Kitty. She does not initially plan on joining the party but is convinced to after talking to Patty.

The Party Intensifies

Amy and Knuckles meet up with Tails inside Cheeto Man's room.

Now back at the party, Amy is overjoyed to see Tails again and runs over to hug him. They mention Shadow, who as Knuckles describes him, has changed a lot since Tails last saw him, and advises him to not follow in his footsteps. Hello Kitty begins to seethe from the sidelines and sasses Amy when they speak, insulting her as Knuckles takes her away to the hot tub. Spyro and Jessy begin making out and Tails goes to talk to Hello Kitty, offering her a blunt as well. Over at the hot tub, Knuckles and Amy are relaxing together. Knuckles offers her a joint to help her relax, but she caughs over smoking it for the first time. Meanwhile, Spyro begins having sex with both Jessy and Rouge on the pool table.

Over at Cheeto Man's table, he is seen laughing at the picture of Doug taken earlier, along with Candy and Patty. Suddenly, Tonya appears and Cheeto Man pulls her aside to talk in a private room. Tonya says that she came early after finishing her shift and letting Marlyn take her place. He then scolds Tonya and threatens to harm her if she casually refers to him as "Daddy" in front of the others, giving away a hint at Cheeto Man's profession.

Back at the party, Spryo begins to get rough with Jessy and Rouge, alternating between dicking them both. He then takes a pool stick and shoves between Jessy's legs for pleasure. Elsewhere in the room, Hello Kitty and Tails are having a deep conversation about the future of this world. Hello Kitty asks if Tails believes that peace can be attained one day and he tells her to ask Pacman instead. Irritated, she chides him for not taking things seriously. Tails responds back by saying that he is unsure of what to focus on since there is a lot happening and a lot of people guiding him around while Hello Kitty tells him that he is not the only one with "shit on his plate" and that he should pay more attention to what is happening. After giving it some thought, Tails does say that he believes that one day the world will be peaceful. Hello Kitty then flusters him by asking if he believes in true love before grabbing his hand and taking him away. They pass by Amy and Knuckles are are stopped by the former, much to Kitty's annoyance.

Breeze of the Storm

The area where Amy lives.

Tails decides to relax with Knuckles and Amy while Hello Kitty waits from the sidelines, stating that she does not like water. In the hot tub, Amy decides to tell Tails the story of how she and Sonic met. In the past, she used to live a secret mountainous area with a lake in the center. She lived peacefully alone until one day, Sonic trips and falls into a flower field, injuring his leg in the process. Amy spies on him as he runs over to the lake to rest. She attempts to move closer to him, but trips on a root and falls, alerting him of her presence once a wind blows and reveals her. Sonic approaches Amy and lends an arm out to help her up, and together they make their way back to the lake. At the lake, Amy mends Sonic's wound and the two spend the rest of the day together, laughing and smiling.

That night, Sonic stays with Amy and watches at the lake sparkles due to all the Chaos Emeralds located within it. He looks over to Amy and the two stare at each other and kiss.