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TIME PRISON is a well-known edit related to Tails Gets Trolled. Many are led to believe that the events actually occurred in the comic when in reality, they do not.


TIME PRISON was originally made by Twitter user @goodbyeearl on March 13th, 2019.[1] They created the comic by rearranging panels from Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of Sonic, Shadow, and Bugs speaking, and replacing the original dialogue with their own. Many users latched on to the comic, and the tweet would soon amass several likes and retweets (totaling 4.9K Retweets and 11.5K Likes as of December 2020). The next day, @goodbyeearl would clarify in the replies that the art is originally from Tails Gets Trolled.

The edit would become notorious enough that some would mistake it for an actual happening within Tails Gets Trolled, particularly on Twitter, where it has been reposted many times, often gaining more traction than @goodbyeearl's original post. One such example of this is a post by Twitter user @sonic06fanclub, which gathered a total of 32.2K Likes (as of December 2020), more than triple of the original tweet.[2] It is sometimes posted without crediting the original creator or referencing the comic itself as well.


The panels first show Bugs, moments after completing a mission that involved him and others rescuing Shadow from a location named TIME PRISON. Bugs asks Shadow what had happened in the while he was waiting. Shadow describes that after 50 years spent in TIME PRISON, he began to lose his sanity.

He then begins to break his fingers over and over again to pass time. Shadow would eventually set his sights on breaking all the bones in his body. He then began to break his arms, ribs, and femurs and that order, breaking them again as they healed. After 5000 years had passed, Shadow's bones have been broken to the point where they became scar tissue.

Shadow's bones would grow back in such a solid state that he was unable to move. He then spent the next 5000 years building muscle mass to break his bones once more, so that he could move. Due to breaking his bones and healing over the span of his time spent in TIME PRISON, his bones would heal instantly.

After this experience, Shadow would discover that his bones would brake at the slightest movement, and instantly heals back. As a result, Shadow is no longer able to feel pain due to being alive for 10 million years. Sonic then points out that Shadow still moves around normally and calls the entire situation stupid.