chapter 2: trolls attack

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chapter 2:
trolls attack
Release dates
Cover date October 17, 2011
Page date October 18, 2011 -
December 15, 2011
Link Chapter 2
Script Script
Character debuts Kirby, Tooth D. Cay, Concave Headed Mother Fucker, Bowser, Teemo, Bugs, Hulk, Rob, Garry, Daffy, Coyote, Eggman, Dill, Bill (Starwars Crue), Machick, Elmer Fudd
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chapter 2: trolls attack is the second chapter of Tails Gets Trolled, released in 2011.


As a new day begins, Tails sees Alex in the middle of trolling Kirby and decides to put what he learned from Shadow to the test and attacks Alex. He is easily overpowered by Alex and is left badly beaten. Meanwhile, Silver approaches Shadow and asks him for help in dealing with trolls. Shadow agrees and calls over some friends to help out. Elsewhere, Bowser also appears and kills some trolls (The Fist in Poo Clan) who are trolling a Goomba.

The Troll Slaiyers

Moving back to Shadow, he reveals who he called previously to help in fighting against the trolls. Shadow introduces Mario, Luigi, Bugs, Hulk, Teemo, and Rob, leading to the creation of the original Troll Slaiyers. The group thinks of where to establish their hideout, and eventually settles upon using Bugs' hole in the ground. Later that night, Tails, still injured, is found by Sonic who rushes to his aid and grabs him (while apologizing for making things look gay for the viewers). Tails explains that he was beaten by an "emo looking troll", angering Sonic.

The Troll Slaiyers are assembled.

The next day, the Troll Slaiyers are seen in Bugs' hideout trying to form a plan. Luigi (now dressed in his "Mr. L" attire) suggests staging a fake Justen Bever concert to draw all the trolls into one area. The scene cuts to Alex and other trolls discussing the Justen Bever concert, knowing that it's a trap. To counter, they reveal that they have taken Daffy hostage.

The Awesome Fucking Plan

The day after, Shadow thanks Coyote for providing aid in building their fake stadium, and the group talks about how news of the concert has spread over various social media platforms. Hulk explains the exact details of Shadow's fucking awesome plan, which involves luring all the trolls into the stadium and then detonating it. Meanwhile, Tails is awoken by Knuckles who informs him that Sonic is seeking revenge against the trolls for what they did, and has gone to the one person that is able to find them -- Eggman. Sonic and Eggman make a deal, with Sonic promising to find the Chaos Emeralds in exchange for the location of the troll's hideout.

The next morning, the trolls assemble at the fake stadium but are greeted by Shadow. Shadow gloats briefly before Alex appears and the two talk, revealing Shadow's past history of being an ex-troll. Alex reveals their hostage, Daffy, and warns the Slaiyers to not do anything or else he will die. Shadow nearly kills Daffy himself to end the stand off before he is stopped by Bugs, stating that Daffy is his gay lover. Fudd also appears hunting Bugs and is convinced by Shadow to help them. Shadow points out how the only reason the trolls have captured Daffy is because they knew Bugs was a part of their group and deduces that someone must have been leaking info to them. That person reveals themselves to be Luigi.