tails gets trolled (Chapter 1)

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This article is regarding the first chapter of the comic. For the series as a whole, see Tails Gets Trolled. For other uses, see Tails Gets Trolled (disambiguation)
tails gets trolled
Release dates
Cover date October 16, 2011
Page date October 10, 2011 -
October 17, 2011
Link Chapter 1
Script Script
Character debuts Tails, Butter Tits, Dick Taker, Sonic, Shadow, Toad, Knuckles, Troll King (hidden), Pori, Rouge, Donkey Kong, Mario, Toke, Kei-so, Brandon, based off of someone we used to know and was mentioned in our old Micah Rat project, Silver, Alex, Goomba, PussySlayer9000, Austin, Luigi
Other chapters
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tails gets trolled is the first chapter of Tails Gets Trolled.


The story begins with Tails lololololol'ing in a empty field when he is attacked by Butter Tits and the Dick Taker. The two call him a retard and Tails begins to cry, and runs off to see Sonic and Shadow. Sonic offers to resolve the situation with peace. Sonic and Tails confront the two trolls (who are trolling Toad), and Sonic asks that they apologize. He is unsuccessful, and returns annoyed after Butter Tits begins to insult Sonic by talking about his girlfriend Amy.

A furious Sonic leaves to have sex with his girlfriend.

Back to where they were previously, Shadow, joined by Knuckles, gloats when he sees that Sonic's peaceful approach was unsuccessful. Sonic angrily leaves to have sex with his girlfriend. Shadow then steps in and offers to show Tails his method of dealing with trolls. Tails and Shadow (joined by Knuckles) set out to find Butter Tits and The Dick Taker once again. Shadow begins to insult the trolls ("baiting", as Knuckles puts it) before moving to punch Butter Tits in the face. He then pulls out a knife, saying that "they cant troll you if there dead" and kills the pair of trolls. Tails watches in horror, and afterwards the trio spend the rest of the night burying the two, high-shoveling when they are done.

The next day, Sonic questions Tails about what he and Knuckles/Shadow were up to the night before and learns that Shadow killed them. Sonic leaves to talk to Shadow. The scene briefly shifts over to Knuckles who is seen sleeping with Rouge and Donkey Kong before shifting over to Shadow, who is sleeping. Pori approaches and the two draw their weapons on each other. Pori explains that he is looking for the one who killed the trolls and discovers that it was Shadow because he was seen "high as shit with a shovel" the night before, and warns him that the trolls are on his trail. Before they can speak further, Mario appears and attacks the both of them, mistaking them for the ones who trolled Toad. Pori uses this opportunity to escape, leaving Mario with Shadow. Shadow convinces Mario that he is not the one who trolled Tails, and Mario leaves.

Shadow decides to find Sonic and warn him that Tails may be a targeted by the trolls. The two hedgehogs meet and argue — Sonic berates Shadow for bringing unneeded violence into the situation, while Shadow fires back by saying that what he did was needed. Tails attempts to stop the two from fighting when Pori reappears with reinforcements. The trolls move to attack the group. Sonic tells Tails to find Knuckles, while Shadow restrains himself from killing while Sonic is around.

The trolls begin to troll Sonic by insulting his girlfriend, Amy, once more. This time, Sonic loses his temper and becomes "Dark Sonic". Pori escapes while Sonic and Shadow kill off the rest of the trolls.

As the chapter ends, Silver is trolled by Alex, and the Mario Bros. kill two trolls after seeing a Goomba getting trolled.



  • Out of all the chapters, this one took the shortest amount of time to be released. All 21 pages and the cover were posted in the span of one week from October 10-17, 2011.
  • The original DeviantArt upload of Page 2, which was the first page uploaded, was titled "Tails Getting Trolled" before changing to "Tails Gets Trolled" for Page 1, which was uploaded over three hours later.[1]
  • As mentioned in the Know Your Meme interview with Lazerbot, the story was not intended to continue beyond the part of Shadow killing the trolls until his first fan, Roninhunt0987, suggested the scene of Sonic becoming Dark Sonic and killing the other trolls.[2]