Tails Gets Trolled - The Halloween special./Script

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Part 1: Gary's Funeral

Page 1

NarrateurGary's Funeral.

(We see Garry's father, mother, Demaro, and sister in a room with Garry in a coffin.)

DemaroDamn you Gary.

Garry's fatherThey need to put that Coyote creature down for what he did to my son.

Garry's motherHoney.. don't mention his name here..

Garry's fatherHe killed my son! I will not be silent! Oh Gary you can't be gone!!

DemaroFuck you Coyote! I will kill you for this!

(Troll King just appears.)

Troll KingI'm sorry for your loss.. that Coyote also destroyed my house. Those wild animals make me so mad!

Garry's fatherThank you Troll King.. I'm sorry about your hosue..

Troll KingThat's not even the worst part! He bit my son, and killed my firend Hindo! Why are the police not doing anything!

Garry's motherThat's horrblie.. How can they sleep with that monster out there?

(Micah and Lukey just appears.)

(Mauller and Alex just appears.)

(Garry’s sister walks up to the coffin.)

Garry's sisterI'm sorry little brother..

(Garry's sister is about to give Garry a kiss on the forehead, when suddenly Garry opens his eyes.)

Page 2

(Garry grabs his sister’s cheek and starts biting her neck. Everyone is shocked.)

(Kirby just appears.)

AlexHoly shit a fucking zombie!! Everyone run and panic!!


(Demaro gets his sister away from Garry but it's already too late.)


Page 3

(This shock makes Demaro accidentally destroy a light. This makes the whole room dark.)

(Mauller, Alex and Kirby run away, while everyone else his still shocked.)

(Garry gets out of his coffin and bites his mother's face off.)

Garry's fatherZombie!

(Garry’s father pulls Garry back but Garry just bites his father’s face off.)

(Garry kills Alex, bites Mauller’s left arm, bites Micah’s neck and eats Troll King's stomach.)

DemaroWhat the fuck just happened?...

(Garry looks up and starts walking towards Demaro.)

DemaroGary... please stop..

(Garry is about to kill Demaro, and it’s revealed that Coyote was the one controlling Garry’s body. Then Garry kills Demaro.)

NarrateurThe End