Troll King

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Troll King

Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles King Troll
Age Unknown, but was alive during the Middle Ages
Place of birth Unknown
Relatives Troll Face (son)
Troll Queen (Wife)
Physical description
Species Troll
Gender Male
Skin color Brown
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Yellow with black sclera
Personal information
Position Leader of The Trolls
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies Alex, Garry, Hindo, Pori, The Man in the Ice, Travous, Mauller, Leon
Enemies The Defenders, The Troll Slaiyers, Sonic, Mario, Coyote
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 10
(hidden in the shadows)
Chapter 3, Page 17
(actual appearance)
Last appearance Chapter 25.5, Page 11
In real life
Actual name Troll King
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 1, Page 10 (2011)
Chapter 3, Page 17 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled been alive for a long time. i learned a thing or two in my years
Troll King, Chapter 3, Page 21

The Troll King is one of the main antagonists of Tails Gets Trolled. As his name suggests, he's the leader of The Trolls, a group he founded during the Middle Ages. He is a fearsome opponent, capable of shutting down his foes with a powerful shockwave or through the use of one of many Words of Death.



The Troll King takes over the city of Alferd.

In the Middle Ages, the Troll King was derided for not being human and was forced to hide under a bridge, where he planned his revenge and started trolling everyone who passed by. Unsatisfied with that, the Troll King decided to amass an army and started looking for people worthy of joining him. During his search he found a village of women where he met his beautiful wife with whom he fathered a son, Troll Face.

After forming his army of trolls, the Troll King attacked the city of Alferd that had shunned him, driving out and eventually killing half of the population. The people who left sought revenge and came back years later trying to take the city back, but they were easily killed by the trolls. Ever since, the Troll King and his army kept trolling people for ages.

Battle against Sonic

After Sonic discovers the Troll King's cave with the help of Dr. Eggman, the evil creature emerges from his hiding place and tells him his story. Enraged, Sonic transforms into Super Sonic and battles the Troll King. Despite his old age, the Troll King easily defeated the hedgehog, forcing him to revert back to his normal form.

When Sonic's friends come to his rescue, the Troll King battles Emerl, who was able to replicate the troll's Shock Wave technique. Regardless, the Troll King proves to be immune to his own move thanks to his old age and destroys Emerl by impaling him using Troll Magic, then slicing him in half. After disposing of Sonic's friend, the Troll King mercilessly ripped the hedgehog's head off. After this, he let Vector go back to Shadow to tell him that he would be his next victim.

Another plan

Back at his hideout, the Troll King is caught off-guard by Luigi, who managed to sever one of his arms with his hammer. When Luigi tried to use a Star, the Troll King is forced to use one of the ten deadly Words of Death to shut his brain for long enough to allow Troll Face to rape him to death. After Luigi's death, the Troll King replaces his missing arm with one of Emerl's arms, becoming even more powerful.

Surprised by the powers of the robot he destroyed, the Troll King decides to build an entire army of troll robots based on Emerl's design using his hostage, Heimerdinger. The sudden death of Eggman, however, delays his plan. He tries to battle Silver and his group after he discovers him eavesdropping in Heimerdinger's laboratory, but Fudd managed to distract him and the other trolls with a smokescreen. When Alex tells the Troll King about Rob's powers, he was surprised to learn that another Dragonborn besides The Man in the Ice was still alive.

Mario's revenge

Mario surprises the Troll King with his Star power-up.

That night, Mario reached Troll City and engaged the Troll King in a fight. The King was easily able to defend himself against some of Mario's power-ups, including the Kuribo's Shoe and the Boomerang Suit. During the battle Mario tries to harm the King in every way possible, and finally resorted to use a Star after many failures. Afraid, the Troll King immediately uses another Word of Death, temporarily blinding Mario. However, the plumber manages to escape using a Warp Whistle. The King swears to destroy him next time they met.

In search of the Words of Death

After learning that Elmer Fudd can reanimate dead bodies, the Troll King orders his minion Hindo to capture him. Once imprisoned, the Troll King tortured Elmer and forced him to reanimate Eggman's corpse, under the threat of cutting off his penis.

After successfully persuading him to reanimate the dead scientist, the Troll King left Elmer with Hindo and went out with the intent of finding the place where the Words of Death were learned, aided by his trusty bird, Travous. At some point during Coyote's battle with Demaro, Troll King and his companions rest at some point near their battle. Troll King reveals several interesting notes about the nature of the Guardians and his reasons for using a Word of Death on Luigi. He travels from this spot to a location deep within a forest, where he is seen with Sirpigsalot and Eddy. Eddy and Sirpigsalot crack jokes, annoying Troll King. After almost spotting Alex, who had been stalking them in hopes of learning a Word of Death for himself, Troll King murders Eddy for disrespecting him by suggesting that they make a "business deal" after insulting Troll King's "primal" race.

The Return of the King

Troll King upon learning that Troll Fortress is under attack.

Troll King hurls Eddy's body towards the location where he had heard Alex. Knowing that he has been exposed, Alex steps out from behind the tree and puts on an act to hide his actual intentions. Troll King, irritated, tells him to get back to his mission before General Plastro appears from the shadows. The general informs Troll King that Troll Fortress is under attack, enraging Troll King. Troll King then leaps above the trees and begins to rush back to his fortress.

Troll King arrives at the barren wasteland left behind by Sonichu's explosion moments after Coyote is given new powers. Without exchanging any words, Troll King stuns Coyote using his shockwave power before lunging at him. Coyote, still able to levitate using his powers, flies upwards, avoiding Troll King's fist. Troll King leaps into the sky and attempts to attack but is knocked downwards. In one last attempt to harm Coyote, Troll King uses Mario's blue fire but the flames are dissipated as Coyote escapes. Troll King then calls for Leon, who decloaks himself nearby. Leon briefs Troll King on what had transpired over the course of his absence before Mauller emerges from the earth nearby. Mauller then passes on the Book of Ryzel to Troll King. As he examines the book, Troll Face, having escaped from the explosion, and Pori return to the area. The latter explains that one of the troll camps was attacked by Shadow, causing Troll King to swear vengeance for his actions. Before they can be given a moment of rest however, Zaygar appears from a portal and successfully snatches Heimgerdinger away, causing Troll King to slam the ground in frustration.


Troll King is a ruthless individual who enjoys basking in the misery of his opponents in battle. After Sonic's death, he spares Vector only to let Shadow know that he's next as opposed to killing him on the spot. He also takes great joy in attacking Mario after being blinded. After capturing Fudd, he also threatens to cut off Fudd's penis if he does not agree to revive Eggman.

Despite being the leader of an organization hellbent on making everyone's lives miserable, the Troll King himself has shown that he is capable of caring. During the Middle Ages, he states that he gathers women and robbers to join his army because they were also treated like shit during the time period, and even marries one and raises a child of his own.


Troll King impales Emerl using Troll magic.

The Troll King is capable of many different abilities. In battle, he is incredibly powerful, managing to tank several of Super Sonic's attacks and successfully stalls out his super-form without sustaining any major injuries himself. His fists are stated to be harder than metals and bricks. He also possess a shock wave like ability that severely weakens his opponent's muscles, causing them to drop to the ground helplessly. This skill does not effect robots or people wearing robotic armor, however, and does not effect the King himself due to his old age.

Troll King is also capable of using "Troll Magic"[1], which as demonstrated on chapter 4: Deceit, Page 15 and on Chapter 25.5: Wicked Influence Part 2, Page 11, allows him to summon a projectile from his wrist to attack with.

The Troll King also possess the Words of Death, powerful words with the ability to temporarily shut down different parts of a person's body (as seen with Luigi's brain and Mario's eyes.) However, he is limited to using these words only in "drastic situations" as he explains to Travous in Chapter 17.


the art of trolling was actually started from humans but it wasn't called trolling it was called being a dick but back in the middle ages i was being made fun of because i wasn't human so i hided under a bridge
my son was the cutest babby you would ever see
sonic if you was fighting anyone else you wouldn't loose but my fist are harder then metal harder then brick
now that your stuck and helpless i will kill you and let my son do schticky to your body