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Page 1

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorOn a snowy Christmas day, Tails and his friends and even enemies have gathered together to celebrate the holiday.

(Cut to the Narrorator opening up a present. Inside the present is a letter. Inside the letter is a note:

You’re Fired. X Lazerbot)


(Cut to Shadow and Troll King. Their eyes lock. Shadow gives Troll King a present)

ShadowScript.pngShadowThis is for you Troll King.

(Troll King is confused)

ShadowScript.pngShadowMerry fucking Christmas.

(Shadow gives Troll King the middle finger)

Page 2

TKScript.pngTroll KingFor me? I've never gotten a gift before.

GarryScript.pngGarryOpen it up faggot.

(Troll King opens the present. Inside the present is Patsons Aroma: The #1 cologne for badasses who smoke weed)

TKScript.pngTroll KingThe famous cologne I've been hearing so much about.. holy shit..

TKScript.pngTroll KingThis smells good, unlike me. Now I will fix that.

(Troll King spares the cologne onto himself)

TKScript.pngTroll KingThis is the kindest thing I have ever received. Thank you Shadow.

(Shadow and Troll King hug)

(Cut to Luigi and Tails. Luigi gives Tails a present)

LuigiScript.pngLuigiOpen it up you stupid bitch.

EspioScript.pngEspioSo Open it up buddy.

CreamScript.pngCreamYeah we spent a whole week trying to get it for you.

(Luigi walks away)


EspioScript.pngEspioMy head kind of hurts. It kind of feels like I got hit in the head by a hammer.

VectorScript.pngVectorMaybe you need more rest.

TailsScript.pngTailsOh boy! Thank you guys.

(Tails opens the present and founds his third tail)

TailsScript.pngTailsHow did you find it? I thought I lost it forever..

TailsScript.pngTailsThank you guys.

ButterTitsScript.pngButter TitsPut it on..

DickTakerScript.pngDick TakerHehehe retarded fox you.. I love you man. I want to bear your children.

ButterTitsScript.pngButter TitsYou're a man, man..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYou really are a dick taker.

Page 3

(Tails puts on his third tail)

(Cut to Rob and Hindo. Hindo gives Rob a present)

HindoScript.pngHindoThis wasn't easy to get. But you're my best friend.


HindoScript.pngHindoYou will soon..

(Rob opens the present and finds two ears and a note. The note reads:

So you can finally hear my insults.
More Love, Hindo❤️)

RobScript.pngRobOh hell yeah.

(Rob puts on the ears)

RobScript.pngRobI have fucking ears. What did you say? I can hear you, what!!

(Cut to Mario who has found a present.

To: Mario
From: Shadow)


(Mario opens the present and finds and ejaculated penis)

MarioScript.pngMarioHoly shit! It's my dick! Finally I can have it back. Now I can fucka Peach again~

Page 4

(Cut back to the Narrorator. He is now standing on top of a house)

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorEveryone seems to be having a good Christmas except for me.

(The Narrorator jumps off of the house, but is saved by Santa Claus’s bag of presents. Knuckles and Tyler the Gay Frog is ridding with Santa)

KnucklesScript.pngKnucklesYou could have died, man.. that's not cool. Here, have a joint. I got my Christmas Weed.

Santa ClausHo ho ho, you need to watch where you're going dumb fuck.

TylerYou want to know what I really want for Christmas? To butt fuck Micah.

Santa ClausI can help you with that.

(Santa lands his slay)

HulkScript.pngHulkHoly shit

HulkScript.pngHulkit's fuck→
→ing santa!

(Santa, Tyler, Knuckles and the Narrorator get out of the slay. Santa takes out a jar of weed from the bag of presents. The Narrorator is shown smoking some)

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorThis is some good shit..

Page 5

ShadowScript.pngShadowFuck yeah Santa! Christmas is about to get a whole lot better.

TKScript.pngTroll KingWeed sounds good to me.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollIt's super killer.

(Hulk walks up to Santa and hugs him)

HulkScript.pngHulkEveryone told me to stop believing in you! But I never stopped. They told me you weren't real. They told me I was gay! For still believing in you!! But I kept holding on! I knew in my heart that you were real. And that one day I was gonna meet you! Santa Claus!! I love you!! I¨ve always loved you!! You mean everything to me!! When I was young and lonely, I would pray to you! You're my hero!! You're my everything!!

Santa ClausOkay calm down. Get the fuck off. I don't like being touched. Jesus man.

Santa ClausYou're coming off way too strong, kid. Damn.

(Hulk gets down on his knees and bows)

HulkScript.pngHulkOh...I'm sorry my Lord...

(Cut to Tyler opening up his present)

Tylerya know, this is perfect, who doesn't want Weed for Christmas? Micah will fall in love with me and we'll have poo babies. Thank you Santa. You're the best.

(Inside of Tyler’s present is Banana Kush Weed)

(Cut to a bunch of characters smoking weed with bongs, joints, and/or pipes)

Blank200x200.pngEveryone singingSilent night, holy night!
All is calm, all is bright
round yon virgin
mother and child.

Blank200x200.pngEveryone singingHoly Infant, so
tender and mild,
sleep in heavenly peace,
sleep in heavenly peace.

ShadowScript.pngShadowMerry Christmas mother fuckers

The End