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Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles Emo Troll
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color Tan
Hair color Reddish-black and red
Eye color Purple
Personal information
Occupation Professional troll
Position Troll King's right hand man
Affiliation The Trolls and himself
Allies Troll Face, Luigi, Troll King (Planning to betray), Jacko the Troll, Pori, Hindo
Enemies Silver, Tails, Shadow, the Troll Slaiyers, Luigi, Underbite Troll, Markus, Sonic, Fudd, Troll King
Weapons/powers Hand-to-hand combat, trolling
First appearance Chapter 1, Page 20
Last appearance Chapter 27, Page 3
Alive; plotting to overthrow the Troll King
In real life
Actual name Alex
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 1, Page 20 (2011)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
but hey you can't live life saying what if? what if i have tallent.what if my parents didnt hate me.what if someone loved me . no point in saying what if . your life is meaningless and it will be. until the day you die
Alex, Chapter 1, Page 20

Alex is an important Troll and the righthand man of Troll King. Throughout the story, he is seen leading troll raids alongside Pori and his coworkers. Later in the story, Alex decides that Troll King is no longer fit to lead and plans to overthrow him.


Alex is a skinny individual wearing a black tank top and black pants. He has black hair with a red patch and has a marking tattooed on one of his arms. According to Troll King's expert deduction, he may weigh about 100 pounds.

In the Ultimate Alternate reality, Alex is seen wearing a blue sleeveless shirt instead. He also lacks his tattoo and his red hair coloring, as well as his eyelid shadow/makeup.


Early life

Not much is known about Alex's current life, other than that he became Troll King's right-hand man at one point. At an indeterminate point in time, Luigi tricked Alex into believing he was working for the Trolls. He also captured and tortured Daffy.

Trolling spree

Alex trolling Kirby.

The first time Alex appears in the series is when he finds out where Silver lives and proceeds to Troll him, saying that Silver's parents never wanted to have him and how The only girl in his life must feel sorry for him. This inspires Silver to seek out Shadow and form the Troll Slaiyers. Meanwhile, Alex is seen trolling Kirby, mocking him for his "ugly face" and lack of genitalia. Getting the attention of Tails, he is attacked but easily repels his vulpine assailant, leaving him with a reminder that he easily could have broken Tails' neck. Later, Alex informs Troll King that there was going to be a Justen Bever concert, which was actually apart of Shadow's Awesome Fucking Plan.

Troll King corrects him and orders him to bring in his hostage. Using his contact Luigi to get info regarding Shadow's plan, he raided the concert and managed to get Bugs to reveal his true feelings about Daffy. However, his leverage over the Troll Slaiyers ended when Shadow killed Daffy and later Bugs, which disgusted even Alex. Shadow then attacked him until backup in the form of Garry arrived. They managed to fight them off until Shadow decided to retreat. Due to the self-sabotaging acts of the Troll Slaiyers, he had won the day. He, Garry and Luigi went to support Troll King in his battle with Sonic. In the fight, he managed to get two good attacks on Cream and Emerl in addition to coming up with the idea of ripping out one of Vector's eyes. Not long after, he got to witness Troll King to use a Word of Death on Luigi.

Encountering Silver Once More

The next time Alex appeared, he was seen talking to himself in disgust about the heinous acts of necrophilia performed by Troll Face on Luigi. After Silver escaped the grasp of Troll King, he was sent to intercept him. He bared witness to Rob showing his true nature as a Dragonborn in addition to being tossed around by Silver, who taunted him using his newfound Trolling skills he achieved from observing Troll Fights on Facebook. In response, Alex proclaimed that Silver knew nothing about Trolls. With the help of Troll King, he managed to get Silver to retreat. He was later seen informing Troll King that Mario had come to battle him.

Plotting a Mutiny

When Troll king along with the Blue Troll and Travous were searching for the Words of Death, Alex decided to spy on them. After hearing the Troll King exposit about the Words of Death to his avian companion and execute the Blue Troll for his ignorance when asking about why he hates Shadow, he decided that it would be for the best if he were to plot to overtake Troll King.

Alex continues to stalk Troll King as he searches for the the origins of the Words of Death. He follows them until Troll King makes a camp in the middle of a jungle, seen with Sirpigsalot and Eddy. While hiding, Alex accidentally steps on a tree branch, alerting Troll King to his presence. After brutalizing Eddy for disrespecting him, Alex is found when Troll King throws Eddy's corpse at the tree where Alex is hiding. Disgruntled, Alex reveals himself and makes up a story of wanting to alert Troll King of two trolls dieing in a fight. He also crushes a random lizard to try and make it seem like he was also trolling animals at the time. Annoyed, Troll King tells Alex to return to his "task". Alex appears to leave but hides behind another tree and overhears General Plastro inform the King of an attack on Troll Fortress. As Troll King leaps away, Alex is seen thinking to himself, assuming that Shadow is the one attacking the Fortress.

Rencounter on the Swamp

Since his meeting with Troll King, Alex wanders around the Jungle and eventually stops to sip on swamp water where he encounters Tails once more. The two exchange some quick words, with Alex taunting Tails over the death of Sonic before moving in to fight each other, but Alex quickly finds himself outmatched. After attempting to use a stick to fight Tails, Alex is knocked onto the ground and watches as Tails unsheathes his knife. He goads Tails into killing him before bursting into laughter, and is shocked when Tails is briefly overtaken by anger and begins to threaten him. He is then knocked out and left in the jungle with one powerful punch from Tails.

In Ultimate Alternate Reality

Alex in Ultimate Alternate Reality.

Alex is first seen in the alternate reality on Tails gets trolled Ultimate Alternate reality, Page 27. He approaches Silver who is having a bad day and cheers Silver up by complimenting him, stating that his life has meaning. Before leaving, he offers Silver his number and wishes that the two could be homies.


Alex is a sadistic individual, showing no qualms with hurting minors like Tails or Cream. He felt that trolling was necessary in life because it pointed out flaws in people, simply pointing out they're nothing. He is also quick to delight in the pain of his enemies, such as when Garry got half of his face burned off by Emerl or when Troll King deactivated Luigi's brain via a Word of Death. However, despite his outlook on life, he is moral by Troll standards. He took disgust at Shadow killing Bugs and Daffy and felt even more disgust at the idea of Troll Face using Luigi's corpse as a sex toy. He also said he felt sorry for Silver's seemingly meaningless existence, though it's debatable whether he actually feels that way.

As his appearance and nicknames suggest, Alex belongs to the emo subculture. This can also be seen in his trolling, with existential undertones present in his rants. Combined with his smoking tendencies, this may point to Alex having experienced some form of trauma prior to the events of the story. For reasons unknown to all but himself, he always smokes his cigarettes backwards starting with Chapter 2. Despite his seeming addiction to cigarettes, he is otherwise very fit and healthy. He also has a tendency to start or end a lot of his sentences with "Eh" or "Ah".


Alex has only briefly been seen in battle, but he appears to be quite adept at fighting. Alex fights using basic punches and kicks as well as his mighty "Peter Pan" kick. He easily overpowers Tails in the beginning and is able to withstand the small fox's attacks quite well, and also appears relatively unfazed when Silver attacks him during his escape.


i just peter pan kick his ass
—Alex, Chapter 4, Page 15
holy shit he's dragonborn
—Alex, Chapter 6, Page 13


  • Despite being an essential character, he isn't named until a flashback in Chapter 8, Page 9. As a result, he was referred to as "Emo Troll" by fans, a name first used by Tails.