The Adventures of Underbite Troll/Script

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Stats (up to Page 22)

  • Character count: ~45300
  • No spaces: ~37000
  • Character with most lines: Underbite Troll (127)
  • Characters with least lines: Lowtax, Marley (1)

Page 1

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorHello my fellow people as you've notice TGT has gotten pretty big on the net, it is talked about in multiple forums and it has its own YouTube videos. The comic is surely rising and like most big Animes like naruto and bleach they have useless episodes that fill in the space which are called fillers and with ou no further A due I introduce to you the first Tails gets trolled fillers

(Underbite Troll sips a cup of tea.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollits been awhil since i had a cup of tea hmm..

MarkusScript.pngMarkushey bro whats the matter? you only drink tea when something is bothering you. so what is it now?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollwell this one guy i pwned awhile back has been spreading rumors about us to the whole troll city man this guy is so butt hurt. well this prick as been saying things

MarkusScript.pngMarkusRumors? what kind of rumors? what this dude say? i need to know man i am not a big fan of gossip unless I'm the one doing the shit talking. this is not cool at all I'm almost mad bro

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollwell hes telling everyone that we are gay lovers and we like to 360 each other. Its likee a way more advance version of the 96 that normal people do. He also said you like to be Freddy got fingered in the butt by me, he said we are gayer then professional porno stars and he said we like to take all kinds of giant broom sticks from the behind up our asses

MarkusScript.pngMarkusahah but hes lying that isn't true at all

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollno shit its a lie you fucking idiot, thats wat a rumor is a lie. man your one retarded bacon eating green hair dick sucker. you have so much faggotry you stupid fag butt hurt

MarkusScript.pngMarkuswhat are we gonna do about this?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollwere going to kick these noobs in the balls and Pwn them sorry bitches with our trolling

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorout side Which is suppose to be one word not two

MarkusScript.pngMarkuswe got to find that pussy face mother fucker

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollthere he is and he gots his fucktard friend with him too. okay its time to pwn this batsard

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titsoh lookie here that big teeth retard brought his gay friend to talk to us

DickTakerScript.pngThe Dick Takerthat's the faggot underbite troll

Page 2

(Underbite Troll flips the two off.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollmy name is bite under troll not under bite troll

MarkusScript.pngMarkusyeah fuck you I'm not gay bro and its you two who like it up the butt gay porn style not us so suck on those apples bitches

(Butter Tits and The Dick Taker smirk.)

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titsoh there so mad bro

MarkusScript.pngMarkusyeah there so mad

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollsays the fat ass who is in need of a diet, you guys always were terrible at trolling.

MarkusScript.pngMarkuswhat my non homosexual friend said

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titswhy don't we settle this like men. You and your partner vs me and my partner

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolltroll off it is

(Markus screams.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusTROLL OFF!

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorthe underbite squad vs the retard double threat

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollyour worse then chris chan

MarkusScript.pngMarkusyeah you make sonicshu look good

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titsyour gay and a retard, you're so stupid and your friend is ugly just like you

DickTakerScript.pngThe Dick Takerlook at this guy and his deformed teeth

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollyou must eat a lot of food every part of you is huge, well almost every part. I suppose you have troubles finding your dick. not even a telescope can help you see your penis, a skittle would be a huge improvement.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusyeah every time you walk the earth shakes with your flab jiggling doing worse damage then hurricane sandy bitch and your trolling is just as terrible as somethingawfuls suggestions and assumptions

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titsyour gay and you don't know anything, you dumb retard. you have no talent you big tooth virgin

(Dick Taker takes on a smug expression.)

DickTakerScript.pngThe Dick Takeryeah you two are gay virgins who like to lick out each others butt holes like a dirty slut

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHahaa your milk shake brings all the fags in the yard, oh hey I bet that if I took a shit on a piece of pizza and offered it to you then you would still eat it and probably end up licking off my fingers too huh?

MarkusScript.pngMarkusOh look at the skinny guy oh what's wrong? Did your friend here take all your food? It is easy to assume that you don't know what the inside of a vagina feels like

(Butter Tits appears somewhat annoyed.)

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titsshut up you faggot you have no friends you talentless looking beaver

DickTakerScript.pngThe Dick TakerI got some pusspuss before shut your face! You just mad because I was with your whore mom last night yeah bitch!

Page 3

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYou both are so gay with each other that the only thing my mom would do is feed your skinny ass friend because he looks like he is starving, you should get an aids test

MarkusScript.pngMarkusgo titty fuck yourself with a stick of butter, you prolly have doodoo stains in your whitey tighties that been there so long that it melted a hole through it

(The Retard Double Threat begins to frown.)

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titswh... what? No way screw you that's not true. Fuck you man, fuck you hard

DickTakerScript.pngThe Dick Takeryou guys are stupid and don't know shit suck on these balls

MarkusScript.pngMarkusfinish it off man

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollTitty bank titty bank titty bank bank, youa re the guy who's titties stank stank :D hey I bet when it gets cold at night you clothe your skinny ass friend with your fat rolls, and with your triple neck you could roll out to be the rug for your mass homosexual orgies you both attend to every single mother fucking day son

(Butter Tits and The Dick Taker are shocked, mouths open.)

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Tits........................

DickTakerScript.pngThe Dick Taker...................

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolli win again. you guys sure like to get your ass pwned by me, you guys shouldn't of fucking gossiped about me it all brings you nothing but pwnage. now take your defeat like a man

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titsfuck you, you didn't win shit I'm still gonna talk shit about you guys behind your backs to everyone in this town. so in the end our trolling will win unless you spread rumors about us

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollyou might want to practice your trolling a bit. your still at noobie level and i am a pro bro, i hope you don't gossip about me anymore i wouldn't want to record the next time and put it on youtube. just face the facts I'm better then you in every way. no need to be mad bro

(Underbite Troll rushes towards Butter Tits.)

ButterTitsScript.pngButter Titsfuck you

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trolloh and this is for starting a fight you couldn't win!

(Underbite Troll kicks Butter Tits in the balls.)


ButterTitsScript.pngButter TitsWHY THE BALLS

(Underbite Troll walks away, flipping the two off as he goes.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Trollconsider your self pwned bitch

DickTakerScript.pngThe Dick Takerno not the balls, you went to far man. no no not the balls

(Markus stares with a blank smile on his face.)

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorwhat will happen to underbite troll next stay tooned :D

Page 4

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorPreviously on the Adventures of Underbite troll, Him and his best bud Markus Pwned the two trolls who were spreading rumors about them in the troll city. What will happen now!?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollAnd I said, fuck you! 4Chan can dry suck my ballz-n-ass hair. Airy dry that shit like a hair dryer. And then he compared me to Chrischan. And I was like, sorry I already said that about you noob.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusNoiceee mannne.. I was there but niceee.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYeah, whatever faggot. Now listen up, I have an awesome idea. AWESOME IDEA BROSKOYOHO!! We make our own forum. And yes, I know we can pwn at it dude. And we will name this forum, drum roll..... DRUM ROLL GOD DAMN IT!


UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollDUDE!! What the fuck was that? I said drum roll dipshit! Not retarded fucking drum noises you dumb faggot. Whatever, you can't drum roll worth a fuck, just forget it man... But like I was saying, my idea is to make a forum. And it will be called, Underbite Troll Ride.

(Markus opens his mouth and makes a wide smile. A smiling face also appears in the air around him.)


MarkusScript.pngMarkusNah.. That idea is kind of gay, not the good kind of gay, the bad kind of gay. The kind that is just WOAH!! That is totally maximum faggotry. Think about it man, we would have to make a fourm, and that's a bitch.. And then we would have to invite people and shit.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollFuck you, you're gay.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusNo you're gay, but whatever you say faggot.

(Underbite Troll and Markus approach Jayce's stand of goods.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusHey, can I get the new addition of Troll Daily. You furry loving bastad you! ;)

JayceScript.pngJayceThat be like $20, you fucking idiot. You like masturbating to cartoon porn of Nickelodeon characters fucking each other.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHey Jayce, it's been awhlie. How's that gold digging succubus bitch wife of yours? And how are those mentally retarded children of yours doing as well? You piece of shit.

(Jayce frowns.)

JayceScript.pngJayceThat bitch wife of mine is fucking the Mail man again. But I don't blame her, he is black. And that automatically means that he has a giant black snake dick. Ohh that reminds me, I had this dream that I got my dick stuck in the toaster. It felt good until I climaxed when my penis exploded.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYou know what you should do? Kick your wife in the tit. I mean say hey, if you fuck that Mail man with da big penis one, more, time... I will kick that misshaped boob of yours hard bitch, and if she steps out of line, boob kick that slut again. And I dream about switching my bodies with a woman and then have sex with myself. Is that gay? I think not.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusCool story bro.

(The camera zooms in on Markus' eyes.)


(The camera moves in even closer.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusOH MY FUCKING GOD!!!

Page 5

(Underbite Troll opens his eyes in shock.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWHAT!!!?

(Markus is drawn with a more detailed, serious expression.)



(Underbite Troll and Markus are drawn without any black outlines.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYeah! Cartoony exit to the next scene. Nicely done faggot.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWe must get ready, cartoon cut away!!

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorBack to Underbite Troll's house, as they prepare for the Troling ➡ Trolling" Championship.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollListen up dude, we need to prepare properly if we plan to win this thing you hear?? That means, no fucking around with our material. There must only be a proper amount of use, of the words "Gay, faggot, ugly" We can't over use those words. So, to get this down, we must have the perfect blend of awesomeness and pure pwnage. And that is exactly what we will do.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYeah! We should really take our tag team to the max bro. Like, super dooper kooper looper jooper zooper cool.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Troll... .. That, was the dumbest shit I have ever heard you say. Kill yourself for saying something that dumb you homo.

(Markus' text box is cut off by Underbite Troll's "Listen up dude..." line.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkuslike i was perfect se get this d

MarkusScript.pngMarkusumm hey dude come one keep you're speach in you're speech bobble you dick this area is mine

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHitler damn it, we need to focus. For one, if we want to win then you will have to fix your shitty spelling and grammar noob. You butt hurt, dick-n-ass taker.

(Underbite Troll clenches his fist.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOur Trolling must be gold. Not shitty like ED Trolls, but epic like God Trolls! Who do God-like stuff. We can not suck ass like ED. And don't worry, my fist will only be deformed on this panel.

MarkusScript.pngMarkuswho are we kidding, we both know we are ready for it now. lets hurry and sign up and pwn some newbie fucking bitch noob trolls, we will stop there faggotry with our pwnage of pwns

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI'm proud of you, you passed the test.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI'm proud of you too, because you passed my test like a champ :)

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingusHello, so you two lovers wish to join the tournament as a team I see? Well, you will also be placed into the lowest rank of "Two vs Two" Until you win more matches to go up in rank.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollDamn it, I can't believe that those rumors reached all the way here...

MarkusScript.pngMarkusOh.. No.. We are, you know. We're not like that at all okay? We just happen to be two guys living in the same tiny house okay? Man these rumors are annoying.. That fat fuck sure can spread gossip fast.

Page 6

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhy don't you tell us about all of the details and rules of this tournament? Hitler damn it, because I am not sure how the whole set up will be. You faggot. I would like to know that shit man with a fucked up face.

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingusWell.. The Troll Tournament has three categories. "One vs One, Two vs Two, and Pet vs Pet" Each category you will have a 24-48 hours to prepare. Which means, conduct research to learn about the foe you will be matched up against. Dig for information like all Trolls try to do. Kids are able to enter in all categories.

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingusAnd then your match will be placed in the calendar. You will be matched up with one of the entry's of the same rank. You will have to win to work your way to the top. Once you do, then you will have a once in a life time opportunity to Troll off against the legendary Troll Face himself! Now I will explain how the rank system works.

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingus"There are several categories, you'll have to go through all to get to the top of course.

Rank One. ""Badie"" Rank Two. ""Newbie Bitch"" Rank Three. ""Rookie Twat"" Rank Four. ""Trainee Bra"" Rank Five ""Charlie Sheen"" Rank Six ""Sly Dog"" Rank Five Again ""Skilled Moe Foe"" Rank Seven ""Export Tea-Bagger"" Rank Eight ""Professional Blow Job"" Rank Nine ""Master Splinter"" Rank Ten ""GOD-LIKE!!""

Only if you defeat the Legendary Troll Face, will you progress to rank ten. To move up in rank, you are required to reach five win point. If you lose a match, then one point will be removed from your win points record. So, to reach ""Newbie Bitch"" You must win five matches and so on.

""For example"" Tim has a W/L (Win & lose) ratio of 6/4 (Six wins, Four loses) Making it a total of two win points. Due to his four loses, it removed four win points from his over all win points record. Now if Tim were to lose 2 more matches in his current record, then he will be removed from the competition, if your lose ratio matches your win ratio, or you lose your first match, then you will be removed, faggots.

Alrighty, now that we gotten through the details. Each member will be given a key to a dorm in our tournament residence during the whole tournament period, until you lose the competition. Hahaha.. Period blood. The winner will also be rewarded $10.000, and a mansion next to Troll Kings fortress. Now what will be the name of your ""Two vs Two"" Group?"

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollThe Underbite Squad is our name.

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingusUmm.. Sorry Sir, that name has already been taken. Please choose another one if you will.

(Underbite Troll frowns.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat!? What do you mean it's taken? What the hell man?! That can't be.. I created that shit! Hitler damn it. Man, I need a cup of tea.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusThere must be some kind of mistake.

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingusThere is no mistake, Underbite Squad is taken.

(Underbite Troll angrily raises his fists.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHOW? Hmmm.. Damn it, I'm mad bro. That was my fucking name. And now? I have to come up with another one, on the damn spot.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusDude that fat fuck did this, to get us back for pwning him

(Underbite Troll opens his eyes.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI'll get him back for this! Okay, our group is called the!!

(Zoom in on Underbite's face.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollTHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Further zoom in on Underbite's face.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollTHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Markus and Underbite Troll smile together.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollBiteUnder League

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorWhat will happen to Underbite Troll next? Stay tuned. :D

Page 7

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorPreviously on The Adventures of Underbite troll. Him and Markus entered in a trolling competition, thier first match is only one day away!

(Underbite Troll is in his apartment, cooking eggs. He is shown wearing an apron.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHmm..

(Markus appears shirtless with a towel around his neck and goggles on his head.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusHey dude, i'm back from the pool. Did you know they had a hot tub? Ain't that just the craziest thing ever? Oh man by the way, you were wrong. These goggles totally fucking worked.

(Two skinny girls, one with long white hair and purple hair appear.)

PandaUttersPurpleScript.pngUttersI don't even mean this ironically, nice crib. It's totally the same as ours but... It's completely different, so original. You guys must be awesome, and I'm not even being sarcastic.

PandaUttersWhiteScript.pngPandaI seriously love your place, it's rad. I mean, i like how it's shaded a little bit differently then ours. Like, maybe one percent different. It's so much betteer though, no lie. I'm not being Sarcastic about what i'm saying at all. You guys are the bomb, seriously...

(Underbite Troll appears irritated.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollDude what the fuck man, you were gone all day. And then you bring ugly chicks back to our house? You do know everyone here is competition right?.. And you're gonna bring these skinny bimbo bitches to our layer? Where our shit is? They could steal our shit.. And i like my shit damn it.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollAnd on top of that, while i was working on getting ready for our first match, you were fucking around having fun!? Fun of all things.. I'm not gay or anything and i bet those girls can suck a mean dick, but we need to put our game faces on. Dick sucker..

PandaUttersPurpleScript.pngUttersDon't flatter yourself tiny dick, i'm not gonna steal your anal beads or blow up dolls. Or any of your other useless shit.. Asian penis.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusCome on dude, don't get butthurt on me now. No need to be mad bro. Our trolling performance can be as high as it can be, and we can still be caught off guard by our foe. We need to learn about them, to find things that hit under the belt. So that's what i've been doing. But, to be more effective, we must make allies.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWe need to get dirt on our enemies faster. So to do that, we need help. These stupid twats agreed to help us if we return the favor and share any dirt we discover. This totally give us the mother fucking edge on all these faggot noobs we will be facing!

(Underbite Troll flips his eggs.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollThat's nice and all, until we face them.. They will use whatever they learn about us, against us.. Or even worse, they betray is and tell other people our weaknesses. Trusting them sounds like a bad idea.

PandaUttersPurpleScript.pngUttersWe won't betray you, silly boy. You guys are very awesome and cool, i am totally not being sarcastic right now..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollAre you fucking serious right now? Are you? If you aren't being sarcastic, then why did you say it like you weren't serious? Why did you sound sarcastic? Do you think i'm fucking retarded? I know sarcasm when i see it, so stop fucking with me..

PandaUttersPurpleScript.pngUttersWhatever, i seriously don't know what your fucking problem is.. I've been nothing but nice to you since we met. I am not being sarcastic, this is how i talk. I just want to be your friend and this is what i get? I seriously don't think you're a fucking retard. I mean this unironically and non-sarcastically. Tiny penis..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOh she's good hahahaha.. I like her, she was sarcastic while saying she wasn't being sarcastic lol. Very nice, that was super killer.. Alright, i'm cool with being their allies, i like their style.

PandaUttersWhiteScript.pngPandaHey girlfriend, are you sure you want to team up with these deformed morons? There are a lot more attactive guys else where. I get sick of looking at them, i'm just saying.. Like, eww... They're far from having mustles..

PandaUttersPurpleScript.pngUttersWell duh they're fucking ugly, but we're not here to have even two seconds of sex with them. Them and their tootsie roll sized penises.. And i knoew it's hard to see so don't stare too long. But they could come in handy to help us get the better of some of the other small dick trolls.

Page 8

(Underbite Troll appears sad/disappointed.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI heard no sarcasm in their voices that time. Hmm, i guess these chicks are really big bitchees.. Ohwell.


UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOkay, it be impossible to keep track of the hundreds of people who entered. But let's share what we already know. So, how many other contestants have we all ran into?

PandaUttersPurpleScript.pngUttersWell i haven't been here very long but i will tell you the group names, and the people who are in the groups we do know..

(Various trolling groups are shown. These include the:
Brothers from another Mother gang, Toke and Kei-so, The fantasy starwars Crue, Bill and Dill, Austim Squad, Machick and O, Chris-chan madness, goobie and varic, and fish and pork, Sirpigsalot and Mysushi.)

PandaUttersPurpleScript.pngUttersThose are the ones i know of, is there any you want to add in there shrimp dick?

MarkusScript.pngMarkusThere is only one other group i know about, Underbite Squad. Awhile back this fat fuck and his anorexic aids infested friend, started shit with us and we pwned them. After that, they stole our name for the tournament..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWe will get them back for their faggotory, but first we must find out who we will be faving. Then, we shall crush them and T-bag them with my gigantic balls, and spit in their faces..

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorTo the match making center. Where they figure eout who they'll be facing.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollUmm, hello faggot. We would like to know who we are going up against in the first match you piece of shit.. You wouldn't mind telling us which team we will be facing, would you cock sucker? If so then i'd be very thankful, you shit eater.. Virgin ball sucking diaper eating mother fucker.

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingus (Thinking)What an asshole. And look at his mouth.. Man his parents must have been ugly.

(Mingus smiles nervously.)

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingusHhahaa, your team is... Umm.. Well i... Sorry, don't you know? Their team is called "The Fist in Poo Clan".. You don't know how it is... It's.. You don't know how hard it is for me to work here.. Everyone treats me like garbage. I.. I just can't take it. You know i tried to have sex with my cat hahaha.. No one else in this blasted city will consider me, why are we so short in women heeheh!?.. I get so lonely... Please love me, someone please love me!! YOU'RE LUCKY YOU KNOW, NO ONE BASHES YOU DOWN, IT'S ALL FUN FOR YOU! But me? NAH! I FUCKING HATE MYSElF!! Hehe oh nevermind me..

MarkusScript.pngMarkushuh? umm.. i don't know..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWait what? Um.. Sorry about your job man, i didn't really ask but that sucks..

(Mingus appears shaken.)

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingusI... I sit here year after year, and this is the only thing i do. And this is the only thing i do. I thought it was awesome, but countless people continue to talk shit and treat me like garbage. It was fun at first but.. But... I just had nothing. I sit on my asshere or at home all day everyday. People, hate me so. Please save me, please? I hate people so very very much.. They hate me.. Please, i beg of you....

MarkusScript.pngMarkusUh, i don't know what to tell you man.. You.. You need therapy to fix your butthurt, wow man...

TournamentRegistrarScript.pngMingusI CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE!!

(Mingus jumps out a nearby window. Underbite Troll opens his eyes in horror.)


Page 9

(Underbite Troll looks out the window.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHoly shit dude! I didn't know it was possible to be that butthurt, he was royally raped by life. And trolls, ouch that butt must hurt..

(Mingus's body appears mangled.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHitler damn it.. Wha.. Hey, who the hell is that??

(A troll wearing nothing but dirty undies and Master Chief's helmet suddenly appears and stands on top of Mingus's body. He then begins teabagging Mingus.)

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefI'm sexy and i know it.

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefUhh, oh yeah, urg...

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefSuck my dick, ahhh uh..

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefTake this pwnage T-bag noob.

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefSucky sucky? Yeah..

(Underbite Troll, eyes open, is disgusted.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollDude not cool, you don't just T-bag someone after they just died.. You wait a couple hours first you dick.

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefYou mustn't have heard, the new law Troll Face managed to pass is that, after someone dies, they have to bet T-bagged instantly after. You should keep up with Troll news. Hehehe.. Suck my balls faggot.

(Master Queef skips away.)

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefI am off to T-bag another dead butthurt noob!

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorLater that day

(Underbite Troll and Markus appear shaken. Underbite's eyes are open.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYou know.. That was the first time i've seen someone die. Before now, i thought it be cool and relaxing but it was just terrible..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Troll...............

MarkusScript.pngMarkusIs this how people feel when we troll them? Is this what our fun causes? For people to break down? Are we murderers?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollNo.. It can't be... Our trolling isn't that harsh to certain people is it? I mean, we were just talking randomly, it's not our fault we hit nerves is it? Did i kill him? No, this can't be.. I... I...... I........

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollNo it's not our fault, it can't be.. Oh wait, didn't he say something about him having sex with his cat? That had to do all and i mean all of the damage. It's that fucking cats fault man, not trolling. That cat fucked him up..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYeah.. I knew cats were horrorable creatures, but this too much.. Those damn creatures.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollLet's agree to never own one of those little demonic fucks ever. Never in our lives.

Page 10

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollLook, there are the people we will be facing. The Fist in Poo Clan. Let's see what we're dealing with.

(The two Fist in Poo Clan trolls appear, holding a rabbit.)

PurplePooScript.pngTooth D. CayDrrr.. I am needing you to, duhh... To keep the rabbit still.

BaldPooScript.pngConcave Headed Mother FuckerWe so hahah, goin to be Troll Face-like and stuff.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusIt's kind of hard to see what they're doing, is that a rabbit? Can you see what they're doing with that rabbit? Because i can't.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYeah i don't know, it's kind of hard to see with my eyes closed. But it kind of looks like they're trying to fuck that poor fluffy little fuck. And it looks like they're having issues, but i could be wrong. I mean, my eyes are closed for fuck sake, how does anyone see like this?

RabbitScript.pngRabbitHey assholes, put me down.. I don't know what you're doing but you fucking moving my leg constantly is killing my buzz. Are you guys mentally challenged or retarded or dumb? Derp derp, you bitches.

PurplePooScript.pngTooth D. CayOh.. O-kayh, I got my hand down my pants. Now what? uhh, um... Derrr.. I have no diear how to make whoopi goldberg? Do i just stand here?

BaldPooScript.pngConcave Headed Mother FuckerUmm...... .. . I think you.. Uh well.... Hm.. I don't know, i think it you got to like pee in the butter hole.. And like, melt the butter. Heat it up bro.

(From off screen, Tooth D. Cay begins urinating on the rabbit.)


(The rabbit closes his eyes and grits his teeth as he begins to tear up while urine sprays onto his face.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHAHAHAHA!! Do you have autism? You guys can't be serious.. Oh my god, you guys.. I have seen the dumbest, and the lowest a troll can get. And you just put them to shame, that is how stupid you are.

(Piss flies in front of Underbite Troll, hitting his face. Underbite Troll screams as the text "AHHH" appears behind him.)


MarkusScript.pngMarkusAhahahahahahahahahahaha!! LMAO!! LOL! LMAO!! ROFL!! LAUGHING!!

PurplePooScript.pngTooth D. CayGrrr.. Look at me heeeehhh, i'm raping two peoper aterr once heeehh. This is so easy.

(Underbite Troll, eyes open, glares.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI will make you pay for that spook.

BaldPooScript.pngConcave Headed Mother FuckerOh that's hot, you're so raping them good. That's totally hot now.. Hmm yeah.

RabbitScript.pngRabbitFuck you two douche bags, i hope you get killed by a giant spiky TURTLE!!

(Underbite Troll wipes the urine off his face.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollListen here dumb fucker, my name is Underbite Troll, and this is my friend Markus. And we're The Underbiteleague the team you will be trolling off againt tomorrow. And i just wanted to inform you that you will have the biggest ass beating in troll off history. I will rape you so hard your assholes will never shit again. It will be so embarrasing i promise you.

Page 11

BaldPooScript.pngConcave Headed Mother FuckerWe da best, trolls like eves duhh... You won't win. Harharhar, har hehe har...

PurplePooScript.pngTooth D. CayRapeio roboto-ioh-yo-nigga-yo. World wide chopper son. har har har dur dur Dru dur. I feel like you want ot sticky my butt.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI hope you guys are ready because tomorrow? You are going down. You faggots will be so butthurt.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWe should get ready, i don't think it's needed but hey, they deserve an ass kicking. Tomorrow will be very entertaining.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI had no clue there was a level of stupid that low. They have a mental handicap.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollThis has been an awful day.. You bringing over dumb bitches, seeing someone die and then get T-bagged.. Then to top it off, i got piss in my eye. I am just really tired, i just need a cup of tea and then some sleep.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusOh, before we leave, i wish you luck becaus eyou will surely need it. You two are going down. Oh and by the way, peeing on people isn't sex. You have to stick your disco stick in and out their buttholes over and over until lol. Well, you guys should look up porn on the internet.

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorThe next day an hour before the match.

(The two appear in the stadium.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollLook at this giant fucking stadium. There are so many people who are going to watch us. We better be on our game, we need to establish ourselves as a threat.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI have dreamt of this glorius moment for so long, the excitement is killing me Hitler damn it.. If we lose then we will be kicked out of the tournament. We have to crush these pee animal raping ugly dumb, deform autistic retard mother fuckers. We must destroy them, we have to fuck them up..

(The crowd is shown, featuring The fantasy starwars crue, Fish and Pork, Jayce, and Toke in the crowd. PandaUtter are also present, in additiona to other reoccuring trolls such as Sneed and Sneed from Chapter 21/22, and LOUD FUCK.)

HenryScript.pngHenryHello, my name is Henry, The Reporter Troll. And today we have some of the most well known trolls with us today. It's only an hour away from our first match, what are your thoughts on it, being the only full fledged jew troll here Lowtax?

LowtaxScript.pngLowtaxI thought it be a ncie way to get money, money. I like money.

HenryScript.pngHenryWell you heard it from the man himself, a man of little words but always to the point people, that was Lowtax. A person who doesn't give a flying fuck about you and just wants your money. Now let's see who else we have to talk to before the first match.. What a greedy jew.

HenryScript.pngHenryOh, we have with us Marley. Someone who was born and raised in the "Western Troll City of Fuckpoorpeople" And our previous winner of last year's tournament. He even faced against the Legendary Troll Face himself as a reward! Unfortunately suffering a humiliating defeat. Marley, seeing as this is your secunt year here, do you think anyone will defeat Troll Face this year? and do you expect this year to be any greater then last? What are you probably very poorly thought out thoughts on this?

(Marley appears, smoking a blunt.)

MarleyScript.pngMarleyNah, i don't think Troll Face will be beat, i was the only person, vivid enough to cum close. Troll Face and his doodoo soul, ruining my poise performance of elegance. Double rainbow all the way.

HenryScript.pngHenryWell there you hav it folks, Troll Face has a doodoo soul. Now let's go to the man himself, Troll Face to hear this thoughts on this years tourney-porny-pacornie.

HenryScript.pngHenryThe man himself. Troll Face, what are your thoughts? Do you think some lucky soul will actually be capable of defeating you? We all are dying to see someone give you a challenge.

(Troll Face appears, wearing a fancy coat.)

TFScript.pngTroll FaceHahaha.. You're a funny dude, these noobs will be entertaining but no one will be able to defeat me. You got to be fucking retarded to hope for something so stupid, kill yourself.

HenryScript.pngHenryWell you heard it with your own ears, from the best-n most awesome person in the whole world. Troll Face, there is no way he can be out trolled and i am a complete total fucking retard for saying that. And if i had the will, i would kill myself right now. It's only minutes away from our first match, is everyone ready? The tournament will be great.

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorWhat will happen to Underbite next? His first match is about to begin, find out what happens next time on. The Adventures of Underbite Troll! Stay tuned. XD XD XD

Page 12

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorPreviously on The Adventures of Underbite Troll. Underbite and Markus made an alliance with two bimbo sluts before witnessing a (Required by law) Teabagging session. Afterwards they encountered their first opponents (The Fist in Poo Clan) Two animal rapists who enjoys peeing upon stuff, things. Now, we're just moments away from seeing the first match of the Troll Off Championship!

MarkusScript.pngMarkusSo it's almost time. I know everyone keeps saying how close it apparently is, but it just seems like it's no closer than it was the last time it was said. But anyway, you ready to pwn them worse than the bomb that blew up Hiroshima?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollIs it strange to be so ready, that i have a troll off erection right now?.. Like, i'm so ready to the point where i'm that turned on dude, seriously. I got a boner, look at it,

MarkusScript.pngMarkusSay that again?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI got a troll off erection. Like, the exhilaration of pwnage is really getting the blood pumping in my penis..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI've never heard of something so stupid.. That's so retarded, the most retarded shit i've ever heard. It's so retarded, it was retarded before you even spoke it.. You need help, you and your mentally retarded Justin Beiber craving penis.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusLike dude, you just did a Beiber feaver.. Did you know Justin gets a boner before he performs too?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollThat's bullshit, you're making that shit up.. You faggot fucker... Kill yourself.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusIt's true, go look it up. Beiber gets boners before and while preforming.. He said in an interview that he gets turned on to the sound of his own voice.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYou're so gay.. The only way you could know of that is if you googled it. If you're one of those Bierber fagsticks our friendship is over. I ain't into that kind of stuff, or things. You do know i was the one who threw that bottle at Beibers right? I was like, you look thirsty btich, take this up in your Ellen DeGeneres looking suckface.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWhat what in the butt? I mean.. Whatever, i didn't google anything. I used bing. And by the way, a friend told me..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOh great.. Now you're gonna say you yahoo searched it.

(A block of cheese suddenly manifests itself.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusNO! I bing, yahoo sucks dick and cheese...

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhatever you say, turkey neck noob. Yes, you have a turkey neck. I didn't want to say anything about it before but you got a turkey neck. Like, a full fledge big fucking bird neck.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYour worse then...

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYou're worse than* what? You pausing b-it-chhh.

(The crowd is shown again. Tyler the Gay Frog from Micah Rat makes a cameo.)

HenryScript.pngHenryIt's time people!! On the right we haaave!

(The Fist in Poo Clan members appear.)

HenryScript.pngHenryThe Fist in Poo Clan!!

(Underbite Troll and Markus appear.)

HenryScript.pngHenryAnd to the left? BiteUnderLeague!!

Page 13

HenryScript.pngHenryIs there anything you guys wish to say before the troll off begins?

PurplePooScript.pngTooth D. CayI-ahh, like to wish-ah everyone.. A happy... Drrrr.....

BaldPooScript.pngConcave Headed Mother FuckerYeaahh.. Happy happy, yeah. We so like... Gonna win and stuff, thangs.. Hip hop, do therr robot.. Heeheeheeeee.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWell, on behalf of our awesomeness, i shall share my super dooper cool, zool, pool, duel, fool, dool, mool, rule. Up the ziggity biggity oh, manlinness with your mothers.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI'm gonna demolish these noobs.. They'll be beyond butthurt, they'll be buttmurdered instead... My trolling will stop their hearts, is how powerful it is.

HenryScript.pngHenryWell you heard it. Things are getting heated up before the match even starts. God damn i love my job. Well, without no further adukie, let the match BEGIN!!

TFScript.pngTroll FaceLet's see what these noobs got.

BaldPooScript.pngConcave Headed Mother FuckerYou're so... Jealous of our, umm... Rapist-like skills.. We think you's all like.. ..What's dumb? Oh.. Dumb like dolphines, that do?... That do things, yeah heharrr.. Funny, i feel my belly button.

PurplePooScript.pngTooth D. CayYou can't stop starring me heehe.. They won see my butt cracks-ahh, and looking at my nice perly perrr... Perly whites-ehh. Oh tyah i am in on fire!!

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYou're so.

(Markus' text box is overshadowed by Underbite's.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollId rather stare at Miley Cyrus' ugly ass infected camel toe for the rest of my life than to look at your face for one more second, you failed abortion. You learned how to suck your daddies dick when you were still in the womb.

(The crowd is visibly shocked by Underbite's roast. The PandaUtters are shown.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollIf a person born of incect parents, were mentally challenged, physically deformed, and mentally experimented on? That person still wouldn't be even remotely dumb enough, to compare to your stupidity. Being brain dead would be an improvement.. Napoleon Dynamite is a fucking genuis compared to you. I could drop a baby on its head countless times, giving it the worst brain damage known to man kind? That dumpster eating, toaster brain baby would still be a googplex more intelligent than you, fuck you.

(Markus is confused.)


(Henry's eyes open as he is taken aback by Underbite's powers.)

HenryScript.pngHenryJesus Christ, this match might be over before it even gets very far!!

PurplePooScript.pngTooth D. CayUhh..

(Underbite Troll flips the Fist in Poo Clan off. Markus makes a gesture as if he is going to say something but does not.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYour teeth are so yellow you could scrape the thick sewage-like muck off of them, with a putty scraper. Then put it in a jar to mold for three months to let it ferment, turning it into some grade A prime maggot filled cheese you faggot.

(Underbite Troll continues his onslaught. Markus simply stares in disbelief.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI'm fucking thankful for you being too incapable of learning how to reproduce. Id kill myself knowing that the world wouldn't allow your offspring to be disgarded, like disfigured spartan children. But, just knowing you two ignoramus fucks exist? I will indeed cry like a little fucking spoiled school girl every single night, until my six sense awakens and informs me that you're dead in a ditch, with your eyes pried out and shoved into your assholes.

(Troll Face watches from the stands, eating popcorn.)

TFScript.pngTroll FaceImpressive.

(The Fist in Poo Clan trolls are stunned.)

PurplePooScript.pngTooth D. CayUhh.. ..No..

BaldPooScript.pngConcave Headed Mother Fucker....

Page 14

MarkusScript.pngMarkusUhh.. Finish it dude.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYour parents had to gouge out their own eyes in disgrace for having such hidious children.. Your parents sadness was beyond comprehension when they found out their children were uglier than a muk, Ephialtes and Quasimodo combined.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI mean really? What the flying fuck are you? You're not human.. You just look like god ran out of clay and resorted to using his shit to fill in the rest. Or maybe god got really drunk and had sex with a donkey, which gave birth to you two. What a complete waste of the worlds natural resources.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollThe funniest part about it is that you'll never come to terms with it. You'll never undertand how fucking retarded you are.. You're probably homeless too, due to no one able to stand being around you longer than a minute or two. If your parents didn't suicide from knowing they gave birth to you, then they most likely just locked you in cages, starving you. Praying for their own guilt to parish so they would finally have the balls to rid this world of it's genetic mistake of creating you. Kill yourself. I mean it, kill yourself.. KILL YOUR SELVES!!

(Close up on Underbite Troll's eyes, which open.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollAnd when you die, they won't even let you into hell.

(Markus makes an exaggertated hand motion.)


(The crown is in disbelief at what they had just saw. Jayce, Bill and Dill, and Fish and Pork are shown in particular, speechless. Troll Face appears to be taken aback as well.)

TFScript.pngTroll Face.......

HenryScript.pngHenryWell... It's obvious who won this troll off.. That got a little dark for my taste.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYou alright dude? I've never seen you like that before, you were a crazy beast dude!!

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHonestly man i didn't care about what was going on. I don't even know what's going on, it was like i was another person man hahaha!!

(Markus smiles, with another mouth appearing near him, this time with teeth.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWell, tell that person he pwns donkeyballs. We won our first match and made the rest of the competition piss themselves..

(Henry winks.)

HenryScript.pngHenryThe match is over everyone! Let's look forward to our next match to come, in just two days!

(The next match is shown.)

HenryScript.pngHenryBrothers from another mother vs PandaUtters

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorLater that day

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYeeeaaaahhhh!! Dude, that was amazing.. Like really amazing. I feel greart.. Oh man, we fucking won!!

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYeah.. Could you not have your speech bubble over my head, i can't see.. Oh shit, it's hard to move my arm with this speech bubble on it.. Damn it.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWere so awesome i mean jus w w

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWould you get that speech out of my fucking face? Geez.. Wait, who are those fuckers?

(The Fantasy starwars crue appear. Bill holds a toy lightsaber.)

Page 15

BillScript.pngBillObey One Kenobi..

DillScript.pngDillHey Underbite, we saw your match.. Just a heads up, the force was with you but.. It's more with us.


UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollMy name is biter un not Underbite..

BillScript.pngBillYou got force i'll give you that. But you ain't got force like us.. You may got Jedi lightsabers but you ain't got Darth Vader lightsaber. You ain't got the Storm Troopers.. You ain't gotta giant fucking lizard and you AIN'T no Jabba The Hut.

BillScript.pngBillWe got Yoda action figures. You AIN'T got Yoda action figures. You ain't got Star Wars trading cards bitch. You AIN'T got a full collection, beat that.

(Bill holds and very dramatically drops a stack of Star Wars trading cards.)

BillScript.pngBillYou ain't got C3PO Motha fuckers. You AIN'T got shit.

DillScript.pngDillIt AIN'T worth it man, save the force for the battle man, save it for the battle.. Don't do a Jar Jar Binx, save it for the battle man.

BillScript.pngBillLuke Skywalker and R2D2 bitch..

(Bill makes a gangsta sign and runs off.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat the fuck was that?..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusA bunch of Star Wars homo fanboy trolls..

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorMeanwhile, back to Underbites house.

(Underbite Troll and Markus enter their room. Two shadowy figures are seen.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat the hell are you doing in my room? I told you they would steal our shit..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusThose aren't the two bimbo bitches.. Who are you?

MysushiScript.pngMysushiI am Mysushi and he's Sirpigsalot..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollGreat.. Now fuck off out of my house you faggots.

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotWe wish to be your friends, and what friends do is break into each others houses and wait for them all creepy-like in the dark while looking through their belongings...

MysushiScript.pngMysushiNo.. Friends don't do that.

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotThey don't? For reals? I thought..

Page 16

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHow did you get in our room?! Why don't you leave you pig bitch.. You Asians man.. Ching ching chong, get the ching out og my fucking room ching chong ding dong..

MysushiScript.pngMysushiYou're trolling is impressive inderrd, ching. We'll gibe you head uhh, a heads up. We've been uh-stalking you for quite awherle. What i mean by a wherle is, the last a couple of hours.. Like, very intensely.. Sometimes we like to do things wherle we watch people.. Very Asian like things. Like, incest kinds of things and things with squids.. Oh and hentia, ohhh yeah... Incest hentia..

(Markus appears horrified.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusGood fucking Lord! With squids?

MysushiScript.pngMysushiYes.... Squids.. Have you ever seen a squid try to crawl its way out of some, very hairy girls pussy? No? Ok i grant you that, it's not everyones thing. But, have you seen one try to crawl out of some, very hairy girls asshole? No? Ok, i grant you that.

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotOhh, squid fuck to the yaahh!! You like anime? Manga? Oh yahh.. Those school girls and their panties yah? It's like, ohh you're underaged girl but we don't care we Asian.. I want to poor smelly Fish sauce all over my chopstick, oh yahh...

(Sirpigsalot bites his lip.)

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotYou know, i didn't think watching a hentia of Sasuke fucking Naruto with his chidori would be so hot yahh, so hot.. Sooooo hot aww yeahhhh... God damn it yahh, yahh god damn it YAHHHH!!

(Mysushi and Sirpigsalot smile at each other.)

MysushiScript.pngMysushiDid you cum?

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotYes, i uh-came-uh so hard, so hard..

MysushiScript.pngMysushiGood boy.

(Underbite Troll facepalms, with the text "Face palm!!" visibly appearing over him.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat do you want? Id like it if you two squid, incest anime freaky fucks get out of my house..

MysushiScript.pngMysushiRelax, we could give you massage with some oils and love you long time.. We want to make uh-deal... Like, an exchange of business and uh-maybe, a trade of fish and trust.. We wish to be uh-allies not foe. We uh-could help each other out long time...

MarkusScript.pngMarkusA truce? Why should we? What kind of deal are we talking about? I'm not into the sexy massage thing you speak of.. And i don't want fish. Why should we help each other out long time?

MysushiScript.pngMysushiWe have more to ffer than uh-just fishhhh.. Perhaps pork? Or chicken? Rice?? Asian son who is very good at uh-playing piano? Cat? Dog? Assassinating children at school bus uh-stop with our car? Because we uh-good driver?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI don't want any fish, dog, cat, porky, chicken or anything else you've mentioned.. Do you know anything about the rest of the competition dipshit?

MysushiScript.pngMysushiWhat if i did and i give you uh-this information hmm? If i do we truce? We friends? Or you jsut try things, like you try to uh-strap me down? You try to spit in my mouth? Try to stick your fist in my anus? Try to dress me up like lady? Try to make me feel pretty? No? No dress me up like uh-Disney Princess?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat!? You on meth? Stop saying stupid shit you dumb Asian.. God learn to drive...

(Markus is offended.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusDude that's racist and inconsiderate..

MysushiScript.pngMysushiWe know things, we uh-stalk people yes? We know how to break into houses and find personal belonging. We look through phones and learn stufffff, things... Looking on internet, looking under their bed for dildo. Whatever you want yahh? Anything you need. We truce now?

Page 17

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOkay.. We'll truce and be allies, but first we're gonna break into some rooms and find out what we're dealing with. The first room we hit will be those bimbo cunts room, to see if they're really on our side...

MarkusScript.pngMarkusAlright man! Let the four of us be sneaky sneaky.. It's time to see exactly what all of these people are about.

MysushiScript.pngMysushiLet's uh-go big time Honey Boo Boo.. Ching ching, chong. We gonna sneaky into people's houses tonight. Like Twilight level of stalking yah? Without the vampire rape. Instead we just be uh-ninja niiggggaa...


(The group appears running around the apartment complex. Underbite Troll is strangely off-model, with his head drawn very large.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusDude.. You so got a bobblehead right now...

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollShut up, sneaking time means shutting the fuck up time, so do us a favor and shut the fuck up time..

MysushiScript.pngMysushiI knockie and no one answerie. No one around, now follow my lead.. There's uh-window up there look. We don't go for the window on the bottom it's not uh-open.. Let's uh-try the one on top. You jump ip there to get in yahh..

(The group makes their way to an open window. Mysushi bends over as the other three use him as a foothold to enter the open window.)

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotWhat's this uh-strange uh-smell? It's uh-mixture of too much uh-perfume and lot's of uh-dry semen..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusThey're not here dude..

(Mysushi makes his way into the room.)

MysushiScript.pngMysushiDo you know how high of uh-jump it was to this window? You were uh-suppose to pull me up after you got in the uh-room. Ching, oh just stand there, i don't uh-need any help.. Americans, i uh-swear...

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI'm not telepathic, i can't read minds.. I can't life your fatass anyways geez.... You should stick to making playstations and quit the nagging, butthurt much?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollKeep watch noob.. We don't want those sluts to know we're looking through their shit..

(Sirpigsalot finds a dildo and begins to lick it.)

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotUh-score! We found dildo... Oh nice, she loves it long time..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat the fuck are you doing?? Put that nasty shit down... You know thsoe bitches ain't clean.

Page 18

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotI like it uh-dirty, i hope she put it in her anus....

MysushiScript.pngMysushiI'm-uh shove this up my ass then you licky licky yahh?

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotOh uh-fuck uh-yahhhh..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollNo! Drop it.. Wtf you guys are disgusting.. Look for dirt not dildos.

(Someone points at a speck of dirt.)

UnknownScript.pngUnknown speakerFound some dirt...

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollNo!! I didn't mean literal dirt.. I mean dirt, as in info to use against them.. Chris Chan damn it you're retarded...

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorTwo hours later.

(Sirpigsalot searches through a fridge as Mysushi looks around a table.)

SirpigsalotScript.pngSirpigsalotThe freezer only has uh-lots of chocolate ice cream and yogurt. Hmm, there seems to be uh-misplaced first season box set of Sex in The City.. Girl uh-stereotype confirmed...

MysushiScript.pngMysushiI found uh-pictures of Johnny Depp And Zac Efron, but that's to be expected.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusHey dude, i wonder if girls make sandwiches ahead of time you know? Did you check the fridge for already prepared sandwiches?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollAny of you find anything? I can't find a damn thing that would help.. Girl houses are so clean. I kinda expected it from women though, a clean house.. What we need to do is somehow get our hands on their phones. But bitches never leave their phones out of sight. Let's just break into another house..


(The group approaches another door. Mysushi uses a knife to force a door open. Inside the room, a cum-stained collection of photos featuring previous panels of Underbite Troll is shown. Underbite Troll and Markus are shocked.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWHAT THE FUCK!?

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI don't think i want to break into peoples houses anymore..

MysushiScript.pngMysushiOhhhh... Someone has the uh-hots for you.. So uh-hot, so uh-hot..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWho's room is this? It smells like moldy armpits...

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI don't know but let's wait and find out.. I want to see the pervert that's wacking off to my pictures so i can pwn him. God, what a reject..

Page 19

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollIt's been hours.. When is this prick getting back? I need to know what freaky fuck has been watching me... Touching his tiny willy to me..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusUm.. Dude, there's a Yoda action figured in here. There's a shitload of Star wars stuff under the bed..

(Underbite Troll is terrified as he comes to a horrible realization.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOh my God Hitler...

(The fantasy starwars crue enter.)

BillScript.pngBillI'm telling you.. That guy had no clue what he was talking about, Darth Vader would Slaughter Superman in a fight..

DillScript.pngDillYeah seriously..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Troll.......

(Bill begins blushing.)

BillScript.pngBillOh.... Oh... So, so you know..

(The reactions of the characters present are shown. Underbite Troll is furious, Markus is shocked. Sirpigsalot and Mysushi are smiling, with the latter holding the dildo that the former discovered. Bill and Dill are embarrased.)

DillScript.pngDillOh not good.. So not Jedi, so not Luke Skywalker... He does got force man, he does..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat the hell?.. Oh, oh man this is dusgusting....

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYeah man, get it all out man..

(Underbite Troll pukes on the ground. The members of Fish and Pork begin to lap up his puke like dogs. Seeing this, Markus also pukes.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat.. What the hell!? What the hell.. What the hell, what the HELL!!? What the hell.. Oh God what the hell??...

DillScript.pngDillWe can explain.. You don't understand, you don't.. You were so with the force you know? Attack of the clones.. Rise of the Jedi, you know? How hard it is to find someone who reminds you of Princess Leia...

MarkusScript.pngMarkusHe looks nothing like her... What's even happening here??

(Bill begins to get closer to Underbite Troll.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollNO!!

BillScript.pngBillCan i touch your lips?.. My own little Princess Leia... Oh don't go, i just.. I just want you to touch my Yoda..

Page 20

(Underbite Troll is drawn in extreme detail as he screams in horror.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollGet the fuck away from me!!

BillScript.pngBillWow! I've neever seen such a dramatic face.. Overdramatic much? Wow, that is way too much detail for that panel..

(Underbite Troll jumps out a window, shattering the glass.)

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorYes i know the window gets bigger :D

MarkusScript.pngMarkusHoly shit!! Not good!! Not good... Shitty turkey balls, not good at all..

(Underbite lands on the ground, glass shards piercing his legs.)

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefFlame on!! It's tea bagging time bitches!..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOh no no no no no no Hey!! I'm not dead, i'm not dead!! Back off bro back off..

TeabaggerScript.pngMaster QueefSorry dude, man.. I almost tea bagged the living...... I feel so.. So awful now.. I'm truly sorry man.

(Master Queef walks away.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusDude you alright?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollAHHHH!!

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollDo i look alright!? I have glass in my fucking leg.. AHH!! You know what? Oh yeah, i'm doing wonderful.. Everything's just perfect. I feel like i'm on the rainbow ride of joy! Yeah i feel great.. Fucking idiot, that was a stupid question dumbass.. Fuck you faggot face with bitch tits...

MarkusScript.pngMarkusThat's great dude, i'm glad you're doing well. Do you need anything while i'm up here? I don't know like, maybe a diaper? I'll be sure to find something for your butthurt.

(Mysushi grabs Markus.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWhat are you doing?

MysushiScript.pngMysushiWe gotta go like now. Speed speed fast go!

(Markus is hurled out the window.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollMARKUS!!!!

(Markus hits the ground face first.)

Page 21

(Underbite Troll stands up. Fish and Pork jump from the window, landing nearby Markus' body. As Sirpigsalot lands, a shard of glass pieces him through the top of his head.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat the fuck!!

(Sirpigsalot's body drops near Mysushi.)

MysushiScript.pngMysushiWe have to go now.. like real fast ching ching..

(Underbite Troll and Mysushi run off, with Underbite Troll leaving behind a trail of blood.)

MysushiScript.pngMysushiDid you just uh-leave him behind? Isn't he your friend? Your love uh-dog?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI thought you had him!? Oh craple, we can't go back there.. Those Star Wars nerds are so pervy dude, they wonna put my sperm in a jar to make oil-like lube for their jackoff parties.. And, they want to wear my skin as a jacket..

MysushiScript.pngMysushiDid Sirpigsalot make it out of there?

(Underbite Troll appears annoyed, eyes open.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Troll......

MysushiScript.pngMysushiDid he?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYou fucking serious? He got a glass shard in his head.. He's fucking dead!..

MysushiScript.pngMysushiBut did he make it out? So... Yes? No? Maybe? Perhaps? Uh-huh? Totally? Fish.

(Markus appears, head bleeding.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWhat the hell man!! You just left me htere.. I got T-bagged....

Page 22

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYeah dude, those guys were gonna use my face to skeet on.. Fuck that! Avoiding that is way more important than our friendship..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI guess you're right, i forgive you.

MysushiScript.pngMysushiOk good ok, i'm uh-go eat cat now..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYeah cats are evil sons of bitches.. They killed that crazy dude at the matchmaking center. Let's go eat those assholes..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI sure as hell am down to eat some pussy after what just happened..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollDude, nevermind that didn't sound right.. This might sounds gay but i think i've been around sexual language and behavior way too much these last couple days..

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYeah you're a faggot..

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorNext day Underbite makes his way back to the Matchmaking Center.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHello, you've asked for us to come in?

CopyPasteScript.pngNo Fucking ToriginalityYes, each team is suppose to make a poster for the competition. You're the only ones who haven't made yours. You were suppose to be told sooner but the guy whom i am replacing, decided to get butthurt and die by being butthurt, pussy.. He was totally mad bro...

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollA poster? Sweet dude.

CopyPasteScript.pngNo Fucking ToriginalityGo to the room in the back and take your picture bitches.

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorAfter taking the picture.

(Various posters are shown, featuring the BiteUnder League, Fish and Pork, a photo of chewbacca with the text "Nun i got da force like us!!!!" written on it, presumed to be The fantasy starwars crue's, Retard Double Threat, and the PandaUtters.)

(BiteUnder League's poster shows Underbite Troll wearing gangster clothing and flipping off the camera. Markus stands annoyed beside him.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusi don't even want to be in this poster. this poster is stupid

(Fish and Pork features a squid's tentacles on the bottom with various Japanese phrases written all over the poster. Retard Double Threat features many Illuminati triangles with poorly cut out images placed on a rainbow background. Butter Tits and The Dick Taker's heads are pasted over Shrek's and a man's face respectively. The PandaUtters' poster is themed after a typical celebrity magazine cover, with Utters posing in a swimsuit. Panda is in a small corner. Troll King, Brad Pitt, "Paperbag Man" and Lowtax also appear.)

CopyPasteScript.pngNo Fucking ToriginalityYour guys' writing on the poster is completely terrible, kill yourself.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYeah whatever faggot.. And why do you look the same in every panel? It's as if Lazerbot got lazy and copied and pasted you, dickhead.

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorWhat will happen on the next on The Adventures of Underbite Troll? Stay tuned!

Page 23

NarroratorScript.pngNarroratorPreviously on The Adventures Of Underbite Troll!! Him and Markus got traumatized by seeing people die right in front of them, And by creepy bitch ass bitch doing creepy shit.

(Cut to Underbite Troll sitting on a chair in his room.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollNo sleep... Who needs it.. Not me.. never..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWhat was that sound?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOh Hitler.. Why does things like that happen..?

(Flashback to when Mingus died, Underbite Troll discovering the images the Fantasy Starwars Crue had of him, fish and pork licking Underbite Trolls puke, and Sirpigsalot death.)

(Underbite Troll starts crying.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite Troll.......

(Noise is heard outside of Underbite Troll's room. Underbite Troll bursts out of his room.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI won't be your skeet blanket!!

(Markus is in the living room.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollOh, It's just you. For a moment i thought you were those star wars creepers, fixing to get frisky with my rectum.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusDude I'm fucking traumatized dude. Why does crazy shit always happen to us? It's almost like trolling invites that sort of insanity.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollDon't talk like that dude. That's not super killer. Trolling is not the cause of all this crazy shit, People are.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYou're right. But man, My mind is fucked right now.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollMe too. I can't even sleep and tea isn't working. We need something to help us or there's no way we are going to win the tournament. Not in this uneasy noob state.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusAre you saying we should find Religion? Give ourselves to a higher power or some shit?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollFuck no, I'm not desperate enough for that. I was gonna suggest therapy. Dumbass.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWe can't afford therapy. The only way we could afford it is after we win the tournament, but we can't do that until we get therapy. so there's a problem here.

Page 24

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI am aware of that noober.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusShup up man. I just want the quiet.. I need help.. I can't handle the voices.

(One panel of Underbite Troll and Markus looking like anime characters.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI know that sounds crazy... I'm a bitch..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWe could get some weed.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusCan we afford that right now? How do you get money again? How are we not homeless?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI have a disability. I receive pretty nice checks monthly.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYou got a disability? What is it?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI've already told you dude. I got two dicks.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusDude, I thought you were joking.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI wasn't. I was literally born with two penises.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusYou're fucking with me right?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollHaha of course I am..


UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollNo! fucktard! FUCKTARD!!

MarkusScript.pngMarkusGrumpy douche. Chill yourself.

Page 25

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI'll prove it...

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI don't wanna see your dick..

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollYou know that's a lie. Trollolol you gay as hell.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI'm not gay.

(Underbite Troll points towards Markus.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollThen why do you only have male friends? Why are you always around me?


MarkusScript.pngMarkusWait . . .

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI like pussy and boobs too much. I can't be gay...

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI don't care. Freat your eyes on these fuckers.

(Underbite Troll pulls down his pants and reveals his two penises.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusOh God no!! Oh my eyes!!

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollIt's not that bad asshole.


MarkusScript.pngMarkusMY EYES!!!!

(Markus starts scratching his face.)

Page 26

(Markus stops scratching his face.)


MarkusScript.pngMarkusMan, PUT THOSE DICKS AWAY! I didn't need to see that shit. Fuck.

(Underbite Troll pulls up his pants.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollSorry.. I haven't had any sleep. We're on the edge man, We need a smoke break.


MarkusScript.pngMarkusThat does sound good, I haven't smoked in ages. Last time I smoked was during college, remember when we went to that concert. Who was the singer? It was that one bitch with red hair and tattoos.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI don't remember. And thanks for the shitty description bro. It's not like there's a bunch of redheads with tattoos or anything.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusHow do we get weed? I don't know anyone who has any. We got no connections or sources.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollLet's ask around Troll city.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusFuck it, Let's go.

(Underbite Troll and Markus walk outside.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollDude, it's in the middle of the night and it's cold as fuck outside. Use your brain you damn goon! Goon, Goon, Goons ass goon.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI still don't get it. Are you calling me a henchman? That's hilarious but also stupid. Your a retard bro.

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollIs that all you got? With trolling like that we don't stand a chance. We need to get high and find our zen.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusRight, We'll be going tomorrow then.

(Underbite Troll and Markus go back inside.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkus...Now what?

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWe go back to sleep.

(Markus grabs Underbite Troll by the shirt.)

MarkusScript.pngMarkusI CAN'T SLEEP BRO!!

(Underbite Troll pushes Markus away.)

UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollWell boohoo, I can't sleep either, don't be a bitch about it.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusWell! You're a bitch too!


UnderbiteScript.pngUnderbite TrollI'm going to bed, you piss me off sometimes.

MarkusScript.pngMarkusGoodnight pal!