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Panda (left) and Utters (right)
Biographical info
Alt. spellings and titles bimbo cunts / bimbo bitches (by Underbite Troll)
Relatives None
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Female
Skin color Light (Panda) / Tan (Utters)
Hair color White (Panda) / Purple (Utters)
Eye color Green (Panda) / Orange (Utters)
Personal information
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies BiteUnder League
Enemies other trolling teams in the Trolling Championship
First appearance TAoUT, Page 7
Last appearance TAoUT, Page 14
In real life
Actual name Panda / Utters
First appearance The Adventures of Underbite Troll
Page 17 (2014)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
Hey girlfriend, are you sure you want to team up with these deformed morons? There are a lot more attactive guys else where. I get sick of looking at them, i'm just saying.. Like, ew... They're far from having mustles..
Panda, The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 7
Well duh they're fucking ugly, but we're not here to have even two seconds of sex with them. Them and their toosie roll sized penises.. And i know it's hard to see so don't stare too long. But they could come in handy to help us get the better of some the other small dick trolls.
Utters, The Adventures of Underbite Troll, Page 7

The PandaUtters (known individually as Panda and Utters) are a pair of female trolls seen in The Adventures of Underbite Troll.


Both of the girls are very skinny in appearance. Panda has hair long enough to reach her lower body, and is seen wearing a red dress. She also has green eyes and wears blue lipstick / eyeliner. Utters is seen wearing a blue/red zipper top while she is in the audience watching Underbite Troll demolish the Fist in Poo Clan.


Utters appears to be a popular figure within Troll City, judging from the fact that she is on the cover of a Troll City tabloid. The two do not actually appear until the BiteUnder League enrolls in the Trolling Championship. Off-screen, they meet up with Markus at the hottub, and are invited to Underbite Troll's temporary residence. They begin to shower Underbite Troll with "compliments". Markus suggests allying themselves with the girls to help gather dirt on the other teams. Underbite is at first against the idea, but comes around after some back and forth. The PandaUtters then reveal to Underbite Troll the names of the other teams enrolled in the tournament.

Later, the two are seen in the audience, watching the BiteUnder League face off against the Fist in Poo Clan. They are shocked when seeing the power of Underbite Troll's trolling. As Underbite's butt-murdering concludes, Henry announces the next round, featuring the two girls going up against the Brothers from another Mother gang.


The PandaUtters are competitive, aiming to win the Trolling Championship using any means necessary. There are willing to work with Underbite Troll in a mutual relationship to try and gather as much info on their potential competitors as possible.

The two also have a fondness for using dildos and having sex, judging from Sirpigsalot's comment about their room smelling like "perfume and dry semen". They are also fond of the show "Sex in the City", as well as the actors Johnny Depp and Zac Efron.


The two do not have any special powers of note. They are supposedly skilled at identifying penis size based on looks as they are quick to note that Underbite Troll and Markus apparently have micro-penises.



  • PandaUtters were initially unnamed until a poll to let the community decide the official name was conducted in the month of January 2022. See Names for unnamed characters poll results for more information.