Chris-chan madness

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Chris-chan madness

Varic (left) and Goobie (right)
Biographical info
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Skin color White (both)
Hair color Green (Goobie)
Orange (Varic)
Eye color Black (Goobie)
Orange (Varic)
Personal information
Affiliation The Trolls
Allies Each other
Enemies non-trolls, Demaro
First appearance Chapter 6, Page 13
Last appearance Chapter 21, Page 19 (Goobie)
Chapter 23, Page 12 (Varic)
Dead (both, killed by Demaro)
In real life
Actual name Goobie and Varic
First appearance Tails Gets Trolled
Chapter 6, Page 13 (2012)
Franchise Tails Gets Trolled
We just got here, but i'm really wishing we didn't..
Goobie, Chapter 21, Page 18
Uhhhhh... Wait, why are we fighting him? Isn't he on our side or soemthing?
Varic, Chapter 21, Page 16

Goobie and Varic are two trolls known together as Chris-chan madness.


Goobie is mostly green in appearance and has fat cheeks. His head is deformed, resembling a pear in shape. He wears blue paints. Varic wears mostly orange and has hair pointing out the sides of his head, and also has a large nose. Like Goobie, his head is also deformed, and at times, is shown to be extremely thin and "wiggly", such as when he appears on Chapter 21: The conclusion Part 1, Page 16.


In The Adventures of Underbite Troll

Goobie and Varic first appear as one of the teams competing in the Trolling Championship by PandaUtters. Beyond that, they have not made any further appearances in the spin-off.

In Tails Gets Trolled

Chris-chan madness first appears backing up Alex as they pursue Silver, escaping from Troll King's castle. After seeing Rob stay back to buy time for Silver's escape, Varic holds his ground against Rob's Unrelenting Force. He then nearly evades being torched by Rob's Fire Breath. Silver turns back to save Rob and assists the Dragonborn in fighting the trolls. He uses his psychic powers to throw rocks at Goobie and Varic, holding them off.

Later on, the pair is seen as part of the group of trolls that appear to defend Troll City from Demaro and Coyote. Varic recognizes Demaro as Garry's brother but still taunts him as Demaro accepts his defeat. Moments afterwards, Miladox blesses Demaro and grants him immense power, allowing Demaro to rampage and destroy the trolls. Varic is amongst the first to die, with Goobie being torn to shreds shortly afterwards.

Their corpses are later absorbed into Miladox's realm, with their souls harvested afterwards. Coyote manages to free them later. Varic's soul is seen chatting with the other slain trolls. He is relieved to see that he does not have an anus as a ghost, stating that Troll Face can no longer rape him as a result.


Not much can be said of the two's personalities, due to having little dialogue. It can be seen from Varic that despite being affiliated with The Trolls, he does not appear to respect the other, more important members such as Demaro judging from the fact that he taunts him as he faces death.


Goobie and Varic do not appear to have any special powers other than trolling.